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Pakistan Will Break Up: Ardeshir Cowasjee

Pakistan Will Break Up, Get Out When You Can: Columnist Cowasjee

Saturday 21st of July 2007 Pakistan ‘is going to break up in the years to come and everyone who can, should pack up their bags and leave’, celebrated columnist and writer Ardeshir Cowasjee has advised.

‘Pack up and leave if you can. There’s no hope for this country. Jinnah said, ‘Each successive government in this country would be worse than the previous one’, and his prediction is coming true,’ Cowasjee said Friday at a get-together in Karachi.

‘In the very first article that I wrote after the entire judicial crisis started in March, I told Musharraf: ‘A good soldier always knows when to retreat.’ Retreat, damn you, the time has come!’

Cowasjee, a Parsi (Zoroastrian), from a renowned family of shipbuilders and businessmen, is among the few families practising that faith who chose to remain in Pakistan after India’s partition in 1947.

Both India and Pakistan will celebrate 60 years of independence next month.Cowasjee writes a regular column in English language daily Dawn.

Disapproving of his candour, Daily Times said: ‘A major portion of Cowasjee’s conversation was peppered with remarks about religion that seemed a little out of place, especially as the audience had mostly turned up to hear him talk about Old Karachi.

‘His tirade was weak in argument, disappointing for a columnist who has championed the cause of justice over the years. It was also disappointing to hear him comment on people’s religious practices,’ the newspaper said.

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  1. fatima says:

    Pakistan will never break. These rumors are since its independence from India. After every major and minor event in Pakistan, the whole world propagates “Pakistan will Break” Because both historically and physically this area of Pakistan always remained a single unit.

    Actually India has the most separation moments in the world, Khalistan, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Kashmir. If these moments will get world acceptance at any stage, India will break itself. As historically India was never a “Single Country”.

  2. Mir Chaker Khan Baluch says:

    No doubt Pakistan will Break up, The ferderation which people calling it a country “Pakistan” was never a nation, But in name of nation people were looted,killed and used.People in pakistan are divided in different colour,race and culture they are not a nation.

  3. rustom jamasji says:

    The topic is being digressed into a Indo Pak battle ground, we have enough media coverage and cricket fields for the same.

    The crux of the matter is if the fundamentalists succeed in their endevaour in Pak or India, how wud the zoroastrians cope up and help each other..

    You know this might sound far fetched but with the sucess the Zoroastrian community met thru hard work and sacrifice after leaving the shore of Iran, we could have set up our own small nation…..an island….and with the Parsi enterpreuneurship could have made it a thriving part of the world as we did to Mumbai and other places.
    Alals the last hundred years have been wasted by the ones that bickered, contributed towards the break up of zoroastrian foundations like dokhmenishini, aided in further fusing the small community into larger ones thru intermarriage and basically rubbishing the deeds of the saviours of zoroastrianism.

    With global shrinkage yet religious fervour increasing in other communities and land wars based on religion, history is repeating itself be it the west or asia, Im sure the younger generation will find a way out to survive the next exodus

  4. Kawda Sajid Abid Hassan Balouch says:

    If we (Balouch) would have been against pakistan from the biggening then we would never have accepted pakistan as a a country. They cheated us by saying they are a muslim nation. But u all know wat they are. Cast system, raises, (and in panchayat) raping girls in panjab as a mean of justice and many more. Creating a country with he name of islam and cheating people – then behold the country will die one day. Its not me saying that, it is the time saying it.
    Thank you

  5. Jamshed jhi says:

    This is not a surprise….Pakistan is breaking…soon we are going to see a seperate Punjab,Sind,Balochistan,NWFP. Muslims in erstwhile pakistan wud still keep claiming that they are saviours of Islam..

  6. Zafar Baloch says:

    Pakistan will survive and prosper long after Cowasjee is dead.

  7. omar says:

    As a born Pakistani it breaks my heart to read stuff like that. But Mr Cowasjee has a very valid arguement. Unless Pakistan treats its provinces with justice(unlike it did with former East Pakistan)the break up would be inevitable. Also Pakistanis have to learn to become secular and just in their thinking. Islam is corroding their hearts and minds.

  8. ahsan says:

    @ omar” Islam is corroding our hearts and minds”…i think it’s the other way round, our hearts and minds are corroding Islam. the religion is the same as it was 1400 years ago but today its interpretation is being done in a wrong way. it is still a complete code of life but i agree with you when you say dat if we want to keep our country in one piece, we’ll have to be more tolerant in our thinking .

