Sooni Taraporewala reminisces about the Oscars


February 26, 2006

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Sooni Taraporewala, prolific screen writer and photographer, writes about the time SALAAM BOMBAY was nominated for the Oscars.

This was in the days before the media explosion in India, so nobody was heralding us, betting on our chances, praying for us to win. Except for family and friends, I don’t think anybody even knew or cared.

April 29, 1989. We are stuck in an endless traffic jam of stretch limos. Our white chariot with the Indian flag flying crawls towards the Shine Civic Auditorium in the blazing Los Angeles afternoon sun.

The Salaam Bombay contingent is a motley gang – Mira, the producers, Mira’s parents and others from the crew – the men in tuxedos and bow ties. This was also in the days before the Indian designer boom.. so Mira is in a sari worn Gujarati style and I am in a put-together ensemble ­ Banjara/Bombay raasta chic.

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