WZO helps Parsis and others grow


December 12, 2005

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Mumbai, Dec. 7: The Zoroastrian community which is conspicuous by its small size and its enormous contribution to the country came together on Wednesday evening to celebrate 25 years of the World Zoroastrian Organisation or WZO – India. Around 800 Zoroastrians from all over the city, several of them belonging to the WZO – UK, gathered at a tastefully decorated Albless Baug in Charni Road to celebrate the occasion.

Mr Dadi Mistry, vice-president and founder of the WZO said, “In the last 25 years, the WZO has done considerable work helping alleviate the poverty of adivasi communities.”

He said the WZO also made representation from time to time to various agencies for the welfare of the Zoroastrian community worldwide, adding it has been the organisation’s endeavour to help Parsis as well as other communities to grow.

In his address, Mr Dadi Engineer, a solicitor said, “On this joyous occasion, I would request all of you to share our happiness and joy, the theme of the programme being, ‘Happiness unto others’.”

The celebration marked an evening of prayers, followed by traditional Parsi dinner. The highlight of the event was a felicitation ceremony where eminent personalities of the community were honoured. Actor Boman Irani was also felicitated. The WZO is the brainchild of Mr Mistry, who formed the association in 1980 in Delhi and then brought it to Mumbai. The association gives medical assistance to the poor, educational grants for students, donations to fire temples, supports widow chawls in the city and helps the underprivileged.

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