Armaity Tirandaz Wins BPP Trustee Elections

Parsi Khabar has been informed from various sources that Armaity Tirandaz has won the elections for the 7th Trustee position at the Bombay Parsi Punchayat.

She won with a clear majority of 650 votes.

We congratulate her win and a round of applause to all those who came out and voted in this run-off election.

  • Mickie Sorabjee

    Saying it straight from the heart and in the face, the election outcome is sadly not on merit. It’s a reflection on the hypocrisy and manipulation of sentiments for short term gain that UAF has introduced in the community_ An exercise devoid of values and antithetical to the ethos once embodied by our august institution.
    At best it could be said to be a pyrrhic victory. The very premise of “honesty and integrity” on which the lady’s electioneering was bolstered, was demolished in a single fell by exposure in one of the English Publications of her irreverence/breach of a profound Parsee Zoroastrian orthodox doctrine directly in variance with highly publicised views on religion in election manifesto. This simultaneously slammed a boastful chairman’s hollow claim, “There is no controversy or accusation of any kind that can be pointed at their consensus candidate”.
    The winning candidate has had no election role to play but for her surname. To a large extent the vested-interest consensus nominee enacted a ‘gungi gudiya’, leaving the carpet-bombing of her inapplicable virtues for trustee material upon the electorate, to her pseudo-traditionalist supporters of yellow journalism in their advertised pages and her four campaigning trustees who used the stain remover on the voters.
    Distortions and ironies cannot be missed. Like in national politics, wily money-backed electioneering pushed the envelope with a lot of entertainment and freebies thrown in for good measure, and voting public ceded to skein of inaccuracies spun by propaganda. For some strange reason sections of the Parsee Press chose to castigate only the venom spitting strategists. They engaged in a war of words with those who were not in the fray, rather than highlight the inaccuracies of the contestant, thereby denying voters right to any information that should have been theirs to judge and decide on.
    To add insult to injury of the main loser, the winner’s neighbourhood sycophant boot-lickers voted like they were electing their gymkhana/residential area’s social group office-bearers. They regrettably put friendship and parochial sentiments before community welfare at large. Thinkers were drowned and they fell silent. L’affaire DPC shows the flower has not fallen far from the tree.
    All this has unfortunately resulted in an honest and better contender like Maneck Engineer being trounced by a mere 647 votes at the crucial ballot casting. Oh, for the halcyon days of the past BPP Election mode!

  • phiroz

    The sycophants and the loyalist turncoats will get allotment of flats in their desired Colonies.
    DPC Electorate has dubious distinction of establishing beyond a shadow of doubt that they are ‘superior’ to Electorate of Darbhanga,/Chapra/Siwan/Motihari of Bihar State.

  • dubash

    In the Election Scheme, there should be a clause for minimum educational qualifications of Graduation/ Professional qualification,for person to be candidate for Trusteeship.In future any Tom, Dick & Harry with a gang to support will get elected and ruin the Institution.

  • phiroz

    She should be eternally thankful to Jame for not refreshing memory of the Electorate of her past actions as a ‘Traditionalist/ Orthodox’in accompanying her sister who had inter married, to a Fire temple.

  • Mickie Sorabjee

    Hi! Time to shake the dust off this old page from my diary-blog,
    and air it on ASW’s site if he allows this post in good humour:-) This was not intended with malice towards anyone. It was written in a lighter vein without spurting venom. Just consider tongue-in-cheek contents to be fallout of occupational hazard for any individual living or dead who held/holds or seeks public office. Punning is a writer’s prerogative. So peruse and enjoy…….
    MERI VOTE DENEWALLI GAAIEE KO AANDA KYO MAARTE HO! (Inspired by Manoj Nair article in Mumbai Mirror 25/02/09)
    With the BPP elections scheduled for April 2009, this pen decided to interview one of the candidates Ms. Meri Andaaz. Introductions over, my eyes rested on the mound of tissues spilling over from the special-use disposable basket. A monumental waste indeed, I thought. Correcting my stray thoughts, I settled down to the Q&A schedule between the Lady In White (LIW) and yours truly, Farce Faisla (FF). [Farce to be pronounced as farsi]
    FF: “M’am , at the onset, my sincere condolences on your bereavement and seeing you attired in white. May your beloved husband’s soul rest in peace. LIW: “Thank you for observing that I am not a merry widow. Please particularly note that the spelling of my name is not the Angrez Mary, but a Hinglish Meri.” FF: “Yes…….yes….. ofcourse. So id_… I mean so patr_iotic”. “M’am which ideological faction, are you affiliated to?”
    LIW: “But naturally, the Sympathy Faction.”
    FF: “And have you decided on an individual election symbol?” LIW: “That has been taken care of by my devarji who is a comedy artiste. It has been unanimously decided by my family that it will prominently show me milking a sympathy fattened bovine creature. My so smart bil thinks ‘ Bhai nahi , to bhabhi sahi’. He is so clever, na? He is certain my tragedy act will be an absolute hit.
    FF: Mentality wondering “tragedy for her or for the unsuspecting community”, I replied aloud, “ I am sure too. But tell me lady, what are your qualifications for this post?”
    LIW: “What an irrelevant question is that? Don’t you know I possess all those priceless rubber-stamps, which I will freely use to blindly endorse all decisions taken by the board?! That is my burden as flag-bearer of my late better –half.” FF: “Is that a permissible practice in your Apex Body?” LIW: “Apex Body? What Apex Body are you referring to? I am contesting for a place on deck of my late spouse’s friend’s personal cruiser where he desperately needs me on board to support him at the steering wheel.”
    FF: “Oh, oh……. That explains the community debate “TO MILK OR NOT TO MILK”
    LIW: “That is absolute cow-shit!” FF: “So sorry for treading on your milky toes, Madam Andaaz. But aren’t you upset by a comparison to Rabri in your community press? LIW: “Offended? You must be joking. I am loving it! The comparison, I mean. It has given me my own place in the sun, after being in my dear departed husband’s shadow for past 40 years.”
    FF: “But seriously, what exactly will your contribution be on board?” LIW: “That’s a very dumb query. But I’ll answer it in all solemnity. I cannot promise the poor beneficiaries anything. But I can guarantee you this much that with my entry in the playing field, you will not find a single hungry stray cat or dog in any of our Mumbai Parsee Baugs.” FF: “Really? It’s the most interesting interview I have ever conducted in my career, with any candidate.One last inquiry, Madam, just why do you feel your family friend in need is so keen to have you on board?”
    LIW: (By now smiling smugly like a cat who has already lapped up all the sympathy milk)“Don’t you know? They need me as a professional specialist at beck-and-call for first hand treatment of injuries should their backbones give way with a negative ruling against them by presiding Charity Commissioner.”The grin getting more menacing, she continued, “Do let me know if you ever need me to set you right.”
    FF: “No thanks, Madam, and best of luck to you in your milking adventure. You may just prove the long held belief of Forward Thinking Progressive Parsees to be a myth, with your herd mentality supporters, once again gullibly willing to let you piggy-back them across the Farsi Faisla line, like they did your husband less than a 100 days ago.”
    With that I bid civil goodbyes and left on the double, before I slipped on the overflowing sympathy milk flowing freely on the house and found any funny bones in my anatomy, fractured!