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February 7, 2011

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The Zoroastrian Youth for the Next Generation has come out with a calendar for 2011. This calendar has 12 Parsi models posing exclusively for the camera. This calendar has caused an unnecessary controversy. What is ironic is that many people are going on hearsay, and have not even seen the calendar. You can see the calendar models below and make up your mind. Personally I think it’s a tastefully done calendar, something I would put up in my home.

There has been a lot of discussion on the internet and in email newsgroups about this calendar. People wonder if these calendars will be put in our fire temples and how it would hurt people’s sentiment. And here I would agree. However I don’t thik the intention of the calendar makers is to have all of our agiaries plastered with their calendars. So why the unnecessary brouhaha ?

– Arzan Sam Wadia.


Here is a write up of the same in

They call themselves Zoroastrian Youth For The Next Generation — and with their first-of-a-kind calendar, ZYNG have packed as much of a punch as their name.

With each passing year, we hear of more and more Indian calendars featuring beautiful women, but this is certainly one with a difference.

For starters, all the lovely young ladies have kept their clothes on — no bikinis. And what’s even more unusual, it’s community-centric — they’re all Parsis!

The ZYNG 2011 calendar is the brainchild of the community’s official youth group and youth wing of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP), ‘Zoroastrian Youth For The Next Generation‘. With the Parsi community’s numbers dwindling in recent decades, these youngsters have rallied to create a ‘non-political body that unites them under the common aim of social, cultural and religious interaction’. The calendar, for sale at a reasonable Rs 300, is an added means of boosting funds that will be pumped into ZYNG’s many activities.

But it seems that not everyone within the Parsi community is thrilled with this particular venture. Last week, Mumbai daily DNA reported that a 65-year-old member of the community, Firoz Kotwal, has written a letter to the commissioner to stop sales of the calendar and is even planning on lodging a police complaint to withdraw it from circulation. The reason: It is "highly objectionable and anti-religious".

It was also stated that Parsi high priests and other more orthodox community members were unhappy with the idea of a calendar featuring dates of religious significance alongside beautiful women. Murmurs of disapproval are also doing the rounds because it’s obvious that none of the pin-ups are wearing the sudreh and kushti, (the white vest and holy thread, respectively) that Zoroastrianism dictates all members of the community wear on their person at all times.

While it remains to be seen whether the ZYNG calendar will stir up any more controversies, we bring you a first look at the work of professional photographer Farzan Randelia, stylist Anaita Shroff Adajania and hair/makeup artist Mehera Kolah.

The year kicks off with professional dancer Aneesha Dalal striking an alluring pose for January.

What do you think of the ZYNG calendar — are orthodox members of the community overreacting to a harmless, youth-oriented enterprise or do you think they are justified in their cause? Share your comments and opinions on the messageboard below.

Photographs: Farzan Randelia, courtesy ZYNG

Aneesha Dalal: January 2011



Kaizeen Buhariwala: February 2011



Parinaz H. Jal: March 2011



Scherezade Shroff: April 2011



Maia Sethna: May 2011



Alyssa Chesson: June 2011



Sharlene Chichgar: July 2011



Jennifer Kotwal: August 2011



Dilkhush Reporter: September 2011



Parizad Kolah Marshall: October 2011

ZYNG-10-Parizad Kolah Marshall


Shaheen Davar: November 2011



Nauheed Cyrusi: December 2011



  1. Anita

    Bawis look great. This will sell itself. Why do the old bawa men object to something fun like this.Dont hang them in the Agiary if they want but otherwise ignore the grumpy old men and keep these girls coming.

  2. Shezaad Dastoor

    I think this is very tasteful. Why is this anti-religious? Maybe they should have seen the calendar before making it such a deal. The Dasturji’s values does not seem to reflect the modern day Parsi community. Instead of trying to change the times, maybe they should change with the times. Well, the good news is that the calendar will really sell now.

  3. R.Kayani.

    Mr. Moderator,
    The same topic was a subject of discussion on this forum hardly over a week back and many opinions were expressed by various persons. Was this topic so important for the survival of the community to merit a second round of discussion?
    By showcasing the models, it appears that this blog is unwittingly trying to promote sale of this Calendar forty days after the New Year set in, perhaps because of poor offtake due to steep price.
    Sincere apologies in case my rather candid thoughts offend your goodself..

  4. arzan sam wadia

    R. Kayani….as much as I appreciate your candidness and look forward to it, I need to set the record straight.

    Yes this topic was discussed a week or so ago here on Parsi Khabar. However nearly everyone who was commenting on that post had not seen the calendar, or at least did not mention that they had.

