Noshir Dadrawala Responds to Times Of India’s Report on House Allotment to Dr. Farokh Master


June 28, 2016

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Recently The Times of India published an entire article based on an anonmyous Whatsapp message. The journalist Bella Jaisinghani took this Whatsapp message and spun an entire conspiracy theory around it.

To clear the air BPP Trustee Noshir Dadrawala puts facts on record.

Noshir writes…

There is a WhatsApp (WA) message circulating in the community about allotment of a flat to a homoeopathic doctor at Cusrow Baug.

It is alleged in the WA message that this allotment was made because this doctor had treated one of the trustee. The message does not name the concerned trustee, nor does it say what was this trustee being medically treated for and when and for how long and what was the cost of the treatment?

In the meantime the facts are as follows:

1)The person who recommended that this doctor’s case should be considered was not any trustee of the BPP. The concerned person was noted jurist Mr. Fali Nariman.

2) Subsequently it was Mr. Nusli Wadia who proposed to the BPP Board that the application of this doctor may be considered because despite this doctor’s enormous academic achievement and services to the poor and needy, he resides with his family in a very small flat at Gamdevi.

3) Considering the fact that in the past, earlier Board have indeed, at their absolute discretion, allotted flats among others to Dasturji Firoze Kotwal as also to Dasturji Khurshed Dastur, the current Board of trustees decided to allot the flat to the doctor.

4) The flat has been given to this doctor on Leave & License and not tenancy or ownership and the license agreement has been signed by all six trustees.

5) The WA message states: “Can Mrs. Armaity Tirandaz (the only trustee many trust) tell the community if it is true or false.

Mrs. Tirandaz surely will tell the truth including the fact that in her e mail of 24th March 2016 she wrote: “Dear Mr Nusli Wadia, Rustom (her late husband) was a close friend of Dr. Farokh Master, and he was instrumental in getting Farokh a post in KEM hospital for alternative medicine many years ago, and as far as I am aware very respected and successful and I pray that it continues as long as possible. Warm regards, Armaity.”

This truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, should suffice for now!

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  1. Aspy

    Nothing is set right. What we need to know is whether the Cusrow Baug flat was just allotted (which must have been out of turn as well) or was the good doctor charged the 2-3 crores (is the word going around) which ‘mortals’ have to pay for a flat in Cusrow/Rustom Baugs.