Parsis Seek Seat in Maharashtra Assembly


November 26, 2009

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The Parsis have decided to ensure that, like other communities, they too have a representative in the Maharashtra assembly. Members of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) and BJP legislator Mangal Prabhat Lodha made a representation to governor SC Jamir asking that a Parsi be nominated as a member of the assembly.

"Our community has been in the forefront in the development of this city," said Godrej Dotivala, BPP public relations officer. "We should have some representation."

Lodha had sent a letter to the BPP which lit the spark. "I had demanded earlier that one seat reserved for Anglo-Indians be shared on random basis with Parsis. Their numbers are so small that they will never be able to make it through the normal route," he said.
"Since there are reservations in colleges and jobs,

we thought it would be a good idea," said Dinshaw Mehta, the Punchayet chairperson. "We may not be backward, but we are a minority and need reservations. A member will help to put up our demands."

Asked if the Parsis, traditionally Congress supporters, are embarrassed about being associated with the BJP, Mehta, whose sister is a BJP corporator, said, "If someone is coming forward to help, we cannot refuse."


  1. Mahiyar Ferozsha Gundevia

    I agree with the idea that Parsis should have a representative in the Maharashtra assembly. Though ours is a minority we have contributed a lot in every sphere of development.

  2. vispi

    a very good idea and very much required to be implemented

  3. Delnavaz

    I think it would help if we have seat in the assembly. As Mahiyar pointed out, that though we are a small community our contribution towards the city of Bombay and India is astounding.

  4. Ronnie Patel

    Dear All.
    Today when i read this article, i am of the opinion that No, Parsis do not Desreve it.
    They only knows how to create fights among the other Brother & sisters, not only that but also how to create fights & how to divide a United Family.
    Today i hate to be called a Parsi, as the same community to whom we had helped a lot, had been able to create divivsion among we bro & sis, not only that but some of them were able to create enimity between me & my most loveable Late Parents. If the Parsis are given a seat in the Legislative Assembly than i think that they would be able to create more enimity among the Hindus.
    It is in the Intrest of my beautiful mother India that no Parsis should not be given any seats in the legislative Assembly.

    Jia Hind.

  5. Behram Dhabhar

    Yes, I too agree that Parsis should have a seat in the assembly but the chosen Parsi must be an orthodox traditional, unlike the fake ones here who trumpet themselves as “True Orthodox Zoroastrian”.

    God help the community if a reformist Parsi is chosen for the assembly. If such be the case we will have to say Bye to all our religious institutions and long standing customs and traditions.

  6. Burjor Bharucha

    Dear Arzan,

    Ronnie Patel seems to have suffered justly or unjustly due to which his relations with his brothers and sisters and parents has soured. And due to this he has developed a lot of hatred for the community which makes his thinking a bit unreasonable. He would be well advised to get rid of this hatred as this would only destroy him and his near and dear ones, and he would have no one except himself to blame.

    As regards, Dinshaw Mehta’s remarks that putting up a member in the Maharashtra Assembly would benifit the community does not seem to be in good taste. What we Parsis have been known for cneturies is that we have contributed to the progress and developement of whole nation specially Mumbai by constructing Hospitals and Colleges of International standards, also took a leadership position in the Aviation and Atomic Research fields. Hence what he should have said that being a member of Maharashtra Assembly the Parsi member could contribute more vigourously and actively towards the development of the Nation and Mumbai in particular. This would be in good taste and enhance the stature of the Chairman of the BPP.

  7. Anti-Dhongidox.

    So now the identity of TRUE REFORMIST ZOROASTRIAN is fully unmasked, though it was never in doubt. Bravo, continue ‘blessing’ your fellow humdins in your orthodox & traditional style, for that appears to be the customs & traditions in which the self styled ‘pillars’ of faith have been brought up.

  8. Anti-Dhongidox.

    B.P.P. is more pre occupied with housing and the fundamentalists obsessed with Aviary as if there are no other more pressing problems/issues.
    Is there any correlation between increased housing stock and fertilty to augment our population?
    The age profile of the Community calls for better Homes for Elderly Citizens.What facilities exist for youngsters to compete in an era of RESERVATIONS. Why not reserve paid seats in Medical,Engineering and Management Institutions and recover the notional interest lost on such investment (payment for reservation) after the youngsters complete the course successfully.Our forefathers were visionaries and invested in future unlike those who proclaim from rooftops as traditionalist and staunch. Fundamentalism is different and distinct from orthodoxy. I find no difference between the fubdamentalists wearing sudreh- kusti and mullahs of another faith mouthing venom against others and urging their followers to grow beard and use burkha?

  9. Voice of Reason.

    “God help the community if a reformist Parsi is chosen for the assembly. If such be the case we will have to say Bye to all our religious institutions and long standing customs and traditions.”

