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TOI prints an update in the Satarawala case

A month ago Parsi Khabar informed its readers about an erronous and factually incorrect article where in Aspi Satarawalla filed a suit against his son for maintenance.

This article would have been just news except that I knew the accused son, Pesi. He is a goood friend to both Shirrin and me for many years now.

With Pesi’s permission I put forth the actual facts that were completely missing from the Times of India article. However that was not enough. We had to somehow get TOI to publish another clarification giving the entire story.

Through friends on Twitter, I got in touch first with Yagnesh Mehta, the author of the first errenous piece. Not getting any response from him initially, I got in touch with his boss, Bharat Desai, the editor of the Ahmedabad Edition of TOI.

That opened the doors of communication. Bharat Desai responded back immediately and I was able to pass along Pesi’s contact information to him. Bharat along with his colleagues Arindam Sengupta, Sanjay Kalia, Diwakar Astana, Harit Mehta and Yagnesh Mehta started a stream of correspondence with Pesi and got his version of the story.

And today they printed an update to the original version.

A lot of readers and friends of Pesi left comments here on Parsi Khabar and also wrote directly to Yagnesh, Bharat and others at TOI.

A few of the comments and Parsi Khabar itself are mentioned in the print article.

Parsi Khabar is happy to have played a part in getting the correct version of a story out into the mainstream media. To be frank and honest, I had my doubts about TOI even bothering to respond to us as individuals. That they have done so is very creditable and we would like to thank Bharat Desai and his team for taking the right course of action.

The entire article in PDF format can be downloaded here for your viewing. Only a small portion of it actually appears online.