    I put the images here so that we can actually see them before we voice our opinions on this topic.

    Parsi Khabar has no affiliation with ZYNG whatsoever, so the issue of trying to boost sales, does not arise.


  5. bb1978

    This is tastefully done. As a woman, my only objection is that there are no men photographed..

  6. Phiroze

    Arzan, thanks very much for setting the record straight. I agree with you that ZYNG has nowhere intended that the calender should be hung in all the agiaries. The trustees and the panthakis of the agiaries know what to do and it should be left to them. All those who have a problem with the calender should not buy it.

  7. Percy Kavarana

    Its’ a WOW calender. C’mon BAWAS what is the harm in seeing BEAUTIFUL pics.

  8. Byram Sidhwa

    Most Parsis obtain Parsi Calendars as complimentary copy from Mithaiwalla, Sandalwood merchant, Optician etc. Who will pay an astronomical sum for a Parsi Calendar which one can not use in one’s house because such a calendar cannot be expected to be showcased in a residence with our Kaamwali Bai and Ayahas around in the household.
    The purpose of any Calendar is to provide details like day, date, (Roj & Month for Parsi Calendar) Tithi and act as a mini almanac. Some Companies do issue glossy and picturesque Calendars but the intent is publicity for the name of the Company. I cannot comprehend the intent of Parsi youngsters behind this Calendar. What was the objective of a Zoroastrian Calendar if it cannot be used in places frequented by Zoros. If the intent of ZYNG guys was to portray to the people at large, how liberal and ‘progressive’ we are in allowing our young damsels to clad themselves in skimpy clothes in public then instead of a Calendar, would not a glossy Magazine have been a more appropriate an option.? .
    Certainly a calendar is not meant to be kept stored in a cupboard after paying a large sum of money. The objective of a Calendar for its utility as a Calendar is not served. That’s for sure.
    And who got publicity and of what type.?

  9. ASC

    I think Arzan is right why start controversies where we are again and again answerable to non parsis??

    “However I don’t thik the intention of the calendar makers is to have all of our agiaries plastered with their calendars. So why the unnecessary brouhaha ?”

  10. Burjor Bharucha

    Has ZYNG or the BPP made a mention anywhere that the calendars are purpoted to be hung in Agiaries or Atashbehrams? I don’t think so. Then why do bawajis assume so and create controversy where there no need for any to exist. The calendar is very artistically done without a shred of vulgarity. Compliments to all those who helped in bringing out such brilliant piece of art. In fact it highlights the fact that the community has real beauties who can match the best in the country and I would say even the World. Well done ZYNG, well done BPP.

  11. Xerxes Rusi Colah

    Next year [the theme ] they may wish to model wearing our aquired more traditional garbs ,Garas or emboidered sarees.
    Perhaps all we need to do is go to a traditional Parsi navjot or wedding where the elegance is real and so also the jewellery,
    It is our culture which needs to be proudly exhibited.

  12. Ronnie Dubash

    Amazing achievement!! How can anyone have objections to such beauty??
    Well done ZYNG and keep it going …….

  13. shehzad irani

    In all fair response,

  14. Dr. Cyrus B. Toorkey

    These models are pretty and appealing, no question about it. There is an undertone of slight provocativeness due to the amount of the body that is revealed as well as the poses that are struck.
    Definitely NOT apropriate for religious places such as agiyaris and atashbehrams, however, if someone wants to buy and displeay them in their own homes that is no one’s business.
    I hope that these fine, beautiful young Parsi women will use their fame and recognition to promote Parsi culture and way of life, inclusive of ‘dhansak’ Parsi foods to Parsi life styles.
    Hope they will work towards the betterment of the poorer sections of the society AND stay within the community by marrying Parsi men.

  15. Rathestar.

    All those who say that the CALENDAR is not to be placed on the Walls need to read the meaning and purpose of Calendar in English Dictionary. .
    1)Mr. Phiroze & Mr. Bharucha, can you enlighten us why the Calendar Fasli, Shehenshai & Kadmi is appended with the photographs if it was meant to be kept as an Album?
    2) Is not WAPIZ Calendar not put up on Walls of Fire Temples?
    Sidhva is right, the very UTILITY of calendar is lost if it is not used for its rightful purpose.
    Bharucha rightly states that there is not a shred of vulgarity and it is a piece of Art. Very Very True. Then WHY NOT PUT IT UP IN PLACES WHERE PARSEES FREQUENT INCLUDING FIRE TEMPLES SINCE THERE IS NO VULGARITY? Many artistic items are to be seen in various Fire Temples, isnt it Bharucha?