  9. Akshut says:

    As there is a saying….
    ‘Jo dusro ke liye gadda khodta hai, vo khud usme gir jata hai’
    The one who try to throw others down, finally falls itself….

    Pakistan is going to have the same fate. It tried to balkanized India during all it’s existence. but now it’s own existence is threatened….

    Nothing will be more peaceful for the world than this…….

  10. Delnavaz says:

    Since the creation of Pakistan, it has done only one thing & that is hate it’s neighbour India. All it’s policies have been India centric. Pakistan cannot think beyond India. Terrorism was encouraged by Pakistan as a means to bleed India in a low cost war. Today this monster has turned on it’s creater & Pakistan is paying a heavy price for haburing such hatred amongst its people. Today the world looks upon Pakistan as a pariah nation, a failed state.

  11. R.Thapar says:

    I came upon this website by accident. I was born in India but I am an American. My parents were both born in Pakistan and moved to India during partition. I find your views quite intriquing. India and Pakistan gained independence at the same time, the slate was clean to rebuild on both sides. India inherited a very heterogenous society wrt culture, religion, language – you name it. Yet we rose above that to define a new individuality to be “Indian”. I remember growing up in a country where what we had in common was more important than our differences, whatever those may be. My folks were quite fond of pakistan radio and TV, but I have to say that I was quite dismayed (as an objective observer) that PTV seemed to be focussed on India almost always, whereas India was focussed on moving forward economically and technologically. India is an emerging world power now due to the hard work and contributions of all ethnic and religious groups (including Parsis). I think somewhere along the way Pakistanis forgot to look inwards and focus on what holds them together – that is a very personal viewpoint…

  12. Narine Singh says:

    Pakistan is a divided society. There are some who long for democracy; some for Sharia law; some are Sunnis; some Shiites; some Mohajirs; some Sindhis; some Punjabis; some Pashtuns, some Balochs, etc., and no central and cohesive force to hold them together. The gun does not do it very well. They have fostered hatred for India and has been fighting open wars, clandestine wars, and now proxy wars with India using terrorist organizations, and their own ISI, hoping that this hatred would be the glue that would hold this country together. At one time the Army will hold the state together; and the next time around, the mullahs; the third time around the ISI; now, it is the terrorists that have this task. In the meantime this country is declining (having to go hat in hand to the IMF, of all organizations to get a loan to pay the army and to purchase essentials). Can Pakistan sustain another earthquake of 7.4 on the Richter Scale on top of this? Count on it, tragedies to not book dates on your calendar and are not reasonably spaced to allow you to catch your breath; they often come in rapid succession and this goes for all countries. Pakistan lacks the reserves and the resources to do so, and its people live in peril of this complacency and lack, but what it lacks the most is a reason for its existence and a dedicated and singleminded focus on this vision. But the destruction of India is Not this Reason and sacrificing all of Pakistan to gain Kashmir is not it either. You have time to switch tracks; if not you will be divided in at least 6 much weaker fragments that would ever be at war with each other.

  13. Rahul Dev says:

    Pakistan will disintegrate by itself; absolutely there is no doubt of this. Successive Pakistani administrations whether civilian or military have not learned their lessons from history.

    As the saying goes,”history repeats itself for those who don’t learn the lessons of history.” Bangladesh (E.Pak) was the first shot aimed at the nation state of Pakistan. Pashtuns against Mohajirs, Mohajirs against Punjabis and Pashtuns, Shia against Sunni; Baluchis against Punjabis, Punjabis against Pakhtoons, etc.

    Internecine fighting is the guaranteed curse of Islam down the pages of history. Obsession with India, poor economy, breeding terrorism against India, which has is backfiring viciously.

    Encouraging Taliban in 1995 to give Pak “strategic depth” against India has backfired as the Taliban is encouraging sedition against Pakistan itself. It is only a matter of time before Pakistan breaks up; it is a question of when.

  14. G.CHANDRA MOHAN says:

    The fact is pakistan is already started breaking up the US,IMF can speed it up by just holding back billions of dollars in aid without firing a single hot.before that there is work to be done like defanging paki nuclear teeth either gently pulling it out or knocking it out.

