Soprano Meher Pavri: In Conversation

Ashima Suri speaks to Indo-Canadian soprano, Meher Pavri. Born and raised in Canada, Meher Pavri is proud of her Indian heritage. In 2007, she was crowned Miss India-Canada and wowed the crowd with her classically trained voice during the talent portion. She is the only contestant to receive a standing ovation in the pageant’s history! […]


Dreams Come True: A Parsiana Editorial

Dreams come true Parsiana Editorial Viewpoint on New Zoroastrian Centers in the Diaspora In the 1970s as more formal Zoroastrian associations sprung up in North America (NA), the notion of having centers of their own was highly improbable. Most of the immigrants were professionals who found their way to the West as students. They were […]


The Traditional Parsi Hadvaid

Abstract This article studies the heritage of the traditional hadvaid in the Parsi-Zoroastrian community and shows how this tradition pre-dates what the world today knows as chiropractic. The article concludes with some interesting, first-hand anecdotes and a background on two of the famed and perhaps the greatest exponents of the Parsi-Zoroastrian hadvaid tradition. Article by […]

The Capital City

Mumbai has its commercial roots in drug money. A profile of the City Just as one crosses the suburbs into Worli, Samudra Mahal juts up from the edge of Mumbai, casting its eye out into the Arabian Sea. It is one of those multi-storeyed buildings that go by the moniker of ‘landmark property’. A flat […]


Derangement takes on a scary dimension in Cyrus Mistry’s new book

Cyrus Mistry’s play Doongaji House (1977) won him the Sultan Padamsee Award, positioning him in the limelight when he was just 21. Despite this early claim to fame, Mistry has preferred to remain unobtrusive, a refreshing attribute at a time when promotional publicity and media hype (rather than intrinsic merit) appear to have become the […]


Life of Balance: Dhan and Jehangir Palkhivala

Dhan Palkhivala, 86, & Jehangir Palkhivala, 50 South Mumbai’s most famous Iyengar yoga exponents, Dhan and Jehangir Palkhivala on how the ancient art helped them change lives Article by Reema Gehi | Times of India As she settles into a couch in the commodious living room of their Peddar Road apartment, yoga teacher Dhan Palkhivala […]


Motherhood matters: Tehmulji’s Parsi Lying-In Hospital

We unravel the history behind the crumbling Parsi Lying-In Hospital on Prescott Road Article by Meher Mirza | DNA India The Parsi Lying-In Hospital at Fort In the 19th century, young Parsi women were dying to give birth…literally. Back then, hospitals were unheard of and new mothers would be consigned to squalid ground floor rooms […]


Architecture Beyond Platitude: Exhibition of Photography by Aspi Patel

We are happy to note that good friend of Parsi Khabar, Aspi H. Patel will be exhibiting his photographs at the famous Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai next week ‘ARCHITECTURE BEYOND PLATITUDE’ Photographic Images through Line, Form, Texture and Colour Fine art photographer Aspi H. Patel displays his work at Jehangir Terrace Art Gallery, Kala […]


Mahzarin Banaji: Zooming in on blind spots

On a recent Thursday evening at Deutsche Bank AG’s fourth annual Women in Asian Business Conference, over 800 corporate executives, largely bankers, discovered that they barely knew their own minds. Article by Joji Thomas Philip | Live Mint Participating in a series of tests put forward by the speaker—Mahzarin Banaji, the Richard Clarke Cabot professor […]


Zoroaster: The World’s First Bessemer Ship

Framroze K. Patel, good friend of Parsi Khabar sends us this very interesting article. Framroze writes “These days Alfred Noble is in news. You probably did not know that the world’s first Bessemer steel ship was named “ZOROASTER”. Ludvig Nobel builds the world’s first modern tanker Original article by Brita Åsbrink The transport of oil […]