A Tribute to Arbab Mehraban Zartoshty


July 18, 2012

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“ZARTOSHTY” thy name is “CHARITY”

At the age of 95

Entered Eternal Life on July 6, 2012

We at NAMC are keenly conscious of the legacy of immense philanthropy that Arbab Mehraban Zartoshty has left for our North American and Global Zarathushti community. His work embodied Love and Compassion for his Faith, without any expectation in return. He unilaterally demonstrated the core essence of Ahuna Vairya and Ashem Vohu prayer and he literally lived by the words of those scriptures.   Through his actions Arbab Mehraban attained A-meretat – immortality – in his physical existence.   May his Fravashi continue to guide and inspire us and may his righteous soul be nurtured by Ahura Mazda in Peace and Tranquilly through Eternity.  Amen

Ervad Kobad Zarolia, President, North American Mobeds Council


Tribute by Meher Dadabhoy Amalsad

meheraban_zarthosty“Life is for giving and forgiving” is the core motto on which Arbab Mehraban Zartoshty lived his life. His life’s purpose was to promote the spirit of religious education among our younger generation. He was passionate about our community and compassionate towards humanity for which I salute him.For the past 27-years, I have had the distinctive privilege of knowing Arbab Mehraban as a man of dignity and integrity whose selfless philanthropic contributions have altered the lives of families, societies and communities across the globe. As a result, he was very well-known among our local, regional, national and global Zarathushti leaders as well as community members.

The focus of his charities has largely been to enrich and preserve our Zarathushti religion and heritage, promoting education and well-being of youth and providing medical facilities to individuals and hospitals.Arbab Mehraban, was born to Mobed Jamshid Keikhosrow and Osta Farangis in Yazd, Iran . He completed his primary education in Farsi, as well as his navar and martab training; and then completed his schooling in India . Since he lost his father at an early age, he held his elder brother Fereidoon in high esteem and regarded him as an advisor. Thus, after the demise of their father, Arbab Mehraban and his older brother Arbab Fereidoon established ‘Zartoshti Brothers Trading Corporation’ in India.

Together, they developed and expanded an import-export business that manufactured plastic products, artificial leather and fur.Eventually, the same business activities were also carried out from Iran. As business partners, they were advocates of working RIGHT and together they made enormous philanthropic contributions to various organizations and associations. It is because through their hard work and dedication coupled with strong principles of honesty, their business flourished tremendously within a short span of time. However, with the revolution in Iran, Arbab Mehraban migrated to London, later to Vancouver, Canada, and subsequently to San Diego, USA, but Arbab Fereidoon stayed on to look after the business affairs in Iran.

Mobed Mehraban Zartoshty and his respected elder brother Fereidoon; were both initiated into Priesthood at an early age. Together they started a series of endowments under the name of the Zartoshty Brothers Fund. Through the courtesy of this Trust Fund they contributed immensely towards the establishment, maintenance and expansion of numerous Zarathushti religions facilities across the globe. Mobed Fereidoon Zartoshty passed away in 1997, but their family legacy of philanthropy continued under the guidance of Mobed Mehraban Zartoshty. It is worthy to note that much of his donations were spontaneous and, purposely, unaccounted for.

Regarding their contribution in Iran, our Respected Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary shares that: “Arbab Mehraban Zartoshty along with his elder brother Fereidoon contributed profoundly towards the establishments, maintenance, and expansion of almost all the existing Religious facilities like Fire Temples and other Pilgrimage sites in Iran. Some of the outstanding ones, that bear their own names or those of their relatives could be the Zartoshty Brothers Community Hall and other facilities of the Shiraz ‘Baghe Vaghf’ (Donated Garden) complexes, The Isfahan Khaneye Zartoshtian (Home for the Zarthushtis) complexes, The Karaj Kaneye Dowlat and their participation in the construction and maintenances of scores of other Religious and Community facilities in Iran.”

It is said that “the meaning of life is to live a life of meaning”. To Arbab Mehraban, that “meaning was in giving”.

Malcolm Deboo, President of the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe eloquently shares the essence of that meaning by stating that: “The Trustees and managing committee of the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe pay their respects to a man who was rightly described as the greatest Zoroastrian philanthropist of our times. The Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe would not be where it is today without his generosity, support and inspiration. In addition to the Zartoshty Brothers Hall and the prestigious School for Oriental & African Studies in London, he leaves behind a proud legacy comprising the many institutions he supported with his philanthropy across the world. May the soul of Mobed Mehraban always Bless us from his abode in Garothman Behesht.”

