“Memoirs of Zarir” in Tehran


April 20, 2007

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Iranian director and actor Qotbeddin Sadeqi plans to stage “The Memoirs of Zarir” at the Chaharsu Hall of Tehran’s City Theater Complex in the near future.

His troupe, consisting of Mikaiil Shahrestani, Amir-Yal Arjomand, Ashkan Jenabi, and several other artists, is currently rehearsing the play, which is written by Sadeqi and based on an ancient Iranian story from the book “The Memoirs of Zarir”. This story is believed to have been one of the sources which inspired Ferdowsi, the author of the epic masterpiece Shahnameh.

The story relates the ancient religious wars of the time of Zarathustra, and recounts the heroic deeds of a champion named Zarir, whom Ferdowsi also mentions but who is otherwise unknown.

Sadeqi has not mentioned exact dates for the performances but has said that they will begin after renovation of the City Theater Complex is completed.

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