BPP trustee Noshir Dadrawala quits over ‘differences’

Over two years after the historic elections to the Bombay Parsi Punchayet, one of the trustees put in his papers on Thursday morning. "Serious differences” with the other trustees was the reason given by Noshir Dadrawala for his resignation.

"There were several differences on a range of issues and over a period of time I felt a sense of incompatibility with other board members," Dadrawala told TOI.

"The differences were irreconcilable and I thought resigning was the most honourable thing to do."

Dadrawala, who also heads the Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy, said that he could not function with so much of "negativity” building up around him. "I do not wish to create any bad blood," he said.

When contacted Dinshaw Mehta, chairman of the BPP, confirmed that the resignation had been accepted. "No particular reason has been mentioned in the letter," said the chairman, adding that fresh election would have to be held to fill up the vacant seat and this would "unnecessarily cost money".

The 2008 elections to the BPP was a historic one-for the first time in the history of the 350-year-old Punchayet, adult franchise was exercised, following the approval of the Bombay high court. Every Parsi over the age of 18 was eligible to elect their representatives to the seven seats on the BPP."The election for the vacated seat will now have to be held, spread over four to five days at the four venues at Fort, Colaba, Andheri and Dadar," informed Mehta.

There are around 23,000 Parsis who are eligible to vote in the elections.

The BPP is one of the largest private landlords in the city, with over 5,000 tenements under its control.

  • Mazarine

    Why is Mr.Dadrawala resigning. He was the only Trustee who was honest n unbiased. Mr. Mehta should be the one resigning. Corruption Thy name is Mr. Mehta.

  • Barak Aga

    Tenure of the Trustees should be reduced from the present 7 years, to 4 years. In the interest of probity, No Trustee should be allowed to serve 2 consecutive terms. After serving 1 term, persons desiring to serve a second should be allowed to do so only after an interval of 4 years. 1 seat should be reserved for applicants for housing, so they may elect one from among themselves, to protect their interests.

  • Phiroze

    Dadrawala wanted to resign as soon as he found out that only he from the AFP panel had managed to get elected. This would have meant re-election in 2008 itself. Better sense had prevailed then. Now once again avoidable expenditure will be incurred to elect someone in his place. He had in the past also withdrawn his candidature at the last moment. Voters are advised to make an informed choice to avoid such wastefull expenditure.

  • Anita

    Type your comment here…Noshir Dadrawala is a lone honest official amongst the corrupt sharks of BPP. Infact, he should continue his post so that he can keep an eye on the mis-doings of the BPP and bring them to light. His resignation will be a great loss.

  • Dara Mehta

    Recently it is said that a plot of land is sold to a Parsi builder, without calling for tenders for 29 crores? Why this builder is favoured? the answer is in the question only. Matter may go to Charity commissioner . Mazarine you rightly defined corruption.

  • dr arnavaz m havewala

    all i can say is “OH NOOOOO”.

    what a tragedy! what a severe loss to our community!!!
    i wish the leading members of our community had supported him and given him a backing…i am sure that would have helped.


    we do not appreciate an honest, intelligent trustee and support him, we deserve to be castigated.

  • Nina

    Mr. Dadrewala,

    Your resignation from the Bommbay Parsi Panchayat is indeed painful as we the community at large were proud that amongst the corrupt and silent cats there was one lion.

    It is high time Mr. Dinshaw Mehta realises his guilt and wrong actions before he says bye bye to his most precious possession the Chairman’s Chair of Bombay Parsi Panchayat . It is such a sad scene – that Mr. Dinshaw Mehta sits for interviews / meetings like a big fat frog and the rest of the remaining so called trustees always nod in his favour irrespective of their own personal views.

    No wonder Mr. Dinshaw Mehta does not have a glow on his face as he does charity to favour the rich only. He forgets that charity is done to please the Lord and not to please one’s pockets. Dinshaw Mehta’s dirty deeds and actions are all shown on his face – which is stained with curses from the poor and middle class families.

    Mr. Dadrewala, God Bless You & Your Family Always.

  • Arzan J Ghadially

    Noshir should not have resigned. If you are fighting a war never back out. You either come out alive as a winner or you die.Had he fought the election and won as an independent he would have not faced a problem but because he was associated with AZA he had to pay the price. The community did not accept AZA and their ideologies in spite of having some very reputed people as candidates.
    We must respect his decision though and wish him all the best.

  • Farsak Ashli

    Even after 10 days BPP has not issued Notification for Election schedule. Whats up. Waiting for what?

  • Phiroze

    Now who is going to bear the cost of this election? Could this money have not been put to good use?

  • Arzan J Ghadially

    Farsak why dont you stand for elections. I am sure you will get 600 votes atleast from the petitioners i mean.