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Shehnaz Treasurywala: Big Secret Revealed

Shehnaz Treasurywala the new host of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge has her task cutout as she will be seen anchoring a Hindi show for the very first time!! But what exactly motivated her to anchor this rib-tickling comedy show? Well, the answer is right there in the question.

As Shehnaz very neatly puts it, “I love comedy and have always had a secret desire to do stand-up myself. I am not a bathroom singer, but I can be classified as a bathroom comedian… “.

Giving out a big secret, the Parsi beauty says, “When I was a

broad, one of my favorite recreation places happened to be the Comedy Clubs. I love stand-up and have watched some of the best comedians of the world on stage in NYC and LA. Laughter Challenge is the show that has brought stand-up in India. So can I ever think of a bigger platform than this?

When asked whether she is taking any steps to polish her Hindi accent, Shehnaz states, “I speak decent Hindi. Though I wanted to prepare myself better for the big task ahead, I have not got time at all after I returned to India from LA.. Let’s see how things go about!!”.

Well, you never know, as Shehnaz, the bathroom comedian might just turn out to be the trump card of this season’s Laughter Challenge!!


2 responses to “Shehnaz Treasurywala: Big Secret Revealed”

  1. Siloo Kapadia says:

    A big kiss to Shenaz. It is so sad to see many of our Parsi youth being born in India, bred in India, yet they cannot speak decent Hindi. Worse, their English accents are horrific.

    Too many Parsis refuse to accept the culture of the country they live in, unless it is a Western culture. How sad. We would rather our children learn French than Mandarin, Spanish rather than Hindi. And English above all else. But alas, we are really accepted nowhere. The time has come to change that.

    Good for you, Shenaz, deekree mehree, go out there and do your thing!

  2. abbas says:

    yup she looks soo cute when she laughs, even her smile is worth than billions