  16. Percy Katila

    Kudos to ZYNG and the three young people for coming up this project,it is very tastefully and artfully done, anyone who thinks it will be put up in an agiary is an idiot.

  17. Burjor Bharucha(required)

    Dear Rathestar, Have you ever seen a scenic or any other picturesque calendars put up in an Agiary or Athashbehram? The answer is a clear NO. Similarly this ZYNG calendar cannot and will not be put up in any religious institution. But certainly you will see it in many homes, offices and other appropriate places.
    Would you prefer we adopt the restriction of the Arabian nations where even ankle or hair of a woman cannot be exposed? I still don’t see any substance in the reasoning of the a few community members who are raising objection to a beautiful artistically brought out calendar when in fact they should be applauded for their talent and efforts.
    Rathestar, please be reasonable. Like beauty, vulgarity lies in the eyes of the beholder as is obvious from the majority of the community members who have praised the product.

  18. Byram Sidhwa

    Mr. Moderator,
    I leave it for you to decide if the word ‘idiot’ conforms to guidelines laid down by your blog but from the message of one Percy Katlia, I have learnt a new thing – that it is IDIOTS who put up calendars in places of Worship.To justify one mistake of youngsters, one can go to any absurd extent to the point of self contradiction about the significance of a calendar. This Mr. Katila assumes that he can silence others by calling them idiots. He is certainly going to be mistaken.

  19. Hoshang

    Great work. And the manner in which the beautiful bawees have expressed themselves is commendable.
    I can’t understand why would anybody want to put up this particular calender only in an Agiary and creat a fuss. And its not necessary that only parsees are going to buy these calender.
    If anything at all, these pictures say; “I am a bawi and I am beautiful”. Glam world, watch out.

  20. Arzaan Tarapore

    This was really in a bad taste…. If they at all wanted to launch a calander, they should have dressed up in sarees ie parsi garas /embroidary of naju daver collections…. they could have used Irani persian dress code…. like how zarthosti women dress up in iran… this could have made a lot of sence…. On side WAPIZ claims to “preserve the past, protect the future” why didn’t those 2 trustees act to protect the past & future….. all r fools….. is there any auditing /check / control over ZYNG activities & their funds allocation??????????

  21. Rathestar.

    Dear Arzaan,
    Yours is one of the many refreshingly sensible voice. Glad to learn that many do not swallow the story of ‘preserving & protecting’. It is actually perverting and polluting the environment amongst Parsees.At no time in the history of community during the last century, the community was so factionalised as it is since last decade.
    I am not being puritinical. But why have a calendar with Roj’s and names of months. Could it not have been a magazine.
    Arzaan, as for your apt query “is there any auditing /check / control over ZYNG activities & their funds allocation??” have we not learnt in Gujarati, – whose father’s Diwali?
    It is possible that this Calendar issue would not have evoked such sharp reactions but possibly because of double standards of WAPIZ, the criticism has been strident. These very fellows give sermons on importance of wearing Sudra Kasti and want to sell the calendar at a astronomical price.

  22. Phiroze

    Rathestar Hansotia, If you find the calendar astronomicaly priced don’t buy it. If you and Arzan Tarapore want to know / audit / check / ZYNG activities and fund allocations join ZYNG or approach BPP. Nobody over here has these answers. If you find out share them with us here. Thanking you in advance.

  23. Perviz Vatchha - Kenya

    Magnificent Calendar

  24. Shahrukh

    Long live Parsi, am proud to be one ;)

  25. Rathestar.

    I do not think., we sought any answers from you. Besides you are not the only person on this portal, there are many others and they can exchange their views etc, though you may find them inconvenient. Thank you for your advice about not purchasing the calendar but I take my own decisions without consulting others.

  26. Phiroze

    Rathestar Hansotia,
    You did question and got an inconvenient answer. Read the line of your post ” Arzan, as for your apt query………..?? The word query is a synonym or another word for question as well as the two question marks at the end of the sentence shows that you were questioning. The more the merrier so that more know of your gangs anti Parsi activities. I doubt if you could make decisions on your own. This is my view and I am exchanging it with you. You may find it inconvenient but you are not the only person on this portal.

  27. Phiroze

    Byram Sidhwa,
    How does “anyone who thinks it will be put up in an agiary is an idiot” become “that it is IDIOTS who put up calenders in places of worship” We are talking about the calender here and not people are we?