Arbab Mehraban was passionate about preserving our Zarathushti faith, devoted towards protecting our identity; and instrumental in promoting our heritage and culture. He committed his life to nurture and structure the life of our Zarathushti community.

The above sentiment is strongly supported by Dinshaw Mehta, Chairman of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet in India when he states that: “As one of the greatest Zoroastrians of recent times, Mobed Mehraban Zarthosty served both the Parsi as well as Irani Zarthushti community with love, kindness and compassion. He leaves behind a proud legacy of philanthropy and integrity which will be hard to emulate. Though a humble, unassuming and a very modest person, he was at heart a very fine gentleman.  Mobed Mehraban touched innumerable lives as well as institutions with his generosity and support. The Bombay Parsi Punchayet was also a recipient of his largesse and we promise to continue in his footsteps, as He was a shining example of a life well lived to all of us. May his inspiration of selfless deeds continue to be our torch bearer and a shining example so that like him we emulate his philanthropy for the revival of our community and its ethos.  May his soul rest in eternal peace.”

The above sentiments are strongly also supported by Dinshaw K. Tamboly, Chairman – World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust, India; when he shares: “The Zoroastrian community can consider itself to be singularly fortunate to have had Mehraban Zartoshty in its midst. Humility, industriousness and philanthropy coursed through his veins. Mehraban and his elder brother Faridoon were a formidable team, enthusiastic in their support for any worthwhile cause. It was a privilege for me to have had the opportunity of knowing this great human being. A great colossus of the community has shed his worldly garb and donned ethereal robes. May his soul progress to
the highest realms to repose in peace for eternity.”

It is said that “a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”. Arbab Mehraban was one of those candles that served as a guiding light to our Zarathushti community.  This sentiment is echoed in this special dedication from Darayus Motivala, Chairman of World Zoroastrian Organization: “Mehraban, along with his late brother Mobed Faridoon, was one of the greatest Zoroastrian Philanthropists of our generation.  His generosity extended beyond geographical boundaries with beneficiaries in UK, Iran, USA Australia and India .  In his passing, the Zarathushti community has lost one of its finest members and he will be respectfully remembered by us all.  His generosity was all the more remarkable since he was an extremely humble man who did not seek acknowledgement of his good deeds.  Today’s and future generations will continue to benefit from his widespread legacy.  His compassion and open heartedness have guaranteed that he will enjoy the reputation of one designated NIKNAM in our community, living up to his eponymous name. Mehraban Zartoshty was a Founder member, our Grand Patron and a past Vice-President of WZO.  His foresight and support in our early days of the formation of the WZO was a source of great strength to the officials of that time and helped in making WZO a truly global body of Zoroastrians.”

In this world, some people are precious and some are priceless, but to me he was both. His ambition and aspiration to strengthen the core of our community was admirable. As a role model, he was a great encourager and helper in inspiring others to rise and shine.

Arbab Mehraban was such an iconic communal figure within our North American Zarathushti community that all six FEZANA Presidents Rohinton Rivetna, Dr. Dolly Dastoor, Framroze Patel, Firdosh Mehta, Dr. Rustam Kevala and Bomi Patel sent a joint unified message in his honor to highlight the salient attributes and outstanding achievements of his life. 

The following message sent by Bomi Patel, President of the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America intensifies this articulation when it states: “One of the greatest Zarathushtis -  Arbab Mobed Mehraban Zarthosty, leaves behind a legacy of philanthropy and integrity. As a kind, compassionate and humble gentleman, he selflessly helped our community and institutions worldwide. Whether it was the Parsi General Hospital or the community in Bombay, London, Iran, Australia or FEZANA and its member associations all over North America, his selfless service knew no boundaries or borders when it came to helping any one in our Zarathushti community.  FEZANA and many of our member associations has been the recipient of his generosity and support for endowments and to build Darbe Mehrs in various parts of North America . May his divine soul rest in Eternal peace in the Abode of Light with Ahura Mazda.”

