Shaurya Chakra Awarded to Lieutenant Commander Firdaus Darabshah Mogal


December 4, 2011

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Indian Navys Lieutenant Commander Firdaus Darabshah Mogal from Mumbai was awarded the Shaurya Chakra ( posthumous) on Monday for his gallant deed of attending to the call of duty at the cost of his own life on August 30, last. " For an unmatched show of fearless valour in the face of death that saved the lives of six men onboard, Lieutenant Commander Firdaus Darabshah Mogal is awarded ‘Shaurya Chakra’, posthumously", reads the citation of the award.

Published in the Free Press Journal

Firdaus MogalLt Cdr Mogal had assumed the duties of the Executive Officer of a naval submarine on May 26, last year. On August 29, whilst the submarine was enroute for a deployment, a defect was observed.

The authorities decided to surface the submarine in the exercise area post sunrise to attempt external repairs on the starboard flap since this was the only option that could enable it to continue her mission. At that time, the submarine was experiencing heavy seas and rough weather.

At around 6.55 am on August 30, when a team comprising three sailors, led by the Engineer Officer, was on the casing for defect rectification, a strong wave swept two of them and the Engineer Officer overboard. The third sailor was badly injured; Mogal immediately realised the gravity of the situation. Since the injured sailor hanging from the aft casing was required to be rescued, he himself proceeded for the job.

On reaching him, Mogal realised that the sailor was completely immobilized due to his leg injury. Displaying an unparalleled feat of heroism and fearlessness and with complete disregard for personal safety, the officer carried the sailor from aft casing to the bridge. Only a man of his strength and fortitude could have thought of even attempting such a task in the prevailing weather condition. He fought the nature in her elements and braved strong waves, heavy rainfall and severe rolling/ pitching that threatened to wash him and the injured sailor overboard. After about 20 minutes of frightening struggle, the officer reached the ladder on the fin that had to be climbed for handing over the injured sailor to bridge. The waves were such that even this ladder was getting submerged.

However, Mogal was not the one to give up. Once again a seemingly impossible task of climbing a narrow ladder with no strong foothold and a man on his shoulder was demonstrated by him. He handed over the injured sailor to bridge and then turned around to assist the divers in the recovery of the overboard men.

The recovery of the first casualty infused hope in the overboard men to hang on and they looked at their Executive Officer for their rescue.

The officer once again displaying an act of supreme bravery joined to assist the divers. He managed to pull overboard men close to the submarine. However, as he and the divers were assisting them to climb onboard a huge wave submerged them completely.

When the wave broke all six personnel, including the Executive Officer, were overboard.

In such circumstances, the officer maintained his cool and gathered all overboard men in one huddle. He then signalled bridge that he would get this huddle to climb onboard. Led by him, the huddle closed the submarines casing. He started helping others in the huddle to climb onboard.

He swam tirelessly and even made others stand on his shoulders so that they could climb onboard. His concern for his men in such dire circumstances was so much that he ordered all men to climb onboard before him.

Once all were onboard, the officer attempted to climb up and as he was about to reach, another unfateful wave washed him overboard.

It appeared that he had sustained head injuries due to this wave. He now seemed to be exhausted and realizing this, the Anti Submarine Warfare Officer ( ASWO) of the submarine proceeded to his rescue. Simultaneously, assistance of a Search And Rescue ( SAR) helicopter was called for from Mumbai. Lt Cdr Mogal, after saving the lives of six shipmates, seemed to be unconscious.

The ASWO held him till the SAR helicopter arrived around 30 minutes later. Lt Cdr Mogal was rescued by the copter and transferred to INHS Asvini.

However, the nations true son had succumbed to the injury and made the supreme sacrifice.


  1. amp

    BPP must immediately arrange an award posthumously on this family and respect them. A public function can easily be arranged.

