Fake Emails Implicating Parsi Khabar


February 6, 2019

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Dear readers of Parsi Khabar

3_photo_1Over the past few months, a series of anonymous emails and Whastapp messages have been floating around that claim to be from Parsi Khabar and make reference to me personally. These are usually on the topic of the Parsee General Hospital new wing proposal.

These emails are sent from an anonymous address and are unsigned.

The email contains falsifications about my stand and that of Parsi Khabar vis-a-vis the Parsee General Hospital new wing proposal.

I do not know who has sent this out, but since it references me and Parsi Khabar I feel it is necessary to inform our readers about this.

Parsi Khabar as an online portal & me personally have nothing to do with the contents or the sender of that email. I do not know who is sending these and will pursue all options available to report this to the relevant cybercrime bodies.

All emails from Parsi Khabar always come from the email address news@parsikhabar.net

Anything that you see on an email from Parsi Khabar is first posted on the website.

For the record, I am completely in favor of the proposal for the new wing of the Parsee General Hospital. The magnanimous donation from the Shroff Family of Hong Kong will infuse a new lease of life into a once-glorius institution. A year ago I have had first hand experience staying at the Hospital to take care of a loved family member and have observed how the hospital cannot deliver to its full potential because of the lack of technological advances that medical science provides today.

The Shroff Family’s donation has to be one of the largest ones made within our community in the last few decades.

I really hope that common sense prevails and the institutions and persons involved with the process find the political and moral courage to do the right thing and move on.


Arzan Sam Wadia

Editor, Parsi Khabar