Forging lasting relationships was a built-in gift of Arbab Mehraban. As a token of appreciation Roshan & Rohinton Rivetna, the Founding President of the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America and the World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce, made this moving statement: “It is with the passing of such stalwarts as Mehraban, his brother Fereidoon and the great Arbab Rustom Guiv that the meaning of life is revealed to us in full measure. Their love for our community, their devoted service and their many kindnesses will for ever remain etched in our memories and live for generations to come. Their legacy of philanthropy will live on forever.  Above all their example is what we cherish most. May they live in our hearts and memories forever.”

Our Arbab Mehraban will always live in hearts of those whose lives he touched with his kindness and graciousness. Shida Anoshiravani, the President of the Board of Directors of the California Zoroastrian Center, USA; agrees with me when she writes: “The passing of our beloved Mobed Mehraban Jamshid Zartoshty – one of the greatest Zarthushti philanthropist of our time, was a great loss to every Zarthushti around the world. He has been a great benefactor for all Zarthushti Anjomans and needy individuals in our motherland Iran and the Diaspora. He was indeed one of the greatest followers of Asho Zarathushtra. In these days of sadness, we all should seek solace in knowing that he had such an exceptionally productive life up until his last days, therefore, leaving us with a good example to follow in our lives.”

Arbab Mehraban’s contributions to our Zarathushti community and beyond will benefit many generations to come. His spirit of optimism and perseverance will serve as a source of inspiration for many of us within the community to continue his legacy of good deeds on the path of humanity and the good religion.

Inspired by his immense communal contributions, Byram Avari, Chairman of the Karachi Parsi Anjuman Trust Funds, Pakistan in his heartwarming dedication proudly says: “Ravanshad Arbab Mehraban Zartoshty was an exceptional human being, globally known for his selfless service, priestly dignity, and deep sense of religiosity. His knowledge, guidance and selfless devotion will be greatly missed by our community, but his shining example will remain etched in our hearts and spirit forever. May his soul rest in Garothman, which he has piously earned while on this earth.”

Now, for those who do not know, our respected Arbab Mehraban was a soulful soul. This sentiment is echoed in this special honor by Pervin and Jal Shroff, Past Trustees of the Hong Kong , Canton & Macau Zoroastrian Charity Funds. “We had the pleasure & honor of very briefly meeting Paridokht and Arbab  Mehraban  sometime in the ’90s, when they stopped over in Hong Kong on their way back home to the US.   It was just a couple of hours but it left a vivid impression of the humility and spirit of philanthropy of this wonderful couple.   Arbab Mehraban will surely be missed by all those who knew him & benefitted from his generosity and kindness.  May he always be held in Divine Embrace!”

To further supplement, to this heartwarming sentiment, Neville Shroff, President of the Hong Kong, Canton & Macau Zoroastrian Charity Funds adds: “Arbab Mehraban Zartoshty was a noble soul, & a pillar of strength to the whole community and losing him leaves a void in the legacy of true philanthropy in our community. He leaves behind everything he helped nurture and shape throughout his lifetime, values of integrity, humanity & charity. Above all, a set of values, for us all to practice & live by. We mourn his death, but will forever celebrate his life, and cherish his memories.”

Furthermore, his life’s mission was to strengthen the fiber of our community by reaching out to others unconditionally, which is articulated beautifully by Fariborz Jamshidi, President of the Australian Zoroastrian Association of New South Wales, in his dedication that states: “Arbab Mehraban Zartoshty was one of those rare individuals who was a shining stalwart in our Zoroastrian society because he was always concerned about the welfare of our community. He made a significant donation towards the construction of the Arbab Rustom Guiv Darbe Mehr in Sydney, Australia and provided us with proper guidance for which we are immensely grateful. As a token of appreciation, we have established a wonderful library in his name to honor his priceless legacy.”

To add to that, Jarafshan Mistry, the President of the Zarathushtrian Association of New Zealand honors this remarkable gentleman by respectfully stating: “The Management Committee of the Zarathushtrian Association of New Zealand on behalf of its members, would like to express deepest and heartfelt condolences to the Zartoshty family on the passing of Arbab Mehraban Zartoshty who was a
n inspiration and role model to all Zoroastrians. They will be in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time and we pray that Ahura Mazda grants them the strength to bear this great loss.”

