Parsis: The Zoroastrians of India Pakistan and The World

Parsi Anthem

We received this via an email tip. It makes interesting reading. Author Unknown

When my time has come, when my race is run

I want to go that very way of my Fathers and their Sons.

When my breath has left and life is not around

Don’t extinguish me by the Flame or lock me underground.

Cause I don’t want the earth, and I don’t want the Fire

Take me to the mountain tops where the eagle meets the sky.

Where my soul can breathe, and heave a heavy sigh.

As I prepare to meet my maker and look Him in His eye.

And don’t believe the fiend, when he starts to lie

And strikes fear into your mind about those Towers High.

And don’t believe the fiend, for he wants to steal your soul.

For you’ve lived by His writ, now don’t sell your soul.

And who’d you rather believe, your Sacred Book , or some DB?

And when you bake inside that kiln will they keep you company ?

Or will they hold your hand , when you’re choking underground

Would you rather spend an eternity there lost, just waiting to be found.

Or would you rather defile The Flame and send your soul up in smoke.

And what of the afterlife, or does it seem just like some joke?

And if there was to come a time when the Towers no longer be.( God forbid !)

Just lift up my lifeless form and toss me on some peak.

And I will not fear and I wont be afraid.

For its atop these craggy peaks that I wish my bed be made.

Under these clear blue skies, free my soul will be

With Sraosh, Rashne and Meher to keep me company.

Where I will breathe again, and heave a heavy sigh

As I prepare to meet my Maker and look Him in the eye.

For then I’ll know I’ve done my best, He’ll smile and gently hold my hand

And lead me just like a child into His Promised Land.

Oh, I can face the Sun, the vultures and the rain

But will you bear those jagged roots as they’ll creep inside your brain.

When you walked into the Tower of death, what did you expect to see

If not moulting corpses, did you expect some rare beauty ?

That speaks a lot for you, your level of sanity

Its reeks of an agenda against a community.


P.S. That’s how mad I am at these charlatans who make a mockery of our traditions in the media. But when there are so many of my Hum Din champions of our faith around, I am able to sleep a good nights sleep knowing that we will not let them get away. This is my Anthem…whatever it means, my song from the heart about how every true Zarthosti feels about our glorious time honoured tradition of Khorsed Nagireshn.

Ask those fools what happens to those millions of carcasses of God’s animals that fall dead upon the earth and in the sea each day? Who buries or burns them ? Noone does. it’s the Sun and the scavengers that take care of them each day. Where is there any pollution or ugliness there? Dimwits of the first order they are…and they know it. People will forget the DDG and the DB’s eventually but the Zardushti Din and its traditions will live forever.