  15. Mohsin A. Babar says:

    What can I say, as we can see by the comments which nation has more hatred. As usual Indians like to talk tough, they keep thinking they live in bollywood even though when we talk about reality. Talk is cheap guys, dont forget about Mumbai if so called 12 Pakistanis can shake up ur country, just imagine what 180 million Pakitanis can do to you guys. Keep trying to break us RAW & MUSAD, its not going to happen. Every country went through years of extreme problems, but these problems will make Pakistan tough and tougher. India is this, India is that, Pakistan is still right there next to India, Still living, Still feeding its people, Still have their nukes, Still has one of the best army and airforce in the world. So keep talking crap….

  16. jon says:

    Pakistan’s main problem is Islam. It is consistutionally a muslim country and therefore its consttiution needs to change. This is not possible and so it cannot change.

    As for the breakup it cannot be broken any further. Here is why. The army (mostly Punjabis) will beat the hell out of anyone wanting to breakup. No one can invade Pakistan from outside due to its nukes. The pakistani military is too powerful for this to happen and its mostly punjabi (one province).

    The whole issue of Taliban is fabricated by the army. Its just a way to extort money and sympahies from the US. Pakistan survives on these few items: Military extortion from US, drugs, cotton and rice. Pakistani diplomacy is superior to India and that is why india has never been able to destroy a country 1/7 its size.

  17. Jack says:

    The Taliban cancer and Sharia is spreading throughout Pakistan. America will relentlessly hunt the Taliban, and turn Pakistan into a wasteland. Drones and carpet bombings will decimate the Pashtuns, who will retreat into the of Pakistan. In a few years, the Republicans will be back in power, and they will finish the job of destroying the nuclear power plants and bombing Pakistan back to stone age.

  18. Mal says:

    In all due respect it is only a matter of time before the Taliban steps in and Pakistan desolves itself.
    AtleastIndia has a strong backbone on the political front, we dont let any terrorist organization run our system for us – I think the differnce lies there, so now we both know whos the first to divide.

  19. Mal says:

    If anyone is talking crap, i think you. Its because of your sole exsistance that the world is in a situation that it is today. Apart from your country, the entire world is against you. Thats hard facts.
    12 paki’s may have shaken up the country, but that doesnt speak very highly about you. It only goes to show that theres terror and vengence on your mind,thats just pathetic. You may have the nukes, but you clearly dont have the dignity that India has.
    P.S, your opening sentance “What can i say..”, its best you say nothing at all, because theres no ground for your useless dribble.

  20. Delnavaz says:

    Hi Moshin,

    12 terrorists from Pakistan armed to the teeth attached civilians who were obviously unarmed & taken unawares. U think that is something to be proud of! The terrorists are cowards & that is what Pakistan is made up off. Unfortunate but true.

  21. Umar says:

    Dear all,

    Though Pakistan has truly been unfortunate wrt Statesmanship, there is no denying the fact that Indians have never digested the idea of an independent and soverign Pakistan. Someone in the above lines said that Pakistan TV is always India bashing, what about Bollywood propaganda movies and All India Radio’s ‘Jahan numa’? Yes India has progressed much ahead of Pakistan – thanks to the wide industrial and technological base – totally asymetrical! I appreciate Mr G Chandra Mohan who truly reflected his typical Hindu mentality by still counting on the U.S to dismantle Pakistan and not picking up the courage to imagine India doing it. His dream may come true partly in short times but let me guarantee you, your honeymoon with U.S.A is also a short lived one and is going to be followed by a worst nightmare. Heavens have already decided it.

  22. Atif Khan says:

    I cant stop crying with laughter…how did this article become india/pak thing? There is no india pak thing anymore. India is far ahead in almost every competition…apart from maybe cricket 20/20 *smile*.

    I am a pakistani and I am happy that india is doing well and is becoming more prosper. It hurts to see haundreds of millions of people still living such terrible lives and I prey that India becomes a successfull nation and “all” its citizens gain the same rights and opportunities that the “new middle class” and the rich have.

    Similarly, I wish the same for Pakistan. The actual fact is that Pakistan has not always been this bad. Also, most Pakistanis are actually not anti-India. BELIEVE THIS.

    When I got married, an Indian friend of mine, along with his family, visited Pakistan and stayed in our house. I think they were pleasently surprised not just by our family but genereal public who they came in contact with. In case you were wondering how people knew they were indian, the father wore a turban and stood out as an indian.

    Just two furthe points. Mr AC’s comments that Pakistan is about to break up…the author probably does not know MR AC’s personality. I am pretty sure he did not mean it literally. It is in our culture to exagerate certain things in order to bring our point across. If he believed it, he would have left Karachi.