Moreover, in his personal inspirational dedication Dr. Behram Pastakia, the past Trustee of the Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. USA; embodies his legacy by sharing: “Mobed Mehraban Zartoshty was a great and giving philanthropist and we not only in North America but Zarthoshtis all over the world shall miss his guiding hand and giving spirit. He has been, and shall remain, a shining example to inspire and uplift those of us who have learnt of his acts of charity and benevolence. May his soul rest in eternal peace in the Abode of Songs, Garothman Behesht.” It is worthy to mention that Arbab Mehraban was a major donor towards the construction of the Arbab Rustom Guiv Darbe Mehr in Northern Virginia home to the Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. USA.

I would now like to share a few pivotal moments of my life with him. My daughter Anahita at the age of nine shared this with Arbab Mehraban when we were invited at his home for lunch: “Habit is like your shadow. It follows you wherever you go. So develop good habits.” Arbab Mehraban smiled and agreed that a habit will either make you or break you. I believe that the fiber of his being was based on this disciplined philosophy – the intrinsic habit of sharing and caring, through which he was extremely successful in living and leaving a legacy of philanthropy.

This belief is further strengthened by Daraius M. Bharucha, President of the Zoroastrian Society of Ontario (the largest Zoroastrian Association in Canada) when he confirms: “Arbab Mehraban was a great philanthropist and benefactor to the global Zarathushti community. His generosity, compassion and concern for his fellow human beings and for his community in particular were legendary and will never be forgotten. We are all deeply saddened by his passing but confident that Ahura Mazda will always hold him in endless light.”

To further supplement, this heartwarming sentiment, “We the Zoroastrian community in Singapore, are sad to learn about the demise of our beloved philanthropist friend Arbab Mehraban Zartoshty. May his soul rest in Peace,” was sent by Rustom Minocher Ghadiali, the Vice President of the Parsi Zoroastrian Association of South East Asia, Singapore.

Arbab Mehraban also provided a major donation towards the upkeep and running of the Arbab Rustom Guiv Darbe Mehr of Vancouver in Canada . In addition, he also set up the Mehraban & Paridokht Zartoshty Education Fund Scholarship in harmony with other ZSBC Scholarships. These scholarships are offered to those who are going to pursue their education in the second or subsequent year in a college, university or technical institution in Canada or the United States of America. Scholarships under this fund are based on merit, community involvement and service; and financial need.

As a token of appreciation for these kind gestures, Fariborz Rahnamoon, President of Zoroastrian Society of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada writes: “We in Vancouver were lucky to have been able to interact on a daily basis with Mobed Arbab Mehraban Zartoshty. He led a simple life which money had not been able to sophisticate. Sitting in his favourite corner in his living room with a blanket on his leg he had stories to tell, he learned and educated at the same time. He was open-minded even on religious matters and believed in progress towards perfection, but was careful not to hurt any ones feelings by imposing his thoughts on others. Arbab Mehraban did not lag behind in his service to the community, in a subtle way he kept on funding project after project, student after student. He believed Manekji Limiji Hataria was a savior of the Zarathushtis of Iran and he felt indebted to the Parsees for what they had done to save the Iranian Zarathushtis. He was a father figure, a friend, a teacher, a supporter, and a true Zarathushti. He is Amordad, for his deeds shall keep alive his memory for generations to come. Amordad Baad.”

Arbab Mehraban was the Founding President of the Council of Iranian Mobeds in North America (CIMNA) “Kankash-e-Mobedan” for 10-years, whose prime purpose was to propagate the teachings of Zarathushtra, as well as, evoke awareness of our rich history, culture and religious heritage not only to the Council members, but also to the community at large. As the founder, his ambition, aspiration and lofty purpose towards enhancing the status of Mobeds will be cherished forever. Under his able guidance religious books (especially for children) and prayer cassettes/CDs were mass produced and distributed free of charge to the members of our Zarathushti community in North America and worldwide. On the other hand in Iran , the Zartoshty Brothers for about 40-years fully funded the entire expenses involved in the upkeep of the Yazd Atash Bahram. Besides the salaries of the full time Priests, tending that Holy Fire, the education and medical needs of the families were also secured. In addition, Arbab Mehraban performed religious ceremonies and managed the Yazd Artash Bahram for over 30-years. Besides setting up various Funds in Iran for different purposes, Arbab Mehraban had set up a special “Education Fund” for teaching our Religion and Culture in addition to printing religious books and literature in Iran. These teachers include University Professors and learned personalities. Furthermore, he repeatedly donated large sums of funds to the Council of Iranian Mobeds (Anjoman-e-Mobedan) to be spent towards the welfare of priestly class as well as related expenses. In addition, he has also been a major donor for helping out our Zarathushti Youth from Iran to attend World Zoroastrian Youth Congresses.