  28. Anahita

    The minute i clicked on the link i went ‘wow’ now thats the picture of modern Parsi woman .. Bold & Beutiful.
    The pictures potray talent & taste of the person behind the lens!
    Job Well done to everyone behind the making of this calendar!
    Our community claims to be modern & in with the times, so whats all the fuss! we should be proud of how far we’ve come & we’r definately not orthodox!
    This is beautiful & definately not vulgar as some are suggesting!
    We all may have our own point of view.. but lets not ignore the fact that we’r community whos always stood by each other so why not this time!
    & whoooooooaaaaa its only a calendar and no ones doing away with the tradition & the values still remain .. this is personal choice .. take it or leave it!

  29. Rathestar.

    My post of 10th Feb 2011 @ 12.14 a.m. was addressed specifically to Arzaan.So your replying the post was superfluous
    You have also replied on behalf of one Percy Katila to one Byram Sidhva. Are we to assume that you also post messages in the name of Katila for otherwise Katila could have himself replied Sidhwa..
    In your post of 11th Feb you have mentioned ““that it is IDIOTS who put up calenders in places of worship” . So according to you the Calendars of WAPIZ in Fire Temples are put up by .” ……….. “.Usage of adjectives is your exclusive prerogative. so enjoy eating your own words.

  30. Byram Sidhwa

    To one who has posted in the name of Phiroze.
    At the outset my post was with reference to what Percy Katila had remarked. “ anyone who thinks it will be put up in an agiary is an idiot.” So Phiroze will you enlighten me and perhaps many others the REASON WHY THIS CALENDAR CANNOT BE PUT UP IN AN AGIARY more so since it has names of Days of the months in the year and I am told it contains Kadmi, and Fasli calendars besides Shehenshai.
    I have not known any person putting a calendar in Showcase or below the Bed Pillow.
    Mr. Phiroze. In School we were taught the definition of calendar as any of various systems of reckoning time in which the beginning, length, and divisions of a year are defined.
    Dictionary definition of calendar is ‘a system of timekeeping that defines the beginning and length and divisions of the year’.
    So once again both Percy and knowledgeable(!) Phiroze (who has intervened apparently on behalf of Percy Katila) are requested to specify reasons (s) why this calendar is NOT FIT to be put up in a Fire Temple or even in BPP Office (ZYNG being a creation of BPP). If it is not to be used for referring to Roj and months then what is the utility of this Calendar? Is it a Calendar for namesake? FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE I AM TALKING OF CALENDAR NOT PERSONS.
    If either of you cannot give a convincing answers please spare the readers of another round of beating about the bush.
    If this is your concept of Parsipanu, so be it.

  31. Dorab.

    According to me, the number of messages and posts on this topic could have probably exceeded the number of copies of the Calendar sold.
    My earnest suggestion to bring the curtain down on this endless and futile excahnge on an insignificant issue. Rest for you to decide.

  32. Burjor Bharucha

    Dear Moderator, I agree that the curtain should be brought down on this endless but not futile or insignificant issue. But before doing this it would not be out of place to record the total number of comments received on this topic and the number of comments for and the number of comments against. These statistics itself would clearly indicate whether bringing out the calendar was justified and a good idea or not.

  33. Perviz

    I would gladly hang this calendar in my home and I am a staunch 81 yr. old kushti/sudra wearing Zoroastrian. There is nothing vulgar about it. I am tired of all the foodie calendars anyway. .
    It is indeed a lot of brouhaha over nothing. Commenters, stop squawking one with the other. Have your say and be done. It is laughable.

  34. Feroze De Vitre

    I think its beautiful & most tastefully done.
    Not an iota of vulgarity in it.
    Weather it should be put up in a place of worship, to me it makes no difference, why would you be looking around & distracting yourself? Pray, give thanks to the good Lord & get on with your business. Thats my view, to each his own.

  35. dsv

    don’t be surprised , if many on this calender intermarry or
    may not marry at all , thinking that there are no bawas who can match them , after all a little success & fame ,goes easily to the head .

  36. Meher H Mehta

    There is confusion in relating the calendar to anything but what it is. A calendar comprising of lovely Parsi girls and compiled tastefully. Who ever wants to display it in an agiyari? I know that several of my Parsi and non Parsi friends will love to have it. With such lovely lasses abounding our community is far from dwindling. Agreed guys? Next year round these same girls might get photographed in Parsi gara saris. They will look as lovely.