    The Prophet himself was the example of outstanding Reformist. But for him we would have been living in superstitions and myths that are sought to be reintroduced by ASHMOGS posing as traditionalists.Orthodoxy means adherence to religion in form of prayers and it is NOT of compelling womenfolk in the household the be seggregated for some days of the month. The strategy of these fake orthodox can be summed up by an alliteration. viz frustrated, fatwa issuing, faltu fundamentalists who want to subjugate others.
    A person who can be prposed to become an MLA should be fluent in Marathi. An Oxonian accented Marathi speech would leave other legislators most confused or cause endless laughter.

  10. Rohinton


    This may be out of context to the current topic – but I somehow feel that the BPP needs an Advisory Board. It should be a Board of the most reputed names in our community. Two most eminent names I can think of right now is Mr Ratan Tata and Mr Godrej. I am sure there are others in their league who can constitute a 8 – 10 member Board, who can meet once in 6 months and review the happenings in our community and make suggestions to the BPP to implement. This being a team of people who have made a mark for themselves where they are and any decision by them cannot be classified as biased or for their personal gain…

    While the BPP is doing a good job, there is a need for a body which can be above the BPP and only get involved in matters of advise and not day to day working

    If someone from here agrees with my thoughts, I would request you to pls pass it on any message boards where you are members


  11. piloo.

    Dear Voice of Reason,

    One F left out by you in your alliteration. FANATICS, -those who suffer from a mental illusion called self importance,believe that their own brand of interpretation alone is correct and all others are misguided or Reformist.

  12. True Orthodox Zoroastrian.

    Anti Dhongidox.
    Very well said. A fitting reply to the self-righteous, overbearing dhongi posing as know all/everything on religious subjects.. Glad to learn that many boarders here discard the bigotry of a handful of individuals who want to portray that they are exclusive privy to knowledge of Zoroastrian Religion.Those who call others as having pea sized brains should also know that the brain of a donkey is larger than that of a human.You have left nothing for me to contribute with regard to the tirade against my pseudonym.
    Many thanks.

  13. Anti- Dhongidox.

    Yes Rohinton,
    Your suggestion is most appropriate but there are a couple of ‘issues’. Will the professionals be willing to stake their image. There are many ‘parvarta’ bawas out to criticise any suggestion of departure from the past.The vocuabulary of adjectives of these ‘parvartas’is unlimited and their desire to allege ulterior motives inexhaustible.
    Moreover those who have been voted as Trustees would not be ready to dilute their new found self importance.
    Otherwise an excellent suggestion.

  14. khushroo suraliwala

    are you by any chance a past residence of Kasi-Niwas in Bulsar; if you are then I was your neighbour in Mehta-House
    khushroo suraliwala

  15. Ronnie Patel

    Yes i was born & brought up in Bulsar, also i used to stay near the School, i do not remeber the name of the school nor i do not remember the Area i used to stay.
    I Only remember my cousin Late Dara Chawda & his wife Dinaz & family.I also rememeber Dara”s sister & her husband Kirit Singh Who is in the Police.
    Regards & how nice of you to remember some one from our Birth Place.
    Please keep in Touch.

  16. Ronnie Patel

    Dear Mr. Barucha,
    I would like to inform you that neither my Relations with my lovely sisters & brothers are stronger than anything in this cruel world, also i was the most loved son of both my late Mom & Late Dad.
    The realtions are & were the same & never it had soured in my life, In this way some of the Parsees have done tha same that you are about do.
    My advise to you & like minded Parsees “Please do not interfere in any bodys family private affairs.
    I had been stabbed many times by many jealous parsees men & women & if you had been in my place surely you would had commited Sucide, which i had not done,as i am stronger by the Grace of Shree Vaishno Devi Mataji.
    Always Remember one thing that never never try to divide the Once a upon a time the most united Family, which it seems that you are about to do so like those so called Decent Parsees Gentlemen & Women.
    Thnaks & i Pray that May Mataji showers her richest Blessings on you & your beautiful Family.
    With lots of Respect to you my dear elder brother.
    Rgards to you & your Beautiful Family.
    Bro, Ronnie.

  17. khushroo suraliwala

    Ronnie-thanks fr ur email
    I also grew up in Bulsar, lived at mehta house. next to it was kashi niwas in which lived a parsi family -khorsedaunty,aimay,ronnie and nozer. I thought u might be that ronnie! yes i do know dara chavda n if i remember well there is a place named after him in azad chowk
    i now live in uk ,work in hospital as doctor. i do miss india esp old bulsar-it is so changed now
    if u wish pl keep in touch thro my email
    khushroo suraliwala

  18. keki unwalla

    where is that one parsi to truly represent us?

    name one.

    a pack full of jokers to go looking an ace of spades?

    we are better off not asking for this silly request.

  19. keki unwalla

    why do all of you hiding behind these fancy pseudonyms.

    come on, get out of the closets. lets wrestle it out in the open.