Parsi Khabar is a portal of information about Parsis and Zoroastrians, appearing on the world wide web everyday.

The main objective of the site is to inform the public about news articles referencing Parsis. From time to time, there shall be opinions, commentaries, and announcements.

If you would like to contribute to any of this or involve yourself in any other manner,  please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

This is a joint endeavor and we are based in both Bombay, India and New York USA.

Our permanent team of editors includes

:+: Arzan Sam Wadia

Arzan Sam Wadia grew up in Bombay, India and moved to New York City to pursue his Masters in Urban Design and Architecture. He currently runs an architecture and a technology practice in the city. Arzan currently serves as the President of the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America. FEZANA represents 27 member associations, 14 small groups and over 25,000 Zoroastrians across USA and Canada.

Arzan is the Program Director of the Zoroastrian Return To Roots Program (RTR), an initiative he has been involved with since its beginning in 2013. He also served multiple terms on the Board of the Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York (ZAGNY) and was integrally involved in all stages of design and building of the New York Dar-E-Mehr.

Arzan is the founding trustee of the Zarathushti Entrepreneurship Development Foundation (ZEDF) a joint venture set up by FEZANA & WZCC.

Arzan has been involved with organizing Congresses over the past decade, playing pivotal roles at the 12th North American Congress (NAZC 2012) in New York and the 7th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress in 2019 (7WZYC 2019). He has actively participated in various North American and World Congress as speaker and panelist. Currently in his capacity as FEZANA President, Arzan is the Co-Chair of the 12th World Zoroastrian Congress 2022 (12WZC2022) in New York City.

Arzan was part of the first World Zoroastrian Youth Leadership Forum (WZYLF) at the ASHA Center in the United Kingdom in 2018.

As the founding editor of Parsi Khabar, the world’s leading online news aggregator of all things Parsi, he has a deep understanding of the pulse of the community worldwide. As a lifelong member of India’s oldest boy scout group, the Sethna’s 18th West Bombay Scout Group (SSS), he credits a lot of his upbringing to the skills learnt as a scout. Riding his motorcycle to work most days is one of the simple thrills of his life

:+: Mehernaaz Shovir Irani

Mehernaaz is a practising lawyer in Mumbai, India. When not fighting legal battles for her clients in the courts of law, Mehernaaz is involved in the Girl Guiding movement. She participates in public forums on matters concerning the Parsi community and expresses strong opinion on the state of our community today. She is also passionate about all things yarn and crochets and knits much less than she would like. She aspires to become a designer of crochet things and generally carry forward the rich legacy of creativity within our family. However, her most important task remains taking care of our youngest and most precious editors, darling Ava & Zal who call Mehernaaz mumma.

:+: Ava Shovir Irani

Ava is  eight years old, full of life, with the biggest smile known to mankind. She’s growing up to be an amazingly smart, intelligent and caring child. And now takes her elder sister role and duties very seriously :-) . She and her brother Zal play the most important role here on Parsi Khabar.They and their generation are the reason why we run this website. The hope is that when Ava grows up, she will have a ready reference about her identity, culture and ethnicity in a rapidly evolving global village.

:+: Zal Shovir Irani

We welcomed our newest team member the day he was born in July 2021. As a toddler Zal is just getting to know the world and is surrounded by all the love and happiness that his family can give him. He and his sister Ava and their generation will one day take on the mantle of continuing to preserve and nurture our faith, community, culture and ethnicity. The hope is that this website will play a small role in empowering them with the knowledge and history they need to lead us into the future.

From time to time we invite guest bloggers to write here on Parsi Khabar. If you know someone you would want to recommend, do drop us a line.