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BPP Trustee Yazdi Desai Clarifies against Charges of Defamation

The following email is circulated via email…


An article was published in the Parsi Times dated 19th May 2012, and subsequently circulated widely on the internet, stating that “Yazdi Desai and Anahita Desai have been arrested and now released on bail by the Court”. This statement is misleading and has been mischievously made.

There was no “arrest”. No Police came and arrested us as is being made out in the Parsi Times article.

My wife Anahita, my co-trustee Khojeste and I were served a summons on 25th April 2012, to appear before the Magistrate’s Court at Ballard Pier, with regard to a defamation case filed by Zarir Bhathena of Hilla Builders, for what was published in the WAPIZ Page of 2nd February 2006.

After receiving the summons Anahita and I, along with our lawyer appeared in Court on 15th May 2012. Khojeste did not appear as he was out of town. As per the procedure, an application was required to be made for bail and we gave a surety bail bond of Rs 10,000 each, as a bond to ensure our presence in Court for the Hearings. There was absolutely no arrest as irresponsibly reported by The Parsi Times.
The Trial in the Case has not even started, so there is no question of anybody being found guilty. We will be defending what was written in the WAPIZ Page, when the Court hearings begin.

Yazdi Desai, BPP & WAPIZ Trustee