August 19, 2005

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This is a new blog which will focus on all things related to the culture and religion of the Parsis of India. Being a Parsi is a very large part of my identity, and who I am as a person, and this is a way for me to express my ideas and opinions.

This site will also serve as a news portal for news about Parsis and Zoroastrians in the media. If you would like to feature articles, or links to articles, please send me a hat tip.

The site is set up in Word Press and over time I will make graphic changes to suit the theme of the site.

Feel free to roam about and leave your comments.

I also post daily thoughts on my other blog: news views and analysis; the things that happen in everyday life, and the lives that are affected by it.

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  1. Sakshi

    Great new blog.

  2. Archana

    I am a student doing a research on the Parsi’s in Navsari near Surat. Have posted some pics of it on my flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/archanahlawat/
    I am studying and documenting the tangible and intangible heritage of Parsi’s in Navsari and how it can be presented in the most well-suited way to the community. Also understanding the cause and resolution of the diminishing population of the community.
    Since I am a Non-Parsi,any inputs or insights or reading material (both online and offline) or any weblink or literally ANYTHING on the Parsi’s would be a great help.

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