Parsis having a religious hiccup once again!


August 30, 2005

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Afternoon Dispatch & Courier – Bombay,India

… any religion) is a different ball-game altogether.The open ‘universal’ (?) fire-temple which will be open to all Zoroastrians, including non-Parsi spouses and …


  1. Ronnie Jal Patel

    I do not Agree with Views given by Ruby In Afternoon Newspapaer.
    When in the Past The Iranian Kings used to marry outside the Community Then why it was that their offsprings used to be accepted as Parsees? Does Ruby has any answer to my Question?.
    Secondly when Our own Prophet was alive why did he not stop the king from marrying outside the fold? Why did our own prophet accepted the sons & daughters born to the king from women outside the fold ?
    I Personely want to know from the High Priests that what is wrong from allowing the Childern born from Intercaste Marriages into our own fold, if we do not allow our childern to enter the fire Temples & also you do not allow others Priests to perform the Navjote Ceremony of the childern born due to intercaste marraiges then I am sorry to say A Time will come when We will be found only in the world Museums With a saying “ONCE A UPON A TIME THERE WAS A RACE CALLED THE MAD PARSEES OF INDIA & IRAN”. will the so called learned Priests open their eyes & starts accepting our childern born out of intercaste marrage into the fold & also allow the navjote to be perform & also allow them inside the fire Temple, then only we will be able to save our Once The Most Powerful Aryans Race.
    I do Hope that our so called High priests see the writings on the Wall & starts accepting it, before it is too late.
    With Malice towards none.
    Jia Hind.
    Ronnier Jal Patel ( Muscat).

  2. Ronnie Jal Patel

    Dear Pilloo.
    Hats of to you for the wonderful way you have written.
    Please do accept my Humble Respect in Token of the way you have written.
    Thanks a Millions.
    With Due Respect to You.
    Ronnie Jal Patel. ( Muscat ).

  3. Patrick

    I don’t understand how a religion and god can be restricted to a community. Absurd concept.

  4. Patrick

    I don’t understand how a religion and god can be restricted to a community. Absurd concept.