  2. Jerou Panthaki Rammohan

    Parsi thy name is bravery and sacrifice besides being charitable. This is true charity indeed! It touched my heart to read this wonderful act of bravery. Although I feel terribly proud of  Lt. Cdr Firdaus, I could not help
    crying my heart out for his lovely wife, his cute son, as well  as the rest of his immediate family. May his Soul rest in peace and be around to help his beloved family especially his cute little son at every step.
         My husband was a Commander in the Navy as well hence I feel these sentiments. I know how my Mother and the rest of us felt and what we went through when my own brother, a very young Major in the 1965 Indo-Pak war was almost fatally injured and how our prayers and the wonderful care of the military hospitals helped him to a full recovery from bullet injuries in various parts of his body including his brain.
         I am sure when Firdaus’ son grows up he will try to emulate his father in perhaps a different field and shine ever more. This is my heartfelt prayer from the depth of my heart and may Ahura Mazda ease the pain in his wife’s and the rest of the family’s hearts and minds. By now I am sure they would have understood the meaning  and purpose of Firdaus’ life. My husband’s and my sympathies lie with the family.
    Jerou Panthaki RamMohan.


  3. Farrokh Nemazie

    We salute Lt Cdr Firdaus Mogal for displaying heroism beyond the call of duty and for sacrificing his life for his men. .

    Capt  FN

  4. RK

    True bravery! RIP, Sir…

  5. RipbravesonofIndia

    What a waste of a valuable life whose services, could well have been exceptional in battle!  The inefficient government corrupt and full of treacherous leeches is out to sell the country and insult such brave men.  The moves in this regard to allow unfettered visa access and trade over the dead bodies of 26/11 is indicative of how the government is ready for a deal impervious to those who help these jihadi supersonic tourists who are anyway out to kill innocents, find their way to their paradise!  My heart grieved at reading this news, unfortunately it needed a gallantry award to make me aware of this life. A brave man and a brave solider. May his family have the strength to face death which will not spare anyone and will bide its time but come one day for sure! Yama waits and waits but spares none!

  6. Aspi, Vancouver

    A truely great soldier to the last Lt. Cdr. Firdaus Darabshah Mogal.
    We salute you for your bravery and the love for your country. Many soldiers like you lay down your lives so that your countrymen can live in peace.
    May your soul rest in eternal peace.

  7. Firoz J. Pajnigar.

     Salute to the gallant and courageous Lieutenant Commander Firdaus Darabshah Mogal who served his country India well by sacrificing his dear life to save the precious lives of six other men at sea.

    May his soul rest in peace and may Almighty God give his family the strength to bear the loss.

    Firoz J. Pajnigar.
    6th December, 2011.

  8. PERCY


  9. Fpilot


  10. Gavmaster007

    i m really proud as  our Zorastrian youth had given such a life challenging  move during his duties in such a critical time. Be proud for his  sacrifice for INDIA

  11. Peykay

    God bless the brave soul!

  12. Anilkbharti

     We salute the gallant and courageous Seamen!!!May his soul rest in peace and may Almighty God give his family the strength to bear the loss….28 minutes ago · Like

  13. Manu_220377

    such brave soldiers are guarding this nation! but we are ungrateful to them!

  14. Delin

    Its young officers like him who gives meaning to comraderie and devotion to duty. May his soul rest in peace and hope this nation will realise the value of such proud sons of this motherland. Proud to be trained together with him. Jai Hind. 

  15. Harsh

    My slute to you Sir. Long live Indian Armed Forces.

  16. Harsh

    My salute to you Sir. Long live Indian Armed Forces.

  17. Sandhya

    Jai Hind! Salute and an absolute Bravo Zulu.
    I might also add that no Officer in the Armed Forces chooses to be known as anything but an Indian. Please do not classify any of our sentinels as being anything but Indian. The oath we take is as an Indian and that is the ultimate pride we hold.

  18. Shanthkr

    he is not a parsia, nor hindu nor christian  nor muslim, he is indian, we have more brave indian like this ,let us not dilute his contribution by  attaching him to any religion.

  19. Shwetha

    Truly heroic feat. We need more and more like him. God bless his soul

  20. Ashishsrinvasan

    Mogul was my junior at the Naval Academy.  His assertive nature, bold temperament and genuine care for his brethren was demonstrated amply during the time we spent together during Autumn Term 1996.  Had not heard of him since I passed out and went on into my branch.  And now when I hear about him, it is when he has become a star above gazing at us from the heaven’s above.  You were just yourself, Firdaus.  All those who know you would say that. 

