Shenaz Treasurywala on love and her banjaran life


June 26, 2008



Shenaz Treasurywala on love and her banjaran life, in conversation with Riya V Anandwala.

There’s been talk that you’re being replaced by Perizaad Kolah on The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.. true?
False. In fact, I’m filling in for Perizaad who’s on maternity leave.

You came back to television after a long hiatus.. with a Hindi show. Was it difficult?
Nahi, meri Hindi kaafi sudhar gayi hai. See, I don’t have a problem with Hindi. Are you asking me this because I’m a Parsi? Well, if Punjabis can have a Punjabi accent and Gujaratis a Gujju one, why can’t I have a Parsi accent?

Where were you all this while?
I was working. I hosted and produced travel shows for Discovery Travel Channel that were aired in the US. I also wrote a cross-cultural romantic film. I even acted in a couple of commercials and studied acting at the Larry Moss Studio in LA. So I’ve been busy.

Didn’t you ever worry about being out-ofsight-out-of-mind?
All the time. Viewers have short memories when it comes to actors and hosts. I feel as if I’m starting all over again.
But I can’t help it. I have itchy feet.. I can’t stay in one city for too long. Life is short and I have this urge to explore and experience.. live and work in every country.

How funny are you in real life?
I’m a bathroom comedian. My funny bone is a secret that my shower and I share. I’d love to do a comedy film some day.

How about getting back to VJ-ing?
(Smiles) Never say never.

Reportedly, you’ve been flooded with offers for item numbers in movies.. why didn’t you accept any?
The songs I was offered were not tasteful. They were exploitative and vulgar. It was not about sexual revolution but female degradation. If I get offered a decent song in a decent film, I’ll do it.

How about acting ? You vanished after two releases..
I’d love to do more films, especially the cross-cultural kind. But my big dream is to make my own film some day. Not much is known about your personal life.. And I’d like to keep it that way. I’m in love. (Laughs) I am always falling in and out of love. The boy I am in love with doesn’t like to be talked about, so please can we stop here.

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