  37. sapal wankadia

    To those outside the Parsee community, this calendar will give the impression that “modern” Parsee girls have adopted the same low standards (dressing in a sexually provocative way) as their Western counterparts. Looking beautiful and appealing is NOT acheived by exposing thighs or by deep cleavages, or looking sex-starved. Those poses belong to “girlie” magazines., and are demeaning to Parsee women.
    Real beauty does not equate with cheap exhibitionism.

  38. Dr. Cyrus B. Toorkey

    Would be nice if someone actualy interviewed the young ladies and got their thoughts on how they are going to use their fame and recognition.

  39. Siloo Kapadia

    Lovely calender, but why are the models all women? Don’t we have any good ooking Parsi men as well? This is more a problem of sexism to me, deekras. In other words, cater to wishes of Parsi men and to hell with everyone else! Toba!

  40. Byram Sidhwa

    Dear Sapal Wankadia,
    No doubt, I fully share your views but just to add that according to these so called TRADITIONALISTS AND ORTHODOX, it is not to be considered CALENDAR AS SUCH AND NOT TO BE USED AS A CALENDAR but something akin to Picasso paintings to be viewed secretly in a room with doors shut. That is why it is not being used as a Calendar even in BPP and WAPIZ offices.

  41. viraf surty

    we sure have Talent hats of to the girls ______ and yes KAIZEEN you make PUNEITES PROUD GOD BLESS

  42. Sherna Gandhy

    These are common, cliched images we see everywhere. Exploiting women’s bodies is old hat – why didn’t anyone think of doing this skin exposure of men? If men like to gawk at semi-nude bawis, why shouldn’t women gawk at semi-nude bawas???

  43. Yezdi Chikhliwala

    We are living in a modern world! Not in the 1600s! I am a 56 year old proud Parsi and find nothing objectionable in the calendar Will try and obtain a copy very soon

  44. Cyrus Kavarana

    I see absolutely nothing wrong, objectionable or controversial in these pictures. In fact, it is a beautiful piece of work which is not at all vulgar. Anyone objecting to this calendar only betray their own hypocrisy. For a progressive community like ours to think on such primitive lines in these modern times only reveals the backwardness of some few members among us who prefer to dwell in medieval era and objecting to any progress and forward thinking among the community.

  45. Farroakh F Pastakia

    A good effort. There seems to be nothing vulgar about it. Feel that the model in March 2011 is wearing a tank top; however it is so, so faint it gives an impression of it being topless. If possible try to retouch it, so it is a bit darker.

    Good Luck.

  46. Jasmine Nargolwala

    Well done ZYNG … change will always bring with it controversy. Would love to see the next calendar with Parsi garas, kasbi kors and embroidered kors … don’t forget that we have some good looking young men who could grace the calendars too !!

  47. Farsak Ashli

    FYI Mr. Kavarana,
    Early humans covered themselves with tree leaves. Also note that most of the critics of this so called Calendar are caustically only pointing out hypocrisy of those who sermonise others on importance of wearing Sudreh Kusti. The so called those living in ‘medieval era’ are those who preach something and their own family members practice the opposite under the very noses of these bunkum sermonizers.

  48. Jimmy Motewalla

    All the young ladies pictured in the calendar, are simply gorgeous, & as bawajis, we should be proud of our clan, instead of casting loose remarks of obscenity, vulgarity etc. as I for one do not see, the two adjectives mentioned fitting in this calendar. Keep it up ZYNG. & keep on reminding us that there are beautiful people amongst us Parsee’s too.

  49. Dilshad Pastakia

    Way to go girls….we,ve come a long way!!! The girls look sexy in a classy well styled and put together!
    To all who have a negative opinion…Wake up guys its 2011!.

  50. yasmin

    Wow ,way 2 go . d ones who critize beauty r d ones who have less of it themselves.

  51. Aspy mehta

    I love it. I havent seen pictures of such good looking parsi girls for a long time. Thanks to the tendancy of everyone photographing only old bawa’s in baugs.
    Its a laudable effort. and to hoots to all the narrow minded critics.

  52. Jal Thanawala

    Only One Question:
    Where can i get this Calendar?

  53. tina mehta

    Every community is proud of their beautiful women and so should we be too BUT ……..because ours is the only extant ecological calendar in the world I feel we would have done better to have shared our concern for the environment and our ancestral homage to all things beautiful.

  54. Hosheder Rabadi

    Nice calendar … nothing vulgar about it .. after all, beauty is meant to be admired with a clean conscience !!!