    Secondly, Pakistan only came into being because the Congress Party was not willing to give Muslims their rights and fare share of power in the government. The independence movement only came about as a last resort.

    I usually resist from blogging but I think I am now going to cop it from both indians and pakistanis lol

  23. Delnavaz says:

    Hi Umar,
    India is interested in progressing, Indians are not interested in Pakistan. Our media gives us a different perspective of current affairs. i don’t care about Pakistan’s propgaganda since no one in India watches Pakistan TV/movies etc., our own channels are good enough). Pakistan has always followed an India centric policy. Pakistan is united because of it’s hatred towards India. You have commented on a person’s “Hindu mentality”, well I think it is a lot better than your negative mentality.

  24. Hemant says:

    Dear Ardeshir Cowasjee Saheb,

    You are welcome to live in India when Pakistan breaks up. Although i sincerely pray that never happens as we are very happy here. Infact all Parsis are welcome to India and i am sure i reflect the sentiments of all Indians.



  25. Jay S says:

    Pakistan HAS to be broken up. The world cannot allow a country that has proven to be a state-sponsor of terrorism to retain it’s nuclear arsenal. The only way it can be disarmed is by breaking it up into manageable pieces and the US to take control of Pakistan’s nuclear stockpile. In fact, that is the only way for peace in the region. The worst case scenario will be that Jinnahpur, Punjab, Balochistan and Paktunistan will fight amongst themselves. But that will be the lesser of the evil.

  26. Being Indian first and being zorostrian I have a strong optimism. there will be peace there
    will be progress and no politicle will of handfull of people will keep peoples devided whether in india or in pakistan But:it will need its youth to come forward with posetive mind set in Want to All this
    and to want all these 1st comes education which can make person wiser and demanding of good for every one
    No I do not believe that
    pakistan will brake up now or ever as the soil still have enough protines to chase away many more british raj and these are our own peoples who are deviding us in order to rule on us how long will it take to chase them out if we the youth are awaken ???
    Till such time that we wake up we will have to pay the price.

  27. farzana says:

    Mohsin Babar, only thing that binds people/communities/nations together other than common culture is common HATRED. I see that spelt out by you here…

    Its this zingoist anti India passion shared by Army and warring Talibans alike that gives them a common ground to be united.

    Anyway, just a reminder, those 12 Pakistanis who as you say, shook India… well…ironically those 12 Pakistanis have actually harmed Pakistan’s interests internationally more than India…Indian establishment will never let the world forget that event… and let Pakistan live in peace…
    If you analysis the event from a more mature level headed impartial angle… you will realise that since 26/11, Pakistan has virtually become an untouchable country internationally… thanks to the efforts of BANIYA Indians to milk every oppurtunity like this:)

    At the end of the day, Akal badi key Bhains?

  28. Jay S says:

    @Farzana, if Pakistan has paid a price for 26/11, it is only fair. Nobody buys Pakistan’s story that ‘non-state actors’ did it. Even a person with the IQ of a canary will know that Pakistan’s military establishment trained the terrorists. What they didn’t reckon is for one of them to be captured alive. Any state that uses such means will be held accountable and should be. You can do all the name-calling that you want. Pakistan is now playing the end-game and one way or another Pakistan’s active support of terrorists will end. India will not cede one inch in Kashmir and that must be obvious to the Pakistani establishment. India will outlast Pakistan and it’s terrorist lapdogs. Well, we are growing at nearly 7% in the middle of a recession. India should pump in billions to do what they did not finish in 1971. It is a wise move to invest in Afghanistan too. Hillary said in no uncertain terms that she knew that the Pakistani establishment is shielding the Taliban and Al-Qaeda leadership. Two years max.

  29. Jay S says:

    @Mohsin A. Babar, 12 guys creating mayhem on unarmed civilians is no big deal. 6 guys took on Pakistan’s GHQ and went straight into the sanctum of Pakistan’s military ‘fortress’. The place is swarming with soldiers armed to their fingernails. So much for Pakistan’s military machine! They even too hostages !!! It is obvious that the GHQ gagged the journalists and the real body-count will never be known. Chew on that for a while.

