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2 responses to “Vulture Culture”

  1. Siloo Kapadia says:

    cheee, wass-e-wass! I understand tradition, but this is just another example of fundamentalist foolishness. How can we look at others and exclaim that they are not progressive, while we adhere to this?! To me, cremation is the best way. The last thing I want is for some bird to be pecking out my inners and dropping them around the city! The very thought of it, much less actually seeing it, makes me physically ill. This is yet another custom of ours that should be put to rest.

  2. vss says:

    I think feeding our body to another living thing is the most sacred. Personally I would like to do that. Some of my american friends also thins so. Jeevo Jevasya Jeevanam. It is the western prejudice and the obsession with the body is the cause of these anti vulture thoughts. Tibetans do the air burial too. I am not a parsi. thanks.