Jazeel Mistry Heads To LA For The Golden Try


September 16, 2017

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‘Impossible’ is a word that does not feature in his dictionary.

Perseverance, dedication and focused approach are among the best attributes of Jazeel Mistry, a young man from Howick in East Auckland (now based in Australia), who is on a mission to realise his dreams in Hollywood as an actor, producer and director.

Jazeel is getting ready for his visit to Los Angeles in November to meet the movers and shakers in Hollywood to seek funds for his latest home production.

Article by Venkat Raman | Indian Newslink

Three-in-One Film

Titled, ‘The Golden Try,’ the film, in English, is a romantic comedy and sports adventure rolled into one.

The story of an immigrant- an orphan (adopted by a New Zealand journalist) with an endless passion for Rugby – the film will portray Jazeel in a new light. His role as a struggler in life with the lofty ambition of becoming an international Rugby star and boost the image of his adopted country’s national game will hopefully make the movie a blockbuster and lift the profile of Jazeel on the international scene.

“’The Golden Try’ is an honest piece of work and story-telling in its purest form. My objective of making this film is not to seek fame, awards or even money but to create a film that will remain as a memorable masterpiece. I wish to share this emotional journey, the story of a young man who has crossed seven seas to make something of himself. I hope it works. It is ‘The Golden Try’,” he said.

The film will be shown at the Annual American Film Convention in Los Angeles in November in the presence of some of the largest financiers and owners of studios.

His counterparts in Hollywood believe that if the film matches the exacting standards of quality of production and cast, it would create box-office records and make Jazeel’s dreams come true.

The Showbusiness Man

Former-Aucklander-heads-Jazeel-Mistry-3-WebJazeel moved to Sydney about five years ago but has maintained contacts with his peers, people in the Parsi community to which he proudly belongs and the entertainment scene.

Every major entertainment programme that features Hindi film stars, be it Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan, will see his presence in Australia and New Zealand.

Showbusiness has always held his major interest.

He began his career on stage as a Master of Ceremony. His humour, presence of mind and unique style of presentation have all endeared him to organisers of local and international shows on both sides of the Tasman.

His ability to work with organisers of corporate events, beauty pageants such as Miss Universe and Miss World and Concerts featuring international artistes has endeared him to people, earning him popularity as ‘Mistry MC of stage.’

The Movie World

His interest in acting involved him in three films produced in New Zealand. His role as Harry Singh in the 2008 film ‘Love has No Language’ was impressive. The film featured Celina Jaitley (a popular film actor of that decade), Ben Mitchell (of Shortland Street fame) and Colin Mathura-Jeffree, New Zealand’s well-known icon of fashion, brand ambassador and actor.

Directed by Ken Khan, it received rave reviews and was a box-office success.

He appeared in a cameo role in ‘Curry Munchers,’ now known as ‘Vindaloo Empire.’ This film won the ‘Best Global Film Award’ at the ‘Festival of Globe Movie 2017’ held in California last month.

He was also featured in ‘Sione’s Wedding,’ a 2006 film directed by Chris Graham.

Former-Aucklander-heads-Jazeel-Mistry-2-WebJazeel was trained and mentored by British actress Sally Spencer Harris and is ready for bigger things in life and career. His latest work as producer, coupled by his acting talent, will hopefully make the rich and famous in Hollywood to take notice of him.

Pristine New Zealand

“Although I live and work in Australia now, my heart is still in New Zealand. This will always be my home. ‘The Golden Try’ is my humble contribution to this beautiful country and the film enables me to express myself,” he told Indian Newslink.

A Flashback

During his years as a University student, he was a regular visitor to the offices of Indian Newslink to share his experiences. The following report, under the title, ‘Auckland readies for debonair show’ appeared in our May 1, 2004 issue:

The sophisticated charm of the community youth would be put to test at a show scheduled to be held in Auckland next month.

‘Mr India New Zealand 2004,’ claimed to be the first of its type on both sides of the Tasman, will get under way at the Logan Campbell Theatre on May 22, with about 18 contestants putting on their irrepressible smile and agility to win the top honour.

And 20-year old Jazeel Mistry is one of them.

The India-born lad, raised with formative education in Dubai, is hoping to go places.

His modelling assignments have thus far remained within the community, including the ‘Bridal Show’ held as a part of the Diwali festivities in 2002 and 2003 and a few others and the young man is brimming with enthusiasm.

As well as pursuing a degree in Applied Communication at the Manukau Institute of Technology, Jazeel wears dancing shoes and has appeared in shows to give vent to his prowess.

“The forthcoming contest will be exciting and will follow the Bollywood style,” he says.


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