  30. Firoze Hirjikaka says:

    When will the Pakistanis learn that constantly crying wolf can be counter productive? Portraying India as a hegemonistic bully just waiting to swallow its smaller neighbour no longer has any currency in international circles. Even Pakistan’s “Islamic” allies like Iran and Saudi Arabia are now cozying up to India. The reason is simple: money. India’s growing economy is advantageous to them. They have no desire to get on board the sinking ship that is the Pakistani state.

    The reaction of the Pakistanis here is hardly surprising. Hatred of India is what successive Pakistani governments have used as a tool to disguise their own failures – and the indoctrination starts from primary school. India does not need to do anything to destabilize Pakistan – they are doing a great job on their own. Incidentally, those 12 terrorists who “shook India” actually handed India a public relations bonanza of enormous proportions – as Farzana has succintly explained in her comment. And now the Pakistani establishment is making an international embarrassment of itself by its ridiculous attempts to obscure their reluctance to prosecute the perpetrators.

  31. Suraj says:

    Please help each other to identify the common enemy who is far away from the region .

    They will break each and every country into pieces to maintain their supremacy. We all becoming fool in their hand.

  32. Firoze Hirjikaka says:

    It is always convenient and comfortable to blame other countries for our internal problens. Of course, each country looks after its self-interest and the US (I presume that’s who yr alludung to)will interfere when it feels those being threatened. But we can’t blame them entirely for the India-Pakistan problem. Hatred of India is Pakistan government policy. Even if the Kashmir issue was resolved tomorrow, the Pakistani establishment would find some other excuse to demonize India.

  33. Mickie Sorabjee says:

    If every living human being and existing nation adhered to principles of PEACE and did not seek a piece of what was not his or a PIECE of another’s motherland , no country in this world would break-up with violence and terror.
    Wishful thinking???????

  34. gudi pestanjee says:

    Fiorz ! why are we fogetting Saddam hussain and Iraq!! was Saddam so bad ? or was Iraqui oil that US wanted to controll ? not only US but also UK have wasted interest in this region of asia.
    If india and pakistan do not have to spend for armed forces and wapenary both the countries will be far better off in very short time that is not acceptable to this
    countries and their allies

  35. Zahir Quereshi says:

    “Jinnah gave us a new pakistan in 1947… And we had a hope that we would develop it as a Nation like many other in this world.. Strong and prosperous.. But to our shame and pakistan has failed”


    1) Failed Democracy : Military Dictatorship has given us nothing.. Each Dictator ruled as if he was gonna change pak.. But they slaughtered democrcy and did nothing ”

    2) Corrupt leaders : No need to explain !
    Ex : Sharif, Bhutto, Zardari etc

    3). Extreme funmentalism towards Islam :
    Thats over biggest cause.

    4) Fooled by US:
    US got one terrorist attack and they attcked Iraq, Afghan and still going.. Now we have a failed tax systems and so a poor government… And our greedy leaders wan aid from countries like US… We have supported US and attacked our eastern parts.. Killing our people.. which country does that ? What a shame !
    This means if US has a problem then we will kill our people for them.. whatever be the case ?

    4) Looking India as Enemy and burgeoned terrorists in our land:
    We should be frank with overselves… This is the high time !…These terrorists which we made to strike kashmir and other parts of India are now killing out our people.. What India gets is 3-4 attacks in one year.. When we look what now we are getting.. A suicide attack every day….
    Its our brothers and sisters that are killed.. Blood all around !
    Thats what we dreamed as Pakistan… I think NO…
    And this terrorists network joined with taliban terrorists making us and afghans as terrorists nations….
    If we had taken India as friend we would have been as developed as India….
    5) Many other factors… Corruption, Education, Flaws in Tax systems, etc can be added to this…

    The failed pakistan can divide into Punjab,Sind,Balochistan,NWFP…

    I still love pakistan… I can see it divide….

    If you have read this feeling with me and agree to me… then please save pakistan.. our first step should be to through out us and make helthy

  36. Sitanshu Shekhar says:

    Zahir Quereshi,

    Its noce to see a very frank review of Pakistan from a pakistani. I was getting tired and sick of listening to war mongers like zaid hamid amd hamid gul on you tube. I hope there are more paksitanis like you, Pervez Hoodhboy and Hasan Nisar. Only can people like you save Pakistan.

    I am an Indian, but don’t at all want pakistan to break up because if it does it will lead to unbelievable loss of life between Punjabis, sindhi, mojhair, pathans and Baluchis. And any human, whatever religon or race they be would not want to see such a massive waste of life.

