Upcoming BPP Elections

The elections for the trusteeship of the Bombay Parsi Panchayat is scheduled for the month of October. Recently we had written to all you readers inviting suggestions about how you would like Parsi Khabar to cover the elections vis-a-vis candidature and pre and post election news. We received an overwhelming response from you all and are very thankful for that. After going through the suggestions we have decided that in the build up to the elections we will post the official manifesto of any candidate who sends it to us.

With this in mind we will start a series of posts on the same.

The featuring of the candidate’s name and manifesto is in no way showing support for or against any candidate. Parsi Khabar as an organisation will take a neutral stand in this election process. The information of the candidates is just that….information for our readers and the voters.

  • siloo Kapadia

    An online debate would be great. Allow readers to field questions with regards to the community. Let us know where the candidates really stand on the issues.

  • Khushnum

    Dear Ms. Arnavaz Mistry, i have just read your comments asking for votes saying that you have lots of time to devote to the community. i have only one question – how come you say you would have time for the community and people who you have never met, when you didnt have even 1 minute for someone who has worked so closely with you and helped you in your social work all along? i am talking of one Ms. Dolly Sarbhanwala who has now passed away. When she was admitted to Parsi General Hospital (maybe 4 years back) and approached you to help move her to a less expensive room, you didnt even have the time to listen to her problem. of course, the fact that you didnt help her is obvious.
    i ask you this question in the wake of your tall claims as a BPP candidate and would appreciate a revert.