An Open Letter to Jame-Jamshed by Arzan Ghadially

This is an open letter sent to the Jame Jamshed by Arzan J. Ghadially. It is reproduced here with permission from the author.

Week after week Jame has once again started dishing out weekly soap’s in their weekly and are using weak minded people / groups to fight their battle in the guise of helping the poor. The Parsee community had shown the losers the door in the last elections and a new elected body was voted to power. Since these losers have exhausted all resources now, they are left with no supporters except for the illegal occupants of the Bhabha Sanitorium. Now Jame and AZA are exploiting these people to fight their personal agenda’s. Jame is a weekly and should maintain their standard of journalism and not use it settle personal scores at our expense as we are paying for it and is not freely distributed like WAPIZ does with Free Press.

A time will come when the community will stop patronizing and discourage such journalism of cheap thrills and discontinue the subscription. Every allegation is hear say and the weekly does not back up with documents of proof in many cases. The article ‘BPP’s ‘New Hosuing Ploicy’ was a piece of trash not worth printing and most certainly not written by the illegal occupants and even if it were I don’t think readers are interested to read such articles on a Sunday. There is no dignity left in the newspaper.

With reference to an article in Jame dated Feb8,2009 captioned ‘ More poor Parsees seek AZA’s support’ I feel the time has come to inform the community the truth and expose these people who do not even have the balls to write their name and have to hide under the guise of Team Jame . As readers we all have a right to know the panelists on Team Jame. Why is it being hidden? I speak as a one time beneficiary of this charitable service provided by the sanatorium which was once a peaceful place and people without any accommodation could stay for a period of 4 months and move to other sanatoriums namely the Petit at Kemps corner and the Juhu Sanitarium, this way all year round these poor Parsees with no accommodation would move from one sanatorium to another and were happy with the arrangement till these illegal occupants moved in and decided not to move out and thus disrupted the entire process depriving hundreds of families in the process. The very fact that these illegal occupants have not cast their votes for 15-20 years is proofs by it self that they are residing illegally. By their own admission they have admitted they have No Ration card, No Passport, No LPG connection, No Pan card and most important No Legal document to claim their rights over the property they are illegally occupying and hence according to law they are illegal till the courts decide their fate and till such time in the eyes of the law and the community they are illegal occupants and AZA can do nothing to help them except use them like they are using Jame .

If the BPP have appointed security guards it is to protect the property from such illegal occupants and status quo should remain till the verdict. Instead of approaching AZA they should approach the courts and air their grievances since the case is going on.They are using the wrong platform to fight and will eventually lose out. If the landlords wants to sell the property or do whatever they wish to they can do so as they the property belongs to them and legally they are not liable to take permission from illegal occupants on what they wish to do with the property. I do sympathize partially with the illegal occupants and strongly suggest that they should not get involved or be used by anyone. The matter is with the court and must await a decision and till such time discuss the issues with the Trustees to resolve the issues and live in peace and harmony. I am sure this suggestion will work and rest assured AZA could not influence the community and lost out on elections and AZA cannot influence the courts.

If AZA was the solution to our community problems they would have been elected by the community on the board of the BPP as Trustees by the community but in spite of the food packets and eminent people on the AZA board and power point presentations the Parsee community being educated and intelligent have made the choice and voted them out and we must respect the mandate of the people.

I would request AZA to strengthen the hands of the community and serve the people in a constructive way and stop using and influencing weak minded people and groups and instigate them for their personal gains and most certainly not by holding press conferences with National dailies and washing dirty linen in public. If this continues a time will come when we will have an outside administrator from the Charity Commissioner running the BPP. I strongly suggest AZA to give the new board time to work rather than them wasting time fighting your cases.

Thank you readers for your time and patience.

Arzan J Ghadially

  • Percy Russa Patel

    Dear Arzan,
    Appreciate yr efforts to publish your point of view for the unfortunate zoroastrians and against the AZA; BUT would like to point out that yr views as expressed herein are a rather radical & appear to be biased I believe. Should U like to know facts as they R and rectify yr opinion, plz do get intouch with me. I am available on 9967773338. BRgds/Percy

  • Phiroze Amroliwalla

    Hi Arzan,

    Well said! Jame certainly needs to identify its “TEAM”.