    I think both India and Pakistan should accept the LOC as the international boundary and move on. The Kashmiris might feel aggreived with this, but we could come up with a solution for the kashmir valley to be united.

    But, if Pakistan doesn’t stop its anti-India activities, in my opinion the following will happen
    – Seperation of Baluchistan with India’s help. (You can’t blame India for engineering this as it would just be payback time for kashmir). I also think RAW is involved in Baluchistan, but certainly not with tehrik-e-taliban.
    – Seperation of Baluchistan leads to demands of seperation of Baluchistan in Iran and Afghnistan.
    – Demand for Pakhtunistan.
    This all will be very saddening as it will lead to massacres of the kind rarely noticed before.

  37. Darius says:

    12 Cowards with machine guns shooting at unarmed ordinary civilians is not some act of bravery but the most cowardly act of your shunned pariah country. Be ashamed of your cowardly selves!

    Man proposes and God disposes, remember how 90,000 cowards in 1971 lay down their arms?

    Remember how one act of God shook your lands and tore your ground. Learn to fear God.

    You and your countrymen will be devoured by the hatred that you harbour against my country and my people.

    The hatred that your leaders, media and tv has sown over the years is what you are reaping today.

  38. aaron says:

    india is now becoming a world leader .so my dear indian friends of all religion caste and creed dont waste time on these characterless idoitic pakistanis

  39. Ashok Kumar says:

    I am a dalit a minority in India and want to remind my fllow Indians that before they give other people lectures on hatred and human rights and being a failed state, may they also in the same breath take a good and deep look at the real state of affairs in India. Just like Bollywood has very successfully created a hype in the film industry by showing that every indian is bulging at the belt and all good things in terms of economy and culture and tolerance happen in India, the reality couldn’t be far from the truth. in the lust of the western corporations to earn even larger profits by turning Foreign Direct Investments to India and then capitalizing on cheap credits to the 400 million Indian middle class they have created an unprecedented media propaganda campaign which unfortunately has been so successful that naive Indians who struggle day in and day out are also believing in its stupid ideals.

    The truth my friends, if you have the patience then let a poor Indian low caste tell you about it.

    350 million of the population but we have only 4% representation in the public and Private sector jobs. No matter what we do we cannot change our caste as we have been born into it for generations but as human beings is that our fault, which law in the world allows discrimination on the basis of caste. 350 million of us have ABSOLUTELY NO HOPE of ever being economcally well off as the system is closed to us. being 29% of the overall population we only have 4% representation. Come all proponents of democracy and human rights and secularism in India and abroad come and see our plight, our women are raped by police, the local land lords, our children go hungry and our young without jobs and education. WTF do we Indians talk about when you say India is the next superpower of the world. name one superpower which has 780 million people living on a dollar a day, which by no chance is the largest mass of humanbeings in any country in the world living in abject poverty. We are not the only ones suffering at the hands of upperclass hindus, sikhs are descriminated against openly and just for propaganda’s sake a sikh is made the Prime Minister. Hell the largest percentage of suicides in farmers anywhere in the world is in Indian Punjab dominated by the sikhs. Sikh farmers take loans from wealthy hindu upper class baniyas in their villages and when they can’t return the loans they have no recourse to law but to commit suicide. Christians are being burnt in the south, muslims butchered in Kashmir and Gujarat with the State’s active participation. Open your eyes see the masses in India aren’t we the hope that all you rich Indians have that we will be your future amrket, and we are ourselves the most hopeless. Whats more there have been mass scale killings in Assam, Nagaland and South India by upper class Hindus. It is ironic how riding the fake propaganda of the corporate paid media you guys tell the world India is an economic superpower of the world in the years to come. Its time stop preaching Pakistan whats wrong with them ….wake up the fault lies in Indian state policies of repression against us the poor of India…we are hopeless and all your jingoistic jay Hind talk does us no good.

  40. Bilawal says:

    No Matter what . . . It’s Still Suffering . . . Well Personaly I would Say NO to Pakistan, Mainly Cuz of OUR gr8 Leaders and Inocent People, who don’t even know who’s the Person to Supoort and who NOT to, they proved it all in the General Election 2008 that they have NO intreast in the Country, They all Celebrate the Death n Black Day for the history of Pakistan and that was the Day when Musharaf resigned who was the LAST PATRIOTIC Pakistani President, I Know All Illiteratessss will NOT spport my comment, but this is the way Truth is which is Bitter, NO NO Pakistan It should get BREAK – Com’on Blackwater !

