2010 Survey of Next Generation Zarathushtis


March 16, 2010

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Below is a request from good friend Jim Engineer over at NextGenNow. Please do take the survey.

Dear friends,

Nowruz Pirooz va har rooz Norooz! Navroze Mubarak!

We hope this e-mail and upcoming new year weekend finds you well!

We are pleased to launch our 2010 Survey of Next Generation Zarathushtis and we would really appreciate your participation. Please take a ten-minute break from your busy schedules to complete the survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/R3GYJZS

The purpose of this survey is to gauge next generation Zarathushti attitudes, views, perceptions and opinions and what better time than Nowruz to reflect on your faith, your community and the future:

ALSO, as we mention on p. 2 of the survey, NextGenNow is hitting the hardwood at California State University in Long Beach for the 12th Z Games in July. We are putting together a basketball team (can be co-ed or not) and we have one confirmed, two maybes but need 4-5 more peeps to make a team – let’s make it happen!

Send us an e-mail at nextgennow5@gmail.com to let us know your interest in joining our basketball team, or if you have any questions regarding our survey.


Mantreh Atashband

Jim Engineer

Armaity Homavazir

Dr. Nikan Khatibi

Zubin Mistry


Blog: http://nextgennow.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @nextgennow

LinkedIn: Search groups for ‘nextgennow’