    As one who was then involved alongwith the AZA in getting the earlier trustees to agree to Adult Franchise, I suggest AZA should gracefully accept the verdict of the community. Instead they are now so frustrated and desperate after losing their six “excellent human material” candidates that they have chosen all possible means to literally harass and create impediments to prevent the newly elected board from working. They are going berserk with their single point agenda “Dinshaw Mehta Hatao” . The fact that they have to depend on their loyal but defeated candidate Manek Engineer to face Armaity Rustom Tirandaz proves that they have lost their credibilty and are clinging to a straw to save themselves from drowning. What a pity for a group who started off with well meaning ideals but dug their own grave by allowing themselves to get politicised. Instead of attacking policies they got down to targetting an individual only for personal vendetta.

  • Pervez Kaikobad Avari

    Hi Arzan,

    I fully subscibe to your views on Jam-E, AZA and the Bhabha Sanatorium. If Mr Percy Russa Patel is privy to any other information, let him come out in the open for all of us to understand how a handful of illegal occupants can deprive the whole community from the benefits of the Bhabha Trust. What about the Wishes of the original Donor? Remember the Wishes of the Donor are Supreme in this matter?

    As for Manek Engineer, the less said the better. A man who has been rejected by the community for the second time;(few months back) and still feels that he is fit to occupy the chair. Do we need one more so called Housing expert on the BPP board? What stopped him from initiating a single scheme while he was warming that BPP Chair which he is again hankering after.

    Team Jam-E, is nothing but a bunch of cowards, who are afraid to face the opposing view.

    Pervez Kaikobad Avari.

  • phiroz

    Dear Mr. Amroliwalla,
    WAPIZ with whom you have found sudden love has not covered itself with glory by the language used in their recent FPJ Ad appearing on 13th inst where they have used words against a rival candidate after having earlier declared that they wished all those in fray well and hoped that ‘propaganda’ for current election would not tear the community apart. Now look who goes back on tall promises. Many of those who are now Trustees had delared in Sept/Oct 2008 that they would declare their assets. How many have actually delared.?
    As for me, I have no love lost for any Trustee or any candidate that lost earlier. Providence has ensured that I have roof over my head which is not under the aegis of either BPP or Wadia Trust.I do agree that editorial policy of Jame is not professional. But as the saying goes,money makes the mare go and unsuccesful Trustee material join hands with those in power to hanker for a flat in BPP Colony.
    As you must be aware, most of BPP flats are no Leave & License Basis. As a social worker sitting on Housing Committee, you are surely not unaware that many licensees in BPP Baugs earn over Rs. 4 lacs per month and in one case as per published Balance Sheet of a pharama MNC their ED earns Rs 84 lacs per annum and is occupying a flat in a BPP Colony whose land was earmarked under ULC and was allowed to be developed for housing the underprivileged.
    Has BPP or its Chairman taken any steps to terminate/ not to renew such L/L agreements. Will such a move not lead to availability of flats for middle class.?

  • pilloo

    Both FPJ WAPIZ page as well as Jame can not be called Newpapers.They are just sponsored and paid viws of a coteries of individuals.FPJ in its current edition has made a personal attack on another candidate.Is this journalism? Frankly, none of the four candidates appear to be right persons.The Wife of the deceased trustee is made to appear more suitable than her lamented husband. At the same time WAPIZ attacks Engineer and A Mistry for what it calls ‘gher no ghambar’.It is like pot calling the kettle Black. If a wife takes over from her late husband is it ‘bahaar no karbhar?
    Jame has become a mouth piece of one group just as WAPIZ sponsors FPJ. Its bad mouthing the opponents led to defeat of AFP candidates and look what was the result.No right minded Parsee wants to enter the fray.

  • Arzan J Ghadially

    Dear Percy,

    By no means is the contents of my write up radical. Today WAPIZ is forced to appoach the Free Press as Jame would not publish their articles. Is Rusi not being baised ? My open letter was written to Jame which Rusi did not publish.Fact is Rusi Dhondy and Team Jame are baised and radical in their approach to the community.They will only print what they percieve to be in their interest.Yesterday i did happen to meet Kercy Randeria and Noshir Dadrewalla at a function of a common friend and issues were discussed in detail.AZA also does agree that some out of 104 are not deserving and hence should be scrutinized.On the other hand Noshir wants all of 104 or none to get which is contradictory.Lets face it the community is being forced in to this crisis because of personal issues and they should be sorted out one o one,face to face and not through the media. Should Noshir Dadrawalla have any objections to the functioning of the BPP than he should resign and go public but not stay within and complain.Prima facia The charity commissioner has goofed up and passed an order without going in to the merits of each and every case which has resulted in non deserving cases being alloted flats.
    I maintain that Jame Jamshed is a biased weekly.They do not follow ethical jounalism and the day is not far when circulation will drop.
    Finally WAPIZ should also refrain from making allegations against a fellow candidate and matters discussed in Board meetings should not be written about in Free Press.
    We are a small community.Let us help each other and live peacefully for life is too short to make enemies.

