Jimmy Engineer Conferred The Peace Ambassador Medal In Beijing


November 17, 2016

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Renowned Pakistani artist and social worker Jimmy Engineer was awarded “The Peace Ambassador’s Medal” in Beijing.

According to a message received here Wednesday, “The Peace Ambassador’s Medal” was bestowed upon Jimmy Engineer by Mr. Li Ruo Hong, the Chairman China World Peace Foundation in a simple but impressive ceremony. The ceremony was held at the Peace Garden Museum in Beijing, the message said.

BEIJING: November 02 - Renowned Artist and Social Worker Jimmy Engineer receiving The Peace Ambassador's Medal by Li Ruo Hong, Chairman China World Peace Foundation at the Peace Garden Museum. APP

Jimmy, as readers of Parsi Khabar know, paints a variety of themes, and has done landscapes, still life paintings, cultural paintings, religious paintings seascapes, calligraphy, philosophy of colors, miniatures, abstracts, historical paintings and self-portraits. His recent exhibitions feature art from his architecture, civilization and abstract series. 

Jimmy was born in a Parsi family. However his family could not have known that he would grow up to break all barriers of caste and creed and define multi-ethnicity through his art and altruism. He is a peace activist and is known for his crusades on behalf of the oppressed, disabled, mentally 

handicapped and the impoverished. He has also had a march for peace in Pakistan and walked 

with both the India and Pakistan flag on his chest, at great risk to personal safety. He has met with President Bill Clinton and with Mother Teresa on his altruistic missions. Thus his significance has gone beyond the art and his art work to become expressions of truth and peace.

An exhibition of his art work is scheduled on March 23, 2017, on the occasion of Pakistan Day.

The above was reported to us by our regular reader and friend Dara Acidwalla, with inputs from Fali Engineer, father of Jimmy.