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Panel at Cyrus Cylinder Exhibit Debates King’s Zoroastrian Roots

Three eminent Iranian scholars debated the possible Zoroastrian roots of Persian King Cyrus the Great, at a panel discussion on the opening day exhibit of the Cyrus Cylinder at the Asian Art Museum here Aug. 9. Author: Sunita Sohrabji Source: India West SAN FRANCISCO, United States The Cyrus Cylinder tour has garnered the interest of […]

The State of the Parsi Union: Dinyar Patel

The below is an article written by good friend of Parsi Khabar, and Zoroastrian Scholar; Dinyar Patel.  Dinyar Patel writes:    On this Navroze, I want to share a few of my thoughts about future of our community. To be frank, we are in trouble. There is a noticeable and deeply regrettable lack of unity […]


10th World Zoroastrian Congress 2013: Program and Various Event Updates

A detailed schedule of events was announced by the Bombay Parsi Punchayat, the hosts of the 10th World Zoroastrian Congress 2013. You can view the program in PDF format here: 10th WZC 2013 Program Other events are detailed below The Zoroastrian Million: On the occasion of the 10th World Zoroastrian Congress, the Organising Committee has […]

The Cyrus Cylinder Arrives in the USA

CNN’s Amanpour and the British Museum’s MacGregor – Complete Cyrus Cylinder Interview from Iran Heritage Foundation on Vimeo. During the launch event of the Cyrus Cylinder Tour of the US on March 5th, 2013, CNN’s Chief International Correspondant Christiane Amanpour interviewed the Director of the British Museum, Dr. Neil MacGregor, about the significance of the […]

Sassanian Boulangerie hits a 100

It has been in existence for 100 years, pampering palates and occasionally modifying the menu to gel with the changing food habits taking care to not camouflage its original flavour. By Annanya Banerjee | The Indian Express Sassanian Boulangerie has everything that makes up the quintessential Irani cafe: bun maska with chai, pudding and the […]

Almitra Patel: Kothanur’s Own Renaissance Woman

“Mrs. Almitra H. Patel, Parsi Zoroastrian, 70 years young,” reads the first line of Almitra’s biodata on her 2006 website. By Deepika Sarma | The Hindu Scroll down and you’ll be stunned to find that everything on the list is the work of a single person: if you learned that Almitra can tell you how […]

Polson Butter and the Bihar Connection

All those cheap generic viagra Biharis in a position to remember the smells and flavours of their breakfasts from the 1950s-60s, may jump at the mention of Polson butter. It may please them to know of a very intimate connection between Pestonji Edulji Dalal, the founder of Polson butter and Patna. The library at the […]

Ratan Tata: Exit Stage Right

With just a fortnight to go for his retirement on December 28, Ratan Tata is getting ready for a new life. His multi-storey, sea-facing house opposite Mumbai’s Colaba Post Office is being reconstructed even as Mukesh Ambani has vacated the neighbourhood recently for a gleaming residential skyscraper. Tata, who plans to continue flying and return […]

Parsi Money, Not Bodies, Key to Vulture Survival, Expert Says

Ask the director of the Bombay Natural History Society about vultures, and he will discuss the issue endlessly. Ask him about Parsis and their corpse disposal practices, and he will roll his eyes. By Gardiner Harris| NYTimes “I am only interested in the vulture issue,” Dr. Asad R. Rahmani said during a recent interview in […]