A Busy Locality, A brutal death


February 26, 2006

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Residents of Kakad Estate at Worli, where 73-year-old Adi Kurshetji was murdered in May 2003, on Friday recalled the stormy years when the old Parsi gent and the woman held guilty of his murder lived in their midst.

Many residents had gathered in the building’s compound adjoining a busy street after hearing of Geeta Soni’s suicide in the sessions court following the judgment which convicted and sentenced her to life imprisonment.

Some remembered her as a passionate animal lover who often clashed with other residents in the building on the issue.

“She had made her house a mini-zoo. She kept around 40 cats, dogs, parrots, etc. Keeping so many animals in a residential building is against the rules of the animal welfare board. She would feed them in the corridors and all the places where children played,” a resident said. Soni lived alone with her mother Sharda in flat B/6.

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