My personal interactions with Arbab Mehraban solidified during the preparation of the First North American Zoroastrian Youth Congress 1987 and the First World Zoroastrian Youth Congress 1993, in Westminster, California; for which he was an avid supporter of our Zarathushti Youth. Besides that, in 1998, he attended our inspirational SOUL™ Program which Shahriar Shahriari and I conducted in San Diego, California. After the program, he invited Shahriar, my daughter Anahita and I, to his home for lunch. It was during this time when I had the opportunity to have an intimate heart to heart discussion with him on various communal issues.  I was truly amazed by his personal interest and inspired by his selfless dedication and unconditional commitment towards the welfare of our Zarathushti community. And I was told that even during the last minutes of his life he was quite alert and involved with his usual correspondence and efforts for Zarathushti causes. That is a mark of a true Zarthushti.

ARBAB MEHRABAN served our Zarathushti Community by building a legacy of philanthropy with dignity, integrity, compassion and love.

Now, I firmly believe that:

In life, everything comes to pass, only the memories and the good that we do — REMAINS.


May his life and selfless deeds continue to inspire us, and may his Fravashi protect us; so that like him, we may continue to work for the betterment of our community and humanity.

Our community will truly miss a remarkable champion but his memories and legacy will last for many generations to come because he is one of the greatest Zoroastrians of our era.

So today, as we honor the legacy of a life well spent, I want to emphasize that those who live in the hearts of others are not gone. It is because when someone we love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

OUR ARBAB MEHRABAN has left for all of us,

a treasure of LOVE that is truly beyond any measure.

May Ahura Mazda nurture his soul with endless tranquility a
s he now enjoys Eternal life in the spiritual world.

Acknowledgments: I would like to thank my trusted friends Respected Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary, Iran; Dr. Mehr Soroushian, USA; Dr. Khosro Mehrfar, USA; Aban Rustomji, USA and Dorab Mistry, UK; for sharing information that helped me to enhance the integrity of this special dedication in honor of our Arbab Mehraban Zartoshty.

It is difficult to chronicle all the philanthropic activities that Arbab Mehraban was involved in as there are dozens of those benevolent donations that were never recorded.

Here is a listing of the major philanthropic activities of the Zartoshty brothers that was sent to me by our Respected Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary from Tehran, Iran in 2008.

1. Major donation towards enlargement of the Arbab Rustom Guiv Darbe Mehr in Westminister, Southern California .

2. Major donation towards erecting a tented outdoor hall at the Arbab Rustom Guiv Darbe Mehr in Northern California .

3. Major donation towards building of the Zoroastrian Center of Houston Texas .

4. Major donation towards construction of the Arbab Rustom Guiv Darbe Mehr in Northern Virginia home to Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington, D.C.

5. Donation to Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York for upkeeping and legal proceedings for their center.

6. Donation towards upkeep and running of the Arbab Rustom Guiv Darbe Mehr of Vancouver, Canada .

7. Donation towards construction of the Arbab Rustom Guiv Darbe Mehr in Sydney, Australia .

8. Donation towards purchase of the new Zoroastrian center for Greater London, UK .

9. Donation towards construction of the Isfahan Zoroastrian temple, maintenance and upkeep of the Yazd Atash Vahram, and the renovation of the Markar complex in Yazd .

10.  Funding for the establishment of permanent chair of Zoroastrian Studies at London School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

11. Funding of a scholarship fund for Zoroastrian youth of North America for university studies, administered from Vancouver, Canada .

12. Funding for the establishment of the Phirozshah Mehta Library at University of Mumbai .

13. Funding for the establishment of the Manckeji Hataria Ward at Parsi General Hospital in India .

14. Contribution towards publications of Zoroastrian religion/culture/history literature, including reprinting of Dastur Dhalla’s books, Gatha translations by Iraj Taraporwalla, Mobed Firoz Azargushasp, Zoroastrian Tapestry, (4 volume) Enduring Legacy, etc.

15. Providing scholarship money to many Zoroastrian students from India and elsewhere aspiring to pursue graduate studies in North America or Europe .

