Blessed By The Light: Zubin Balaporia Exhibition at BARO


October 5, 2018

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Zubin Balaporia’s photography exhibition explores how he listens to his pictures

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Contemporary Design Store BARO will host photographer Zubin Balaporia’s first Photography Show titled “BLESSED BY THE LIGHT”.

The show will feature 30 framed Photographs and a selection of Digital images (on iPad) that can be ordered for print.

Framed Photographs and Prints can be purchased or ordered at the exhibition.

Buyers will receive their photographs after the end of the show.

Show opens: 6th – 7th Oct. 2018

Show continues 9th – 14th Oct. 2018

Please Note: The show and venue will be CLOSED on 8th Oct. 2018

Venue: BARO

12 Sun Mill Compound, Lower Parel, Near Manyavar, Mumbai 400013. Phone: 022-40344888

Zubin Balaporia’s photography is inspired by music

When veteran musician Zubin Balaporia was first introduced to “serious photography” by his friend Subir Chatterjee, he found it to be as uplifting as music. “I’ve always looked at music in a visual sense and so, I ‘hear’ photography as a natural extension of the way I ‘see’ music,” says Balaporia, who has been with the famed rock band Indus Creed, for the last 30 years. Since then, the keyboardist and music composer has ventured into Amazon, Siberia, jungles of Laos, and the Arctic Circle with his camera, shooting photographs that document his strange encounters with killer ants, baby pythons, angry tarantulas to frozen lakes and racing huskies at -32 degree celsius.

Article by Nasrin Modak Siddiqi | Mid-Day


Balaporia will now be displaying these photographs at his maiden exhibition at the lights and furniture store, BARO. “You can’t shoot great photographs sitting in your apartment in Mumbai. You have to get out and get your feet wet and your hands dirty,” says the musician, of his work.
Srila Chaterjee, founder of BARO, says she “loved the stories that Balaporia’s pictures told and the light he captured”. “My absolute favourite is a snake,” says Chaterjee. “Zubin’s wife Tanu and friend Charu were very involved in his journey. We all looked at the images together and tried to curate a collection that looked harmonious,” she adds.

Up next, Balaporia wants to marry his two favourite art forms — photography and music — and create a series of photographs, which would be accompanied by his compositions. “When I shoot a photograph, I want the viewer to be transported to that very place. He must be able breathe the air, listen to the sounds and share the story in the photograph. I hope my photographs already come to life, but to enhance this, I’d like to compose and design sound for the photographs. It will make the viewing experience extra special,” says Balaporia.

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