  41. I don’t understand what these Pakistanis are doing here? This is an Indian website dedicated to one of the most people loving people of the country.

    I request all the Pakistanis to get out of this site and carry on their bickering on some of their own websites.

    What’s happening domestically in Pakistan has never been part of popular public imagination in India.

  42. What Delnavaz says is correct. Why Pakistanis have to come and visit a Parsee site out of all. What business do they have here? Indians in general have never been interested in whats happening inside Pakistan.

    Nobody here watches Pakistani channels or reads Pakistani newspapers or watches their films!

    These guys suffer from compulsive India obsession.

  43. Narendra says:


    You have done good analysis. However, ultimately, major decisions, like all the countries, are taken by the policy makers- and in Pakistan , by the Military and to some extent by the politicians.

    Whenever there is some problem which may cause strong public reactions, the pakistani military and politicians are expert in diverting the attention of the public against India.

    However, that is not the solution. Unfortunately, there is on an average one attack (by militants) per week in Pakistan, resulting in the deaths of so many innocent people.

    All pakistan needs is a disciplined military which is not interfering in the political matters and a stable and totally political government whose sole objective should be the betterment of pakistan.

  44. GUDI PESTANJEE says:

    Let them use this site please!! and let them know that they are free to send few dozen more of their children with guns and grenades to us to destroy few more lives.what else can they do?
    poor peoples silnce last 60 years are puppets of their rulers and mullas who teaches them only destructions and hatred. & let those rulers and mullas know WE just do not Talk tough We act also and if we do act tough world will have to redraw its map.

  45. Jay says:

    I dont know if Pakistan will break or not. Only time has the answer to this question. I just finished reading Hussain Haqqani’s book and after a longtime there was a sane voice from across the border. The Author has objectively discussed the issued that beseige todays Pakistan.

    But in case Pakistan breaks then its India’s moral duty to protect the Hindu folks living there and provide them access to move to India if their lives are in danger. The same access should be provided to Sikh’s and Parsee minority community. India is the only country these three religions can look for protection and so Indian government and people need to ensure that we protect these people

  46. Jay says:

    If Pakistan continues to listed to people like Zaid Hamid and Hamid Gul who are dishing out factually incorrect and delusional history and geopolitical assesment then its just matter of time before Pakistanis get disillusioned with their country and provinces start asking for independence to chart their own way. The country needs secular government that does not interfere is peoples religious rights but concentrate on development education and jobs. Rather all Pakistan has done in past 60 years is to spend heavily on military and to acheive the impossible parity with India.

  47. Jay says:

    Those people who are feeling proud that 12 pakis could hold entire India down should also realize that less than 12 Al Quida even shocked US in 9/11 ( entire world to be honest) but then you have seen the vengance of Uncle Sam that came upon Afghanistan & Iraq. The hellfires and daisycutters brought these countries to their knees as well

  48. GUDI P PATEL says:

    Greed Jay Its Greed to be in power… Army and mullas and self proclimed saint of islam who twist and turn Koran e shrif s teachings to their own adwantage & to poor citizens show pipe dreams of next world manipulate them to destruction of self and others for few thousand rupees is an old trck.SO FAR IT WORKED TO THEIR PROFIT AND NOW IT HAVE BECOME FRANKENSTEN FOR THEM .Wait and watch what happens next.What goes up always comed down & with loud Thud!!

  49. GUDI PESTANJEE says:

    Bhai Asok Kumar
    Right answer lies within all your questions Itself. persons like you who are educated and wel placed will have to come forward selflessly to teach our brothers and sisters to stop being trated as a livestock preserved for voting day and have a firm strtegy whome to chose to put your representation to system.Teach every one not to rely on system and its reservation brother! I am sure you must have put very hard work to come.up to here why others can not do that ?.Let us take it first that we are not dalits or children of a lesser god gone are the days! but pardon me for saying that we are too
    much relying on reservations then our own merits and ability for every thing .And our representatives our own leaders take un due adwantage of our this reliance which I am sure you and i will call lazeyness to some proportion.Can you start preaching
    our underprevileged brothers and sisters to be self reliant rather then dependent of system? you can not, and even if you try masses will not listen to you as they are so much mani
    pulted to rely on system that they have forgoten their ability and merits.This meanus is existing in every country world wide but they have social security systems to cover this national shame which will take years to be implimentd in india
    due to vote bank policy!!Prey We Come out of it first then
    world is ours. Best of luck.