  55. Rohinton K. Patel

    Type your comment here…

    Why this hue & cry over this ? I see nothing wrong in what our kids have ventured to do ! Its high time we came out of our habit of making every new initiative an issue ! Let us learn to appreciate art & the zeal and innovative steps our new generation is taking. Let us motivate and encourage them – however, the message to the youngsters : please do not prove us wrong – do not betray the trust we have put in you, always protect yourselves, your pious body & above all our greatest religion, Amen !

  56. Noshir

    I agree with Tina Mehta…I wonder how many of these models even know the significance of the calendar whose pages they grace. It would also have been nice to see less homogenized presentations of ‘beauty’…while the models don’t look trashy, they certainly haven’t the grace of, say Mehr Jesia in a gara.

  57. tina mandviwala(cape town)

    Yes beauty should be admired but what makes us PARSIS different from the rest is our believes. Of those are the SUDREH & KASTI, from the looks of it i see none present here.are we really from the same religion?

  58. ParsiGirl

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Get your minds out of the gutters. IT’s NOT porn. Just a calendar. I’d put it int in the agiarys.. atleast more people will start visiting the agiaries that way. Seriously, our community should be proud we can produce such beautiful ladies!!

  59. Rukhshana

    Type your comment here…Judging from the responses on this blog, out of 59 bloggers who responded 49 have praised and favour the ZYNG calender. The opposition was whipped up by the reformist Parsi group all ARZ sympathizers who took this as an opporrtunity to take pot shots at the BPP since ZYNG was formed by some members who happen to be children of the present BPP trustees and unfortunately these youngsters were being made scapegoats in the ongoing battle.

    Now that the reformists have got egg on their face (chaarvelu eedu) this should serve as a strong message and reminder to these vocal reformists that when it comes to protecting the Parsi culture, traditions and the apex body the entire Parsi community will come out in support of the BPP without exception since it is this entire group that has elected these trustees and shall spare no effort to see that truth prevails. These responses have come forth from only a fraction of the Parsi community since every single orthodox Parsi is not online.

  60. Icchaporia.

    Characteristic trait of persons like Rukshana is to proclaim religious fervour and to that end such persons even compel their family members to observe seggregation during menses and keep separate set of clothes for visits to Atashbehrams but the same individuals do not find any thing wrong in abandoning Sudra Kasti while wearing skimpy blouses. They give a few hours ‘off’ to their Deen.So much for their zeal for Tenets and ‘tarikats’.

    As for her remark that not all orthodox Parsees are online, the same is itself an admission that had all orthodox Parsess been net savvy, she would have seen at least a hundred posts against the calendar. Yes, likes of Rukshana only take twist statistics due to the fact that majority of Parsees are on wrong side of fifties and hence not conversant with computers.Your own remark answers the kinky statistics
    Ms. Rukshana.

  61. Savak

    Kudos, to Zyng for the wonderful Calender!
    Shortly we should see Parsi Male Pin Ups in the next edition?????
    As for Zyng – Its main purpose is for the Youth of the Parsi Community. Its a good effort and we see nothing wrong if ones Wife / girlfriends dont object to having these beauties adorn on house walls.

  62. Contradhongi

    Thank u v much Ms. Rukshana for shooting yourself in your foot. You are right in saying that “every single orthodox Parsi is not online. Had they been online, you would have faced difficulty in counting posts of those opposed to this calendar as against your count of 49 being supportive of the said calendar.
    BTW , in the pledge given to Jadi Rana, a fable much quoted by persons claiming to be ‘Orthodox’, there was a pledge purported to have been given that our members would adorn the local dress style. Do the styles on the ZYNG calendar conform to this pledge. Nevertheless a v big Thank you for putting your foot in your own mouth.

  63. khoremand

    Rukshana agree with you, jaan, since you also say this calender reflects Parsi culture and traditions [?]..why don’t we display it in all our holy Atash Behrams and prominent Agiaries like Rustom Fram located in a thickly Parsi populated area?…Even better – Lets all celebrate our 4000 years of ‘Parsi culture and traditions’ by not just displaying this wonderful calender in Office of WAPIZ and BPP, but in our homes, in our children’s bedrooms, in our offices, in canteens, in bars, etc. Let all Non Parsis also appreciate OUR PARSI CULTURE AND TRADITION that this calender reflects.
    Thank you WAPIZ, you have once again proved your real worth. BRAVO.
    P.S- Darling Rukhshana, I visit Rustom Fram Agiary daily, if you stay close by, It would be nice if you meet me there in the Parsi traditional clothes that apree Alyssa Chesson is wearing.
    Once again, Kudos!, to you and your thoughts on Parsi Traditional values.

