For Helping the BPP, Minister accused of code violation

The article below is a little disturbing. It clearly brings out the motives of Percy Patel who has a vendetta and is going to all lengths to get his pound of flesh. It is such people that will bring about the ultimate decline of Parsis, unless we all stand up and say ENOUGH ! ….arZan

Minister accused of code violation

Ashutosh Shukla / DNA

Minister of state for law and justice Hasan Mushrif has landed himself in trouble by asking for a report on the special audit of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) ordered by the charity commissioner’s office.

Percy Patel, on whose complaint the special audit was ordered, has alleged that by asking for the report the minister has violated the model code of conduct in force for the assembly elections. He has also charged the minister and the BPP trustees with contempt of court for not acting on the charity commissioner’s (a quasi-judicial authority) orders.

Patel said he will approach the chief electoral officer and file a complaint against the minister of violation of the model code of conduct. DNA had reported on September 11 that a show-cause notice had been served on BPP trustees for not obeying the charity commissioner’s order for carrying out a special audit for 11 years.

The BPP trustees had written to the minister that the special audit fee of Rs1.20 crore was very high and either the complainant or the previous board of trustees pay it. They also demanded a stay on the special audit as the charity commissioner’s office had declined to part with the preliminary report on the basis of which the audit was ordered.

"They are fooling people by saying that the audit fee of Rs1.20 crore is high," Patel said. "It is simply 0.9% of their annual income and the total amount is for 10 years of audit.

They are not transparent and scuttling the audit. We have served notice on the officer who signed the order and sent the contempt order by post since the minister refused to accept it citing the poll code of conduct." Patel intends to begin criminal proceedings against the minister and the punchayet if they fail to reply to the notice in three days. Despite repeated attempts, Mushrif was unavailable for comment.

  • Anti Dhongidox

    Does Patel and his AZA understand implications of their contention about violation of Code of Conduct. It implies that the Minister wanted to help BPP in order to gain political mileage during elections. In other words, AZA unwitingly concedes/admits that majority of Parseesare with BPP Trustees.
    It is time the community calls both AZA and WAPIZ’s bluffs in order to be in the limelight.
    Let both these bodies do something concrete instead of exposing the community to ridicule by such publicity stunts.

  • rustom jamasji

    The recent report in TOI about the Charity Commissioner taking shelter in the ‘Secrecy Act’ of Govt.Sep 21 2009
    This shows his blatant corrupt use of such acts. Infact other lawyers have noted that RTI superseedes such and also Secrecy acts are relevant with national security n secrecy. Mr Choure perhaps attributes Parsis to what Bollywood movies showcase us.
    But then AZA’s members including Persy Rusa Patel showcase the thirst ,selfishness and greed in getting their representatives like the AFP elected at any cost..
    This was also showcassed by the sahara T.V fiasco and one of the trustee supported by such group in forcing and blackmailing the community

    AZA suported the anti Dakma group in a vieled fashion, there are many behind the scenes of such organisation who write under pseudo names so that their thirst to end zoroastrian systems is not openly known. Also so that they can promote themselves FOR’ Zoroastrianism though thirsting to end its practises.Basically false propoganda.

    They form organisation with names contrary to the principles they follow.
    Perhaps Mr M.K Choure is under pressure from such so that the names of such are not open to public.

  • Aban Jussawalla

    It is high time, the names of the real people who play dirty politics and encourage Percy Patel to do all the wrong things, are exposed openly and published in papers, so that the common innocent people can aso understand the real story.