Zoroastrian Prayers

On this page you will find a treasure trove of Zoroastrian prayers all recited by our Vada Dasturji Keki Ravji, the high priest of the Navsari Atashbehram in Navsari, India.

The permission to post these here was sought from the Vada Dasturji by Meher Amalsad of California USA.

Meher writes…

I believe that: Prayer Changes Things In You, Not Just For You.

This special endeavor serves as a landmark of dedication for providing easy access to our special prayers – an outstanding service to our Global Zarathushti Community.

This compilation  comprises of  Everyday 40-Prayers, Navjot Prayers, Mobedi (Navar/Martab) Prayers, The Pao Mehel Prayers (Baaj Dhurnu, Vendidad, Visparad, Yasna) as well as all the Yashts and Nirangs.

For impeccable clarity, these prayers have been recorded in a recording studio. The vibration of his pristine pronunciation is remarkable.

As a special bonus he has also provided a pdf version of:

Khordeh Avesta (Gujarati)

Khordeh Avesta (English)

Vendidad (English)

Yazashne (Gujrati)

Lagan Na Ashirwad (Wedding Prayers)

Our Vada Dasturji Ravji has a stellar record of performing 70-Nirangdin Ceremonies, over 5000 Ijashnes and over 3000 Vendidad Ceremonies in India. He has served our Zarathushti community in India for the past 60-years. And as a boewalla saheb at the Navsari Atash Behram for 19-years. He has consecrated two varasyajis (the sacred white bull) as well as the Gumbad of Navsari Atash Behram.

Thank you Dasturji Ravji for your selfless dedication towards promoting the bounty of our Zarathushti prayers through the gift of your valuable commitment.