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Set Myself Free by Feritta

Some things are just meant to be, and some things come with a lot of blood, sweat and tears.  ‘Set Myself Free’ the new single by Feritta is the culmination of both.

13343063_10156998463230424_794689126787879610_nFeritta, a Zoroastrian and an established Australian Singer, Writer and Performer with several awards including Best Female Solo Artist Australia and a critically acclaimed 12 track album “A Journey Begins” under her belt has returned with a bang.  

Feritta stepped away from music for almost 2 years in order to reasses her life goals and career however her brand new single, dubbed the “Official Anthem of 2018”, Set Myself Free is a triumphant return to music – and people are taking notice.

Her collaboration with Italy’s Got Talent Finalist Stef Tahlia has resulted in a contemporary pop/funk track that has shot straight into the Top 20 of the Official European Independent Charts and as of March 17 2018 the track has jumped into the Top Ten. 

The collaboration between Feritta and Tahlia sounds like they spent weeks together in the studio, yet their parts were recorded separately with Feritta in Australia and Thalia in London.

The production of the track showcases Feritta’s vocals perfectly. Feritta’s strong lyrics and delivery confirms this is more than just a song – it is a message to push beyond your comfort zone and know that anything is possible. This track delivers the perfect blend of commercial appeal while engaging the listener in a much more profound, uplifting memo to one’s self.  

It seems Feritta’s certainly back on track and gearing up for a return to her former glory in 2018.

Set Myself Free is now available on ITunes, Spotify and all major online retailers. 



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