16. Funding & establishing the North American Mobed Councils.

The following information is shared through the kind courtesy of: www.Vohuman.org

Ref: The Late Arbab Fereidoon Zartoshti by Dr. Khosro Mehrfar

Partial list of the Zartoshti brothers’ (Feridoon and Mehraban) charitable activities include;

1.    Creation of ‘Zartoshti Brothers Hall’ at new Zoroastrian center in London , England

2.    Funding construction of prayer hall at the Houston Zoroastrian center, in Texas

3.    Provided funding for the construction of an outside tent at the Zoroastrian Darbe Mehr in San Jose , California

4.    Provided  funds for holding Gahanbar and religious classes for training Mobeds in Iran

5.    Funded World Zoroastrian Organization for taking care of  patients and Zoroastrian  farmers in the remote villages of Gujarat

6.    Maintenance and upgrade of the Fire Temple in the city of Yazd

7.    Remodeling of Tehran Adorian

8.    Renovation of Markar buildings in the city of Yazd

9.    Renovation of Firoze Bahram high school, Rostam Abadian junior high and Jamshid Jam elementary school

10.Establishing Zoroastrian Senior Citizens Housing in Tehran

11.Providing housing for young married couples

12.Establishing and maintaining the ‘House of Zartoshtis’ in Isfahan

13.Publishing religious books such as the Avesta and Gathas

14.Financial assistance to renovate religious temples

15.Endowment of funds for the establishment of the Zartoshti brothers chair of Zoroastrian studies at London , UK University’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

A brief explanation of some of the above charitable and humanitarian works that were done over the years in the spirit of partnership and cooperation with his brother Mobed Mehrban Mobed Jamshid Zartoshti is as follows.

This information has been translated from the book “A ray from the love of Mazda” by Mr. Jamshid Pishdadi.

In Tehran , Iran :

Repair and renovation of the famous Firooz Bahram high school from beginning to end, providing much needed work to preserve this historical academic institution which has contributed to the education of many Iranian leaders over several decades of its existence. The selfless help of Mr. Rostam Farkhondeh in connection with the renovation must be acknowledged.

Repair and restoration of Markar hall in the city of Tehran Pars . Adding the memorandum and pictures of Zoroastrian men of honor and respect who had provided much needed service to the community, such as the late Peshotanji Markar and Mirza Soroush Lohrasb.

Repair and renovation of Jamshid Jam and Rostam Abadian schools

Repair and restoration of interior and exterior sides of the Adrian temple

Design and development of senior citizen homes on the premises of the late Rostam Abadian with a 4 storey building to serve the elderly community

Financial aid to the Zoroastrian Youth Organization (Faravahar) for publishing books and periodicals.

Purchasing land and building a 4 storey center for the use of  Zoroastrian youth for religious classes and donation of a building to the Zoroastrian Youth Organization (Faravahar)

Financial aid to Zoroastrian Women Organization and the Zoroastrian Student Organization to provide continuous support for needy people.

Financial aid to the Zoroastrian Association of Karaj to purchase the charity house of Dolat.

In Yazd :

Markar has been an institution by itself since the early 20th century dedicated to the education of the youth of Yazd , regardless of their religion.  Founded by Peshotanji Markar it has contributed enormously to the advancement of  elementary education in that region.  The historical building of this academic institution was damaged due to wear and tear and needed a complete renovation. The late Arbab Fereidoon with the help of his brother Arbab Mehrban provided  financial assistance to restore this historical building  to its original status. The supervision of Mr. Sirus (Cyrus) Khosrovi in accomplishing this task is hereby acknowledged.

Preservation of Atash Varahram which has been in care of the Zartoshti brothers for more than 40 years was transferred to the Yazd Zoroastrian Anjoman. The financial asset allocated to the preservation effort was put in control of Anjoman in order to leverage  the interest of the assets to provide the cost of preservation.

Providing continuous financial assistance to the needy Zoroastrian of Yazd.

Providing financial help to Zoroastrian Youth organization of Yazd for sport activities and Zoroastrian athletes.

In Bombay , India :

Transfers of large capital and assets to the Bombay Parsi Panchayat in order to provide financial assistance to any Parsi family with 3 or more kids and to newly wed young people and needy families.

Providing financial assistance through a special fund for  Zoroastrian youths who wished to pursue a priesthood career &/or those who become scholars in Zoroastrian studies &/or those mobeds who follow up on their education to earn their PhDs.  At the time of this writing, there are two young Iranian Zoroastrians who are following in this path at the Athornan School in Bombay and there is a high hope that they soon graduate and start serving the Zoroastrian community as Mobeds.