  64. BOMAN.


  65. adarbahman

    Boman, we all know Khojesty Mistry and Yazdi Desai won the BPP election with less than 5000 votes, so they obviously don’t represent ‘ENTIRE’ Parsi Community but Rukshana thinks ‘ENTIRE’ Parsi world comprises only of TRADITIONAL parsi women dressed in skimpy clothes displaying their so called ‘cultural values’ endorsed by WAPIZ

  66. DARA

    Very well done.Make one for our Zarthosty New Year

  67. BOMAN.



  68. Homi Daruwala

    Simply excellent! It’s about time our beautiful young women show how they feel about themselves.
    Very tastefully produced calender. I am forwarding this email to my both sons.
    Homi Daruwala

  69. tina mehta

    Just waiting for the brouhaha to settle down and someone to ask “hey, what do those 12×30 words mean?”.
    Then, kudos to Zyng for stirring up interest not just in our beautiful girls but in our Immortal Beings Worthy of Worship.

  70. Anya Pestonji

    When is the men’s calander coming out?!?!

  71. Phiroze

    Contradhongi, Jadi Rana’s progeny today sport the same style as those in the calender, so that pledge is intact.

  72. Phiroze

    Boman / Adarbahman,

    Election results depends on how many voted out of the total electorate. So whoever wins and gets elected represents the entire electorate.
    Seems like a case of sour grapes for all those whose candidates did not win

  73. dinaz nanavaty

    Type your comment here…In my opinion it does look sazzy and it might be a cornerstone for the viewers, but this is what it highlights the efforts of the generation to show their best performance in the field of advertisement and bringing new ideology to the community enterprising and growing effort.

  74. kash pitha

    Talking about the sudra khusti out of say 10 parsi girls i know 4 don’t wear one at all 2 who come from orthodox families try to fold fit or get special sudras stitched which look more like tube tops than sadras where the khusti is never on the sadra(relevance and purpose apparently lost) 3 who claim to wear it in the nights and not wear it when they are wearing rather revealing clothes and 1 who wear it all the time or claim(never checked though). In order to get proof the next navjote or say wedding you attend just have a good look at all d blouses the girls and women are wearing and try to figure out if they are actually wearing a sudra kushti or no.(take a good look at the bride too).
    So when i look at all these beautiful bawis i really wish i could be a part of this calender. This calender has really made me proud today.

  75. Contra Dhongi


  76. Boman

    With your remark am I to infer that the ‘pledge’ given by our ancestors to the king mentioned in the Fable was that our progeny would put on such clothes.? AND are you insinuating that the dresses worn by girls in their photographs in the calendar are in keeping with ‘local customs’ which point is supposed to be the part of the ‘pledge’? You amuse me.
    Your remark about my comment on votes garnered by “winning’ candidates indicates that you have not understood the concept of democracy for if one were to go by your level of ‘reasoning’ then accordingly a BJP elected representative is presumed to represent CPM Supporters.
    Really, Phiroze please refrain from writing for the sake of it and for reading your august name on the portal.The contents here are read by non Parsees as well and do not cause ripples of laughter by exposing your cooked up ideas.

  77. Shezaad Dastoor

    Wow, this is gone on for a while. Since I restarted the discussion, I hope to give it some perspective and move on.

    The calendar itself is in good taste (by that I mean not really objectionable or scandalous). However are the pictures necessarily a Zoroastrian in spirit? not really. Are the pictures Zoroastrian in value? not really.

    If I were in charge of coming up with a calendar to promote interest in Zoroastrian youth, I would have have these models depict Zoroastrian or parsi scenes from daily life. Tha would have made creative sense for a religious organization.

    So, I dont think grumpy old bawas have to go to the police etc and call for ban on it or act like the Shiv Sena. However, the creative team of ZYNG calendar should have actually been creative instead of giving into bland popular culture.

    Therefore, I suggest the ZYNG team introspects on what message they are trying to convey and how they want to convey it.

    For now, i want to buy the calendar to support the effort.

  78. Phiroze

    Contradhongi, progeny as per the dictionary is offspring or current generation or children. How is it insulting to our ancestors or considered libel and slander?

