Parsis: The Zoroastrians of India Pakistan and The World

Jamva Chalo Ji at Zamu’s Place

The Guide drops in at Zamu’s Place to celebrate the Parsi New Year

Today’s Special at the 22-year old Parsi eatery on DP Road is a mouth-watering spread of Kid Gosht, Sali Chicken, Mutton Pulao Dal and Chicken Farcha. The occasion is Pateti or the Parsi New Year and the restaurant is offering sumptuous dishes, including delicacies such as Maura Dal Chawal and Fish Patiya.


The festival of Pateti is celebrated by Zoroastrians all over the world and is a day of reflection and thanksgiving. "There isn’t a specific traditional item that is prepared for the occasion, apart from the special dish of pomfret," said Zal Curestji, owner of Zamu’s Place.

For lovers of Parsi food, Zamu’s will serve Bhonu, which is a spread of traditional items served on banana leaves.

You cam gorge on authentic Parsi dishes for just Rs 350 plus taxes. Vegetarians will have to satisfy themselves with the Parsi Stew, which will be served a-la-carte. An added attraction is the unlimited beer, which will be served to all the guests at the restaurant.

We suggest, you try the Kid Gosht, which is made from soft mutton cooked in white gravy with spices and nuts and Sali Chicken with a tomato-based gravy. Be sure to try the Fish Patiya as well, wherein fish is cooked in spices, wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed.

At: Zamu’s Place, 189, Dhole Patil Road.
Call: 9763104694 /9923508001