Ariana Elavia Raetz Stars in Samsung Commercial


June 30, 2017

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Eight year old Ariana Elavia Raetz has just released a national commercial for Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator.  The ad was directed by Oscar Winner Tom Hooper (“King’s Speech”) and filmed by Oscar Winner Linus Sandgren (“La La Land”).

View and like the commercial here to show your support for this determined little girl.

Ariana has shot commercials for G-Fuel, BoomCHICKAPOP, and Motts apple sauce. But the Samsung ad is her largest production thus far.  It also features her mom and sister in the background since Samsung wanted to showcase a real family using their products.

IMG_1910 IMG_1907

Ariana has always loved acting. But she became interested in auditioning for roles on TV when she was approached by an agent while shopping at her local Target. She begged her parents to enroll her in acting school and diligently attended an intensive 20 hours a week course for 10 weeks. After the course was completed, Ariana chose to sign on with Avalon Artists Group. She continues to attend classes at the school to hone her craft and tirelessly attends audition after audition with a positive attitude and a will to persevere.  Her family and friends could not be more proud of her efforts.

Ariana lives in Irvine, CA. She loves participating in plays at the Zoroastrian Association of California.