  21. Zpercom

    God bless his soul. Proud to be a parsee

  22. manu

    let god give enuf strength to all his family members  for his untimely demise, we salute him,brave sacrifice for the country indeed

  23. Oinamkeirungba

    the anti submarinewarfare officer is Lt Cdr L K Singh, a youngster manipuri. He swam n kept him afloat for all the time despite the tremendous waves but unfortunately, the captain died in his arms. despite that, he held on to the lifeless body till rescued.

  24. NK

    unimaginable bravery and valor. Salute. 

  25. Bobby

    So proud to be an Indian

  26. vijit kumar prasad

    It the time we should give a bow to such brave mens of india. hats off to u sir.

  27. Drsangeetasharma

    May God rest his soul in peace, give strength and courage to his family…a true true hero..we salute him…

  28. Insramnath

    Hail Indian Navy… Hail the brave soul…

  29. Nariuma


  30. Nmurali2000

    Lt Cdr Mogal RIP, Salute to a brave Indian. God Bless your soul.

  31. Ydgokhale

    Hope god blesses his brave soul. The ones he saved will forever remember him.

  32. Pavan sana

    May his soul rest in peace and may Almighty God give his family the strength to bear the loss.
    the entire nation is proud of him.

  33. Vandana

    we are proud of him

  34. Shakti

    Proud to be an Indian….A greater pride to be in the Indian Armed Forces…… 

  35. Fannychakrabarti

    this brings in a quiet sense of joy, honour and respect for our men in white…An inspiration, may your spirit live on forever, Lt Cdr Firdaus

  36. Abhishek Rai

    We all salute you sir. May you rest in peace.

  37. Manish Jaitly

    Salute to the real hero.

  38. Ganesh Kini, Visakapatnam

    Salute to a brave soul..a wonderful person and a very good friend….we miss you buddy.

  39. Sharwan Kumar Bhatia

    I salute the brave man (Lt. Cdr.)  for his gallantry deeds.
    Wing commander (Retd) S K Bhatia, Shaurya Chakra.

  40. Rustom

    And the Govt wants to lift the AFSPA, so that terrorists and traitors can cooly after target their guns on men in uniform. The same bunch calls the armed forces men as ‘goondas’…Omar, Gilan, Syeed..and the President of India, the supreme commander of her armed forces, stands a slient spectator…..Only in India

  41. Ashish Dey

    Commander Mogal should have survived to see his gallant effort. cruel Destiny.

  42. Navyneet

    people like these make us feel proud of the fact that we are part of this service
    good men who keep the morale of their brethren high and inspire to emulate them
    these are the true leaders and we need more of this shinning mettle
    god bless and strength to the family.

  43. Nair94

    praying to the almighty, that god bless his family with lot of courage and strength to bear this loss, sincere salute to this brave soldier

  44. Anwar7872

    The brave soul left his memory with all of us to stand tall to the call of duty and became immortal

  45. Vivan78

    A true hero…..salutations from the bottom of my heart.

  46. brijraj verma

    JAI HIND SIR…………….

  47. Satishasw

    your deeds of ultimate sacrifice for the men you commanded will be remembered for ever and quoted as example for the younger people in the service

  48. Naren197703

    hats off to you officer…the nation is proud of your sacrifice…

  49. Rajkumar

    jai hind. it is men of his stature that we badly need today in our armed forces . what a cruel fate

  50. Shivasiddula

    great personality.

  51. Sunnylove12

    a true hero…. salute to  you… sir

  52. Anitha sarup

      JAI HIND!  Iam sure you led ur life with dignity, honesty, integrity,sacrifice and love for others. God ,the almighty should have saved this icon.(Lt Cdr Mogal). Tears rolling down …IF TEARS COULD BUILD A STAIR WAY AND MEMORIES A LANE, WE WOULD ALL WALK RIGHT UPTO HEAVEN AND BRING YOU BACK AGAIN. ..We pray to the Almighty to grant fortitude to the bereaved family

  53. rajneesh

    a real hero and a man of honor.


    parsi,s always stoo by this nation”””” bravo”’

  55. soldier

     proud of you lt cdr. i have no words to convey my emotions. may god give enough strength to your near and dear ones to overcome the grief.