Financial help to Athornan school of Bombay for providing housing for needy Zoroastrian students.

Providing financial help to B.H. Petit Parsi General Hospital for renovation of one storey of the current building in the name of Manekji Limji Houshang Hataria.

Financial assistance to K.R. Cama Oriental Institute and specifically its library in order to preserve and publish the valuable Zoroastrian books and writings.

Providing financial capital to Bombay University to establish a new library in pious memory of Sir Phirozshah Mehta, the founder of the Bombay University, a well known attorney, mayor of Bombay and also known as the Lion of Bombay.

Endowment of funds for the establishment of a chair at Mumbai University in honor of Sir Phirozeshah Mehta (the first president of that university).

Financial assistance to Surat Parsi Panchayet for a 4 storey building in the name of Arbab Fereidoon’s wife the late Mehrbanoo Bamassi Pour. This amount was provided by Arbab Mehraban in the name of his sister in law, Arbab Fereidoon’s wife.

Invest in Cama Oriental Institute for the publication of rare religious books.

Provided financial support to the Red cross of India for building hospitals for the care of financially distressed people of Mumbai , India

Providing financial help to Bel Air Sanitorium which was established by Dr. Rostam Billimoria and now is under the management of the Indian Red Cross

Financial help to Iranian Zoroastrian Association of Bombay to provide help to the needy Zoroastrians and Zoroastrian students.

Financial help to the  Parsi Ward in the J.J. Hospital in pious memory of Manekji Hataria

Providing financial assistance to the needy Zoroastrians for the purchase of prescription drugs and medicine.


  1. gb

    May His Soul Rest in Peace. A real dignified soul who will definetely take birth again in Zoroastrian Parsi Community soon. God Bless his family.

  2. gb

    May His Soul Rest in Peace. A real dignified soul who will definetely take birth again in Zoroastrian Parsi Community soon. God Bless his family.

  3. gb

    May His Soul Rest in Peace. A real dignified soul who will definetely take birth again in Zoroastrian Parsi Community soon. God Bless his family.

  4. gb

    May His Soul Rest in Peace. A real dignified soul who will definetely take birth again in Zoroastrian Parsi Community soon. God Bless his family.

  5. Noshir M. Khambatta

    Congratulations to Mr. Meher Amalsad for pennig this wonderful tribute to a noble and philanthropic soul. Would any reader be kind enough to supply here the actual date of the birth of Mr. Arbab M. Zarthoshty in either the Gregorian, Kadmi or Fasli calendar day formats?
    Please anticipate my deepest thanks.

  6. Noshir M. Khambatta

    Congratulations to Mr. Meher Amalsad for pennig this wonderful tribute to a noble and philanthropic soul. Would any reader be kind enough to supply here the actual date of the birth of Mr. Arbab M. Zarthoshty in either the Gregorian, Kadmi or Fasli calendar day formats?
    Please anticipate my deepest thanks.

  7. Noshir M. Khambatta

    Congratulations to Mr. Meher Amalsad for pennig this wonderful tribute to a noble and philanthropic soul. Would any reader be kind enough to supply here the actual date of the birth of Mr. Arbab M. Zarthoshty in either the Gregorian, Kadmi or Fasli calendar day formats?
    Please anticipate my deepest thanks.

  8. piloomani

    The Zoroastrian community is honoured to have such selfless and
    committed person like him. Wish some of the ultra-rich industrialists
    in India would take same care and dedication towards our religion and
    community. May you a great soul get Garothman Besht.

  9. piloomani

    The Zoroastrian community is honoured to have such selfless and
    committed person like him. Wish some of the ultra-rich industrialists
    in India would take same care and dedication towards our religion and
    community. May you a great soul get Garothman Besht.

  10. piloomani

    The Zoroastrian community is honoured to have such selfless and
    committed person like him. Wish some of the ultra-rich industrialists
    in India would take same care and dedication towards our religion and
    community. May you a great soul get Garothman Besht.

  11. piloomani

    The Zoroastrian community is honoured to have such selfless and
    committed person like him. Wish some of the ultra-rich industrialists
    in India would take same care and dedication towards our religion and
    community. May you a great soul get Garothman Besht.