  50. Jay says:

    @fatima, you are wrong in dismissing Pakistan’s break-up as “rumors”. Pakistan DID break up once. In 1971. If you extrapolate the current happenings in Pakistan. Break up is not only probable but inevitable. I live in Tamil Nadu and if I talk about ‘separation’, I will be laughed all the way to a lunatic asylum. I think you are confusing the Tamil separatists in Sri Lanka with the Tamil Nadu state in India.

  51. saf says:

    Ashok Kumar, will you plz take your ranting to your frustrated Pakistani forum? I wonder why you should be using an Indian pseudo name instead of your true identity which is so obvious!!…Is it because you are ashamed of being a citizen from a failed state or you simply want to dodge indians here asking you uncomfortable questions about genocides in east pakistanis in 1971… recent massacres in Baluchistan, Sindh, NWFP, …Talibanisation…terrorism, poverty, under developement and living off as a vassal state for US ?

  52. KP says:

    India has been one historically and culturally and even bigger then what it is now..
    You are confusing the Tamil movement in Srilanka with indias tamilnadu.
    The Khalistani movement is dead and burried (except for maybe on YouTube and the like) Sikhs in general are very patriotic Indians
    the last survey by india today megazine on northeast shows shows that a Massive majority close to 90% want to remain a part of india but only want more reccognition and help..
    But ofcourse Kashmir is a problem but I don’t see atleast the indian part going anywhere for sure..
    I think the separatist movements are more active in pak like sindudesh,pakthuinstan,and we all know about balochistan also
    I can’t say for sure…if pak is gonna get divided or not but wrote this just to clear the misconcept you have about india

  53. KP says:

    India has been one historically and culturally and even bigger then what it is now..
    You are confusing the Tamil movement in Srilanka with indias tamilnadu.
    The Khalistani movement is dead and burried (except for maybe on YouTube and the like) Sikhs in general are very patriotic Indians
    the last survey by india today megazine on northeast shows shows that a Massive majority close to 90% want to remain a part of india but only want more reccognition and help..
    But ofcourse Kashmir is a problem but I don’t see atleast the indian part going anywhere for sure..
    I think the separatist movements are more active in pak like sindudesh,pakthuinstan,and we all know about balochistan also
    I can’t say for sure…if pak is gonna get divided or not but wrote this just to clear the misconcept you have about india

  54. India_mahaan says:

    You talk about 12 Pakistanis shaking up Mumbai. Thanks for admitting it. You government did not even admit it or give the guys a decent burial. It was a one way ticket to death. And yes, our population is 1.3 BILLION STRONG. STRONG ENOUGH TO CRUSH AND MINCE MEAT 180 million of your kind. So zip up. Our else it will be our pleasure to scrape you off the ground.

  55. India_mahaan says:

    You talk about 12 Pakistanis shaking up Mumbai. Thanks for admitting it. You government did not even admit it or give the guys a decent burial. It was a one way ticket to death. And yes, our population is 1.3 BILLION STRONG. STRONG ENOUGH TO CRUSH AND MINCE MEAT 180 million of your kind. So zip up. Our else it will be our pleasure to scrape you off the ground.

  56. Tejpal says:

    I can understand your agony from the very name you carry the burden of. But you should wake up from the medieval slumber. I assert that no one can save the break up of Pakistan after US leaves Af in or before 2014. In fact Islam itself is in danger as seen through the recent Arab spring events that are continuing to haunt the Muslim world. I am proud to say that Muslims in India are safe because of their proxomity with peace loving Hindus. Any where in the world, related Muslims try to link themselves to India to avoid social ostracisation if they belong to Pakistan, Bangladesh.

  57. Tejpal says:

    I can understand your agony from the very name you carry the burden of. But you should wake up from the medieval slumber. I assert that no one can save the break up of Pakistan after US leaves Af in or before 2014. In fact Islam itself is in danger as seen through the recent Arab spring events that are continuing to haunt the Muslim world. I am proud to say that Muslims in India are safe because of their proxomity with peace loving Hindus. Any where in the world, related Muslims try to link themselves to India to avoid social ostracisation if they belong to Pakistan, Bangladesh.

  58. Dara says:

    A lot of messages here are three years old. When you ended with “Two years max.”, what were you thinking?

  59. Dara says:

    A lot of messages here are three years old. When you ended with “Two years max.”, what were you thinking?