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May 18, 2018

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Dear readers of Parsi Khabar

imageIt has been brought to our attention by numerous people, that a fake email supposedly sent by Parsi Khabar is doing the rounds. This email was sent out yesterday from a fictitious email address and used the Parsi Khabar masthead from the website as its banner.

The email contains vile language and falsifications; and casts aspersions on individuals and institutions.

We do not know who has sent this out, but since it has been sent out using our name and masthead; we feel it is necessary to inform our readers about this.

Parsi Khabar has nothing to do with the sender of that email. We do not know who it is. We will pursue all options available to report this to the relevant cybercrime bodies.

All emails from Parsi Khabar always come from the email address news@parsikhabar.net

Anything that you see on an email from Parsi Khabar is first posted on the website.


Parsi Khabar Editorial Board.