  56. xyz

    Why Bombay Parsi Panchayat is still sitting quiet and not awarding the family with a posthumous award in respect of this great human being. It looks like they do not have time to even discuss this matter in their 4 hours a week meeting. really shameful bpp.

  57. Rinkikadeep2007

    the real hero……… Jai Hind

  58. Surendera94

    Jai Hind

  59. Anil pant

    true….bravo….big salute to real hero of the nation..

  60. Alchemist573

    salute u sir…v all will miss u…likes of u push d rest of us here, for that self less courage n dedication, d nation shall remember u always…RIP

  61. Neelima2002

    Hats of to you your sacrifice & courage! May god bestow piece to you & give strength to your family members. 

  62. Akhilesh s Joshi

    KUDOS! Lt Cdr. Mogal.

  63. Pradosh

    Great sir I Salute u with all my heartfelt respect

  64. Aarcare


  65. Ashok

    no words to say, just pray for peace of soul

  66. Agwawal Sc

    I salute such a brave officer .  God Bless such officers  and their families. 

  67. niranjan kumar singh

    i know him personnally he was a brave man and will remain in the heart of all submariners,all navy&all indians foreever. jai hind.

  68. Rajesh K Thakur Ex POM

    Sir Ji You are GREAT, Feel us to Proud for INDIAN NAVY, Jai Hind

  69. Pammi_569

    salute to u SIR for the sacrifice u made. hats off 2 u sir….

  70. Defierqais

    Well, its an honour to be Mogal sir’s neighbour… he had just shifted into his new house when the terrible tragedy struck….we are still struck by the tragedy though we could never convey it to his family….inspiration seeps in from so close….the details contained in report above have again reinstilled the inspiration…. Hayat   

  71. Johnson Arul

    being human always is the greatest thing ever,You have done it …

  72. A Grateful Citizen

    People like you
    guard our nation’s frontiers and for this we are eternally grateful.

    Sincere condolences
    to the family who I’m sure are proud of your Valor.

  73. Robin Shukla

    January 2, 2012 
    INDIAN NAVY RUBBING SALT INTO HER WOUNDS Lieutenant Commander Firdaus Darabshah Moga’s tragic though heroic story has taken another unfortunate turn. His widow is now being evicted from the home she shared with her late husband at Navy Nagar. The authorities have written to her instructing that she vacate her home immediately. The Defence forces, who proclaim that they will fight to the death for the safety of the whole nation, couldn’t care less about a defenceless woman inside Navy Nagar.Perhaps the Bombay Parsi Punchayet can provide succour by way of job and shelter, some so-called samaj sevak could check whether the unfortunate widow is entitled to a roof from the CM’s quota, or the Central Govt could look into her plight.We at the Afternoon Depatch & Courier are going public with it. Please let us not abandon her.Robin ShuklaDeputy News Editor

  74. xyz

     BPP Chairman Mr. Dinshaw Mehta and Sethia Mr. Munchy Cama who was talking very big during canvassing for BPP Elections must immediately come forward and give a house to her. Really shameful situation for the family who has given his life for the Country.

  75. Tony



  76. Dara

    I brought this matter to the attention of the BPP Chairman, Mr Dinshaw Mehta. He said, and i quote:

    Somebody else had also proposed this case and was told to request her to make an application which is still awaited

  77. Suma_n_2000

    First of all my condolences to the bereaved family. Truly the sacrifice of the Officer will be remembered and talked about through the coming generations.
    Great imagination Mr Tony, in case u don’t have any letter from MoD regarding the Three years clause for retaining of family accomodation by family of the deceased. The maximum limit is for eleven months, and moreover the responsibility of the pension board and the concerned force is to provide an alternative accomodation in case there are no relatives of the affected family(remote possibility, as the family of the spouse or in-laws will surely come forward) to take them in. Moreover, why do u think the Group Insurance scheme is provided? And add to it the gratuity and AFPPF, and furthermore the monthly pension is provided so that the bereaved family can settle down after the mourning period. Now with accomodation problems in Mumbai u cant expect a fallen soldier’s spouse to stay permanently in service quarters.

  78. xyz

    All 7 Trustees of BPP are still SLEEPING.They must immediately give a house to the widow of this great Bravheart Indian. Shame upon you if you cannot help a needy parsi widow.