  • Zubin

    I totally agree with your take on Jame. I can’t believe how a community that boasts a 99% education and literacy rate can read a load of crap like this.

    And my question to Mr. Randeria and his side-kick dabbawala Mr. Patel would be this:

    You are spending LAKHS of rupees on lawyers to settle your personal vendetta with the BPP trustees, and further the contorted agendas of your political masters; why don’t you spend all that money in fighting the non-parsis who have unscrupulously usurped charity lands? Inter-marrieds and their non-parsi spouses and extended families who are residing in our charity houses? Why not take up a REAL cause for a change???

  • Delnavaz

    Hi Arzan, i totally support you on your views on Jame. Jame is no longer a newspaper. A newspaper is supposed to give it’s readers a fair perspective of issues facing the community. ‘Jame & team’ use derogatory language, refuse to publish any article/letter whose view point they do not subscribe to & make personal attacks against their opponents.

  • homi

    Dear All

    This sunday will be the ultimate test and proof on how bias Jame Jamshed is towards the AZA. This statement is more a open challenge to Jame which will end this debate here.

    THis week two landmark judgements were passed in favour of the Trustees, (except Mr Dadrawala) and against the likes of the AZA.

    Firstly in the out of turn allotment drama, the High Court has stayed the suspension of all the Trustees and has upheld that the new board did have the authority to review the decisions of the old board and not going ahead with the allotments of the 104 applicants done by the old board was well within their rights. the 40 cases which were kept in abeyance since the Trustees did not find them deserving will be reviewed by an ex-Judge.

    the second decision came a day later in the Panthaky Baug ownership case where the AZA tried to prove that the permissions for selling the flats, instead of allotting them FOC was obtained by fraud. this case was thrown out by the Judge who ordered that all flats be sold at a reasonable price and the profits earned from this sale should go towards the construction of houses for the poor parsis Free of Cost – this being the intial stand of the BPP from day 1.

    Now these two orders have been passed and we now will wait to see how the Jame covers these two landmark decisions. Should they be covered with the same ‘josh’ as every decision that was passed against the Trustees by the Charity Commissioner or will it be published, if at all, on some corner of some page. the true test of alliances will be seen now!!

    the Judgements are available for review – so even if Jame does what it does best, twisting facts to make it look like an AZA victory, this forum will act upon that immediately.

    Lets just wait and see the true journalism values of honesty and integrity that Jame today possesses.

  • Arzan J Ghadially

    Dear Homi,
    You are right we will all wait and watch. The reilef has come as a tight slap on the face of AZA,Jame -Rusi and the Mr Deshmukh.

  • Pervez Kaikobad Avari

    Dear Homi,

    I am glad to hear about the BPP Trustees winning both the cases. Truth shall always triumph.

    You must be well aware of the proverbial dogs tail. After the elections, the next 2 or 3 issues of Jam-E did try to steer clear of all controversies; but then went back to its old habits with their cronies such as Dadrewala, Behram Aga, Bapu Malcolm, et el writing trash in every sponsered issue. I have yet to hear from Mr Dadrewala as to how he plans to wipe the tears of all those waiting to get a decent house. His only agenda seems to be to make pompous statements hoping to get the sympathy of those 104 scape-goats; and to oppose the majrity Trustees in whatever they plan to achieve in the next 7 years. There is no positive thrust from his side. Both Dadrewala and the Charity Commissioner think that BPP has been created only for the welfare of these 104 cases. Why are they ignoring the majority ie the other 1000 and more cases?

    Pervez Avari.

  • Arzan J Ghadially

    Dear Pervez,
    Jame Jamshed has been the media partner for Mr Dinshaw Mehta at one time ,later switched to Mr Dinshaw Tamboli followed by Bergis Desai and now AZA. Jame’s mantra has always been ‘paisa pheko tamasha dekho’.The man has no moral ethics nor character.AZA is reduced to be an item number in Jame now.I am wondering whatever happened to the illegal occupants of the Bhabha sanitorium whose cause was taken up by AZA and Rusi’s Team Jame. AZA used them and discarded them like a toilet paper.

