Kersi Randeria Speaks About The Recent Fracas


September 11, 2016

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Below is a message we have received from Kersi Randeria, BPP Trustee.

Kersi writes…

I am a Trustee of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet, and I believe in and am committed to upholding the dignity of this position entrusted to me by my community as also to the august platform – the BPP. At no cost do I wish to see the reputation of my Board of Trustees or the BPP tarnished or maligned in any way.

As a Trustee, I was authorized by my Board via a resolution passed by the Board on the 6th of September, to intervene, if necessary, in the legal process that has been ongoing since the last 3 years. I’ve never attended any of the proceedings of the said case before Thursday, the 8th, but I did so as I was asked to and authorized by the BPP Board.

I’m distressed to have been dragged into this controversy with the Mehta family. Over the past few years, Dinshaw Mehta and/or his family have been consistently involved in all controversies – including the time when Dinshaw attacked the present Chairman, Yazdi Desai (then a Trustee) with a chair! Unfortunately, during the case proceedings, I was physically assaulted by Dinshaw Mehta and once again the reputation of our community has gotten compromised in the eyes of our nation that holds our community in high esteem.

I believe in the legal process, and as a Board, we hope that the allegations made by the last Board, which is now being investigated, reaches its logical and legal conclusion – by the due process of law, and not by embarrassing and painful incidents such as this one. I do not wish to enter into a debate about the facts, as I genuinely believe that the investigation will establish the truth. What is of major concern is that such an incident occurred. It causes me great pain and embarrassment, as an individual and more importantly as a Trustee of the BPP, to have been dragged into this.

I firmly believe that issues of the community should remain within the Boardroom and the community, just as I believe that legal issues should remain within the courtroom to be decided by the Hon’ble judges and legal system.

I’m appalled and dismayed at our community having to face yet another embarrassment. Through this statement, I wish to make an appeal to all concerned, including Mr. Dinshaw Mehta and his family to restrict our issue to discussions, debates and if necessary, the courts of law. I appeal to them and to all my community members to not magnify this incident anymore and leave it alone, so as to ensure that we do not further add to the disgrace faced by our small but highly regarded community.

I hope that all people involved sincerely consider my request and that we all find a way to work together in the interest of the community.

Kersi Randeria



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  1. Freddie Movdawala

    I Ask Trustees of Mumbai Parsi Punchayet for allotting flat to Dr. Farokh Master who has 3 flats in Mumbai that they have cheated the electorate and should resign.
    I also ask that as per Bombay Public Trust Act can the Trustees delegate Authority to another co trustee for attending legal matters.