  79. Phiroze

    Boman, the point I am making is that the current generation of Jadi Rana also dress the same. You must have seen it on TV or newspapers and magazines or movies. I am bemused at your amusement to this.
    Why don’t you explain the concept of democracy if you understand it? What has BJP and Cpm have got to do with BPP election? In a democracy I have every right to question your insanities. I have got my hands full here with sample Parsis like you so I hardly have time for what others think.

  80. viraf mandviwala(Cape Town)

    Religion taught me that without Sudreh&Kasti you can basically do is after all where the foundation of the religion starts at least this is what we try to bring across with the Navjote cermony.So without this how do they eat and drink?No wonder they look the way they do Its probably of starvation.

  81. BOMAN.

    Not a day passes without one reading, either on Parsi Khabar or on FaceBook, Phiroze Panthaky writing his own interpretation of Zoroastrianism and chiding all others. The language of all his posts is invariably replete with self righteousness. His writings suggest the moral high ground he seeks to take without a thought on the repercussions. Some few months ago a couple of similar self righteous individuals, one from Elphinstone Rd, another from DPC and a third from Bandra Tata Blocks were on a similar rampage trying run others down. I was on sidelines quietly reading their goof ups. Their Waterloo was certain when they endlessly and senselessly pursued their propaganda of setting up a vulture aviary. Those who thought and expressed dissent at their ideas were labeled as Deformists. They, spoke, oops wrote and wrote on their pet issue and running down others as anti religion. Now this trio are in a hiding like rabbits in hideouts, scared of being ridiculed as simpletons.
    Now Phiroze in his wisdom calls others and that covers at least half a dozen different persons including myself as insane when he writes: “In a democracy I have every right to question your insanities. I have got my hands full here with sample Parsis like you so I hardly have time for what others think”. Yes Phiroze you have every right to ask but realize that others are not duty bound to answer you for the simple reason you are no authority and it is difficult nay impossible to convince a person who is obstinate in his/her approach viz my way or highway. I have observed Phiroze running down one Dordi. Then it was the turn of some one named Rathestar, another person by name Dalal and a lady by name Farzana. The list will ‘expand’ in days to come.
    If Phiroze cannot identify where the problem lies, it is not his fault but that of his fixed mind to label others who disagree with him and call them as insane. After all that is precisely what an inmate of any asylum thinks of others.

  82. Khushroo Faramroz

    There is nothing wrong with the calendar. It is tasteful and shows parsi women as being beautiful. The older generation are going to feel bitter towards this, however this is understandable and we have to respect their opinion. We are proud of being Parsi’s and the older generation are trying to protect the religion.

    We all have to learn to embrace and respect our religion and not go against each other but work and help one another.

  83. Contradhongi

    Are you implying that ‘pledges’ / assurances to Jadi Rana were for a limited period. OR are they so flexible to change with times?

  84. R.Kayani.

    Dear Phiroze, Your supposed reply to Adarbahman and Boman suggest that you need to know how democracy works. You are surely not unaware of the concept of constituencies i.e. geographical demarcation.
    If three out of seven representatives are from one solitary area, can it be called representative of all sections of bawas. Just ponder.

  85. Barak Aga

    Dear Mr. Phiroze,

    The purported pledge to the fictional King Jadi Rana, was that the refugees fleeing Iran would adopt the customs, traditions, language and dress of the Kingdom of the fictional King Jadi Rana.

    The current generation of “Jadi Rana Descendants” may wear European dresses and imitate Europeans / Americans.

    Your pledge to Jadi Rana, never had the caveat that you had the liberty to discard “Jadi Rana Kingdom” traditions, customs, language and attire, if the descendents of his subjects did so.

    In your posts, Mr. Phiroze, you have been critical of the research work of Western Scholars.

    So then why are you so accepting and defensive of portrayal of Western Culture on your religious calendar?

  86. Phiroze

    Dear R Kayani, the elections were held 2 to 3 years ago. Everyone had a fair chance to register and vote. Everyone was aware of the candidates and their geographical locations. The agendas of the candidates were known to all. What is there to ponder?

  87. Phiroze

    dear barak,

    Please read the last two lines of the second para of the topic introduction by Mr Arzan Sam Wadia. That is why.

  88. Phiroze

    And not a day shall pass without me posting against all anti parsis without a thought to its repercurssions.
    rathestar dalal farzana barak zz are all part of the same anti parsi matrix.

  89. R.Kayani.

    My point is substantiated that the word ENTIRE cannot be used as the existing BPP Trustees DO NOT REPRESENT ALL SECTIONS OF PARSEES