  • Navroz

    Dear Arzan,

    Can You suggest anyway in which dum jame can be stopped legally from publishing its wrong and foul articles in support for anti parsi group Aza.

  • Behram Dhabhar


    I suppose lots of money will have to be “wasted” in order to do that, and besides who has the money and time to spend on losers like Jame.

    Do you think AZA is spending for all these cases from their own pockets ? Think again. There is a mastermind at work behind the scene.

  • Zerxes Dordi

    Mr. Arzan Ghadially has stated on 16th March 2009 that ‘Today WAPIZ is forced to appoach the Free Press as Jame would not publish their articles. Is Rusi not being baised ?’
    Now it is months after Dhondy has ceased to be the Editor of Jame but we continue to see FPJ Ads of WAPIZ.
    How is that Sir?

    And if there was a ‘mastermind’ behind Jame then the question to Behram Dhabhar is why did his illusory mastermind not rescue the previous Editor or prevent the change in Editorial policy?

  • Rashna_M

    It is not just that. Read the third para of Ghadially’s letter.In this para the sentence that I reproduce, as a cut paste exercise, is offensive. The same is : ‘With reference to an article in Jame dated Feb 8,2009 captioned ‘ More poor Parsees seek AZA’s support’ I feel the time has come to inform the community the truth and expose these people who do not even have the balls to write their name and have to hide under the guise of Team Jame .”
    If a rationalist uses the term ‘balls’ it is offensive but if the same term is deployed by a WAPIZ backer it is acceptable. If it is not different strokes for different folks then what is it?
    I am not an admirer of any organization nor an aggrieved non allottee of any flat/ room etc from any Trust and so owe NO LOYALTY TOWARDS ANY GROUP.

  • piloo_2

    Post of 16th March 2009 from Arzan says that ‘Today WAPIZ is forced to appoach the Free Press as Jame would not publish their articles.”
    Since last many months Jame has become a sanitized News letter. Can any person justify NOW the fortnightly distribution of FPJ WAPIZ pages as that amounts to giving bad publicity to the entire community in a secular paper.Why WAPIZ is not patronizing Jame after the change of Editor or is it that they are waiting for an opportune time to take it over entirely.

  • Behroze Sidhwa

    As our elders belonging to a different era had a saying, which literally translated meant that a peacock after dancing extensively for a long time has to ultimately look at its own feet.
    This saying is proved appropriate and true for some of those who spent their ‘energy and time’ penning this open letter 23 months back. One ponders if things have become better.
    How prophetic and accurate Mr. Arzan Ghadially has been in his analysis of Jame as a newspaper, that he needs to be profusely complimented. Nearly two years back he has rightly remarked that Jame’s Mantra has been ‘paisa pheko, tamasha dekho’. So true.
    Another wiseacre in his post of 23rd Nov 2009 has questioned the wisdom on wasting money and time on a Loser and as per his level of understanding ,this paper has NOW BECOME A ‘WINNER’. This person needs to introspect as to who is currently “WASTING” money on this ‘LOSER’ paper and why.WHO IS THE MASTERMIND NOW.
    Yes,as one heard a joke circulating about Radiagate in a small measure at our community level is being replicated with the Editor having more than one paymaster.
    This is the level of ‘respect’, persons within our community have for freedom of expression and freedom of Press. A puppet propaganda machine is a short term friend of autocrats. These days, allurements in form of a flat in Charity Building or appointments to ‘important ‘ Posts to the unemployable,in a Youths Club/ or “Sauce Group’ from N Bharucha Marg are the only cosolations dangled out by Trustees to sycophants to make them run down bonafide critics in is apparent from Ghadially’s original letter.
    M/s Ghadially &Dhabhar can once again opt to evade replying to this OPEN LETTER as they did to the post of one Mr. Dordi. since extricating foot from one’s mouth is a difficult proposition. They say some persons learn ‘by experience’. Probably these persons were stooges of vested interest to capture the freedom of press and such stooges themselves do not have the caliber to appreciate the importance of a free press, confusing the same with their Free Press Journal

  • Dorab.


