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Happy New Year 2011 | Saal Mubarak Y.Z. 1381

On the occasion of the Shehenshahi New Year (Y.Z.1381) Parsi Khabat takes the opportunity to wish you, our dear reader a very happy new year. Our wishes extend to your loved ones, families and friends.

May this be the year when we all find the best in ourselves and in others.

May this be the year when our community is in the news for all the positives that we bring about, not only for ourselves, but for our neighborhood, city and nation.

This day also celebrates the completion of six years of Parsi Khabar and the start of the seventh year. With over a 1000 daily subscribers and over 4.5 million visitors since inception, we strive to maintain our standard of bringing you pertinent, accurate and insightful new and opinion. Your comments….all 7000+ over the last six years are highly appreciated and we look to many more in the years to come.

Saal Mubarak

arZan, mehernaaz and Shirrin.