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Katayun Saklat: Parsee artist from Calcutta

Katayun Saklat, the septuagenarian Parsee artist from Calcutta, was here as an organiser of Art in Industry painting workshop held at the Centre for Excellence.

The co-owner of art gallery in Calcutta, Gallery K2, and the owner of another art gallery named after her, Gallery Katayun, shares how she became a stained glass artist. Born to parents, who were painters, her taking up art at a tender age was all but natural. She went to JJ College of Art in Mumbai to learn commercial art after which she went to do masters in fine arts from an art college in Mumbai.

The turning point in her life came in the form of a three-year trip to London to master the art of anatomy drawing from Patrick Reyntiens, a noted medieval stained glass painter in the UK. “Being under the tutelage of creative minds gave me the opportunity to learn quality art,” she said.

But once she returned from London she could not find the kind of stained glass on which she painted so far.

“Then I started using fabric instead of glass in fabric in the absence of the required material. In a way, I was forced to imagine fabric to be my chosen medium,” added Katayun.

Bright colours and anatomy is her forte and she earned a lot of appreciation doing what she does best.

Katayun has a dream project in her mind. “It would be an art museum which would house pieces on the theme of seven major religions of the world, including Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Sikhism, necessarily in that order,” she says.

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