  • Contra Dhongi


    It is useless to point out errors of those who have closed minds conditioned by their parents whose own thinking was fossilised by their own elders.
    It is persons like this who called me a DHONGEE when I was putting up messages as ANTI – DHONGIDOX. What ever I posted as also others with rationalmind has come out true. In a span of less than two years, these saviours of our Religion are eating their own words. It is not in my upbringing to further add to their disgrace by adding words for it is unethical to pull down fallen persons. One of this self made scholar even quoted Shakespeare’s immemorable quote against all rationalists viz that we rationalists were cowards by the quote “Cowards die many a times before their death”. Now we find such brave(!) running away from mental battlefield unable to cope with reasoned debate. Their shallowness too has been exposed.
    For them, running away from the field is an act of “heroism” & “honour”.

  • Farsak Ashli

    Anything critical of WAPIZ or BPP never gets published. So much for the concept of “Objectivity” known to its Editor.

  • Behram Aga

    Ah! read some comments about Jame. From my personal experience of writing to newspapers and magazines I am emboldened to say that Editors: they are hypocrites, cowards, and are willing and happy to sell their souls.
    BPP Review, Free Press Journal, and Jame top the list, and take the cake. One can easily observe the slanted views, the character assassination, vilification, belittling, of people who have other views or divergent views, or opposite views.
    In case of Jame it is a case of “Khadhoo Dhaan Ney Khoyoo Maan”
    The fact is that this is an expose’ of their desperation, utter anxiety, and fear. The truth is no one can silence truth, which has the knack of cropping up at most awkward, time, place, and moment.
    Spending money is part of the ballgame. Money makes the mare go, so without spending who will purchase BPP review, and Free Press Journal. There is a saying in Gujarati “Bolay tenaah bore vechaay.” So they are compelled to take desperate and drastic measures to be heard and noticed.
    Sane people have to analyze what is written and draw their own conclusions.
    It is said “Some people believe whatever they hear. Others believe 50% of what they hear. The wise know what to believe of what they hear.”
    Take it or leave it.
    Behram Aga.

  • Aban.

    The only difference between Jame and FPJ WAPIZ page is that latter is available free wheras for the former one has to shell out Rs 5/ per Sunday to read similar if not the same material. In its ealier avatar, Jame read like Wikileaks wheras in its present form it resembles bed time stories for two year olds. The institution that it was has been desroyed and by making an about turn of 180 degrees recently, it has not managed to regain its own credibility. I fully endorse what Dorab has saidin last four lines of his message.
    I know fully well that writing such mails is not going to change things in the controlled Editorial Policy of this paper,not because such posts on Parsi Khabar are not read but because timidity has gripped this paper and timidity and journalistic values do not make a desirable combination. The element of ‘mastermind’ mentioned by one individual still remains though it may be a different mastermind.

  • Behram Aga

    Arzan Ghadially,
    Before I commence let me make it very clear that you are entitled to your views/opinions and I am mine, which are as follows.
    It seems or appears that your ghadial is running very fast and you come out as someone’s mouthpiece. Please do note that Jame is absolutely pro-BPP, WAPIZ, and orthodox, and has no decency or courage to publish letters that are not palatable to this spineless lot.
    You admit that in the past homeless Parsis were moving from sanatorium to sanatorium like nomads or gypsies, and no one gave a hoot till they dug in their heels and stayed put.
    Let me remind you that Dinshaw Mehta known as the encyclopedia of building industry, was a trustee for fourteen years and did not do anything to ameliorate the misery of these, poor hapless families who were shunting from one to another sanatorium.
    In the past the trustees have played a fraud on the community and the so called Merit list was eyewash. It is common knowledge that flats in baugs were allotted on the basis of Pugree or hugh deposits to filthy rich, and many baugs/colonies were meant only for the filth rich.
    Please do understand that BPP gave birth to AZA. If their policies were transparent and clean AZA would not have been born. Also further note that AZA not only exposed the shenanigans and Moglai Raj of the pompous trustees but brought them round to face realities.
    It is because of AZA that the previous lot of trustees sat across the table with AZA and agreed and finalized the list of 104 deserving Parsis. Dinshaw Mehta was a party to that gentleman’s agreement but once he won the election he went back on his commitment and made an excuse that he was pressurized.
    Also note that because of AZA the trustees had to climb down from their high horse after spending lakhs of rupees of the trustfund, and mutually agree to appoint a non-Parsi to decide allocation of flats, surrendering completely their authority to allocate flats. This is the first in the history of Parsis and the BPP. Also note the trustees accepted 65 of the 104 applicants for allotment, and that says it all.
    As for the election victory which is touted more often than not, do note election plank was Orthodoxy V/s Reformists. As for food packets being distributed by AZA, my friend you are oblivious and missed the party thrown by Jimmy Mistry at the Dadar Parsi Gymkhana where apart from a sumptuous spread Scotch flowed like water. Of course I did not attend but, heard it from those who attended.
    I would request you that instead of requesting AZA, you better set your Ghadial on real time basis, and make a careful note that the present lot of trustees have no solution to any community problem nor are they interested. There is a one point agenda to prop up their children and introduce dynastic rule in BPP.
    Instead of asking AZA not to wash dirty linen in public it will be better for you to stop reading the rag Free Press Journal which is distributed free of charge to all colonies and baug not just washing dirty linen, but stooping low and resorting to character assassination, vilification, and running down others who have different views.
    Note I have nothing to do with AZA nor have I met anyone of them ever, nor am I a spokesman for them. I have not addressed this to the Jame because it has no spunk to publish my letters.
    Behram Aga

  • Icchaporia.

    When a person who does not value Editorial independence and the dignity attached to it is placed in a chair for acting as a mouthpiece of interested parties, nothing better can be expected.

  • Boman

    Those having power to allot flats create a constituency of admirers and those who are left high and dry and continue to reside in Samatoriums remain critics of Trustees. Thats the plain simple fact. Those who are fortunate to obtain a flat and shift from a sanatorium deem it incumbent to praise their benefactors and what better way to repay the gratitude then criticise those opposed to those in power.
    So such Open letters are avenues to express either frustration or praise depending upon the fact whether one has been alloted a flat or his/her claim rejected.

  • Zerxes.Dordi

    If you go to see, I had posted some questions on similar lines way back in June last year.See above. According to me inability to answer such questions amounts to tacit admission of contents of such letters being motivated. I hold no brief for earlier Editor of Jame nor agreed with his style of tarnishing one individual.Frustrated individulas approached some guys calling themselves Alert and those who got allotment of a flat stated addressing OPEN LETTERS such as the one above.
    Now when one solitary communal News paper has lost its objectivity and has become one sided,the motivated critics of the earlier Editor are just too happy as having attained their objective of silencing dissent.. This was their standard of ‘unbiased’ reporting. By non publication of facts, we are supposed to believe that everything is just fine in BPP office and within the community.Such supression of facts does not bid well for the Parsees.

  • Piloo.

    Pity persons who have to eat their own words uttered by them barely two years ago. Jingoism does not last for ever – a lesson to be learnt.

  • Dorab Unwalla


  • Arzan J Ghadially

    I am glad my article is still being read and dissected even after 2 years. I must have really hit where it hurts.
    Jokes apart Dorab. I dont owe any answers to anyone. We all have our freedom to express views and i have stated mine as you have stated yours. No hard feeling. Some have been nasty but we are all friends and must learn to accept other people’s views.
    By the way. i would suggest you go through my other posts.with the exception of stating that ‘wapiz had to approach free press because jame would not publish their write ups’ i have never endorsed the ideologies of wapiz nor am i a supporter of them. Let me also be frank enough and add ‘yes’ Jame has not changed and now we have an editor who sings praises of the BPP like Rusi did for AZA. What Rusi did in a crude way is currently being done in a cultured way.
    Uncomfortable questions are comfortable to answer.

  • Arzan J Ghadially

    This is for Xerzes , Behram and Boman and all others who feel people allotted flats by BPP become default mouthpiece of the BPP.
    For 11 years i have lived in sanitariums and i have been allotted a flat by merit. i did not have an ancestral property like some of you may have money to buy a house from it nor was staying with my parents. I do not know if all you people are staying with your parents or live in a trust property or have money to buy a house.I did not even know who DM was nor am i grateful to any trustee for allotting me a flat as it has not come from any ones pocket.But yes i am grateful to the BPP and not any individual. Let Behram Aga live in a sanitarium and i am sure his ghadial will stop forever.
    If you want to fight a battle fight it out on the front and do not get personal without knowing facts. Aap kamai is better than Baap kamai.
    It is because of these people who had forcefully taken over the sanitariums and did not leave with the support of AZA has resulted in the sanatoriums being shut down. This facility helped hundreds of parsees without a house.

  • Farsak Ashli

    I am prepared to even believe a prostitute if she claims to be a virgin but not a person who states that he/she got a flat in Godrej Baug on merit. Stop assuming others to be imbeciles.

  • Arzan J Ghadially

    i need answers form the likes of DORAB PILOO, BOMAN,BEHRAM AGA, DHONGI, BEHROZE, ZERXES on the status of these inmates at Bhabha ? Why have they been used and abandoned by AZA?

  • Zerxes.Dordi

    Ripley’s’Believe it or not’ will have to record that somebody got a flat in BPP Colony in Bombay City (South) based on ‘merit’ . This word merit will need to be now redefined.
    ROFLMAO. Any way a good attempt as a bedside story for four year olds.

  • Boman.

    ” Today WAPIZ is forced to appoach the Free Press as Jame would not publish their articles.”
    The tone, text and the tenor of this sentence clearly shows where Ghadialy’s sympathies/ loyalties lie.No use now saying that ” i have never endorsed the ideologies of wapiz nor am i a supporter of them.
    Mind you, I am not a AZA member, sympathizer or have met any of its office bearers. I have no sympathies for aganda of AZA.

  • Contradhongi.

    Ghadially seems to be a typical case of one rule for himself and another for others. A true “Orthodox”! Replying to Dorab post dated 9th, Ghadally says that he is not answerable to others. Quote ” I dont owe any answers to anyone.”
    Come next day and he demands “i need answers from the likes of DORAB PILOO, BOMAN,BEHRAM AGA, DHONGI, BEHROZE, ZERXES on the status of these inmates at Bhabha ?
    One self made rule for himself and another for others.
    And what makes Ghadially presume that all others are AZA sympathizers. Can not persons (non AZA Parsees) think for themselves on their own without AZA ,WAPIZ,AFP? He is a typical fake Orthodox in that all who disagree with him are ‘irreligious and Reformists’!
    Flats in Gamadia & Khareghat are auctioned at Rs. 75 lacs upwards and one does not know the extra ordinary service rendered by Ghadially other than sycophancy, to get allotment of a flat on MERIT (!) If indeed he has been allotted a flat without paying non-interest bearing refundable deposit, one will have to seek explanation of B.P.P. Trustees for such an exception.
    Yes Ghadially, you seem to have potential to become BPP Trustee yourself as is clear from the arrogant tone of your t messages i. Vacancy already exists due to one resignation.
    @ Farsak and Zerxes. My compliments, I could not have commented more befittingly.

  • Arzan J Ghadially

    As the saying goes an Idle mind is a devils workshop. I dont need a certificate Zerxes. There is God up there who knows the truth and i dont care what the likes of Zerxes think. Maybe you have got a house on a platter so are not aware of what it is to leave in a sanitorium for 11 years. I hope and pray you never see such a day. All the best. God Bless you for you know not what you say.
    It was not a good attempt to fool anyone but a fact of life which people like you would never understand.
    By the way you have not replied to the status of the Bhabha inmates which your dear AZA were fighting. I too need answers.

  • Arzan J Ghadially

    Farsak – Ha ha ha .If you believe a prostitute can be a virgin. You should be not writing on this post but in an asylum for mentally retarded.
    Lets not get personal and stick to issues.
    When people have nothing to say they retort to such cheap means to get attention. You used a prostitute to get attention. keep it at that and go no further my friend.

  • Arzan J Ghadially

    Dhongi , Farsak and Zerxes . Do you people live in Bombay or in some corner of the world?
    I did get a flat by paying Rs 25000.00 in 1991. You may check the records of the BPP. Paid by cheque. Yes flats are auctioned at 75 lakhs to a crore to people who can afford to pay. The money is utilized for providing accommodation to the poor. I would like to invite you and the gang to accompany me and i will introduce you to people who have been allotted flats without any deposit. You will still find people who are well off residing in Khushroo baug and other colonies on a rent of Rs 200. Do you think colonies can be run on rentals of Rs 50 – Rs 250? You guys will declare bankruptcy if you are allowed to run the BPP. What is stopping you from standing for elections and saving the community from the present board of trustees whom you feel are good for nothing.
    I said i am not answerable to anyone because when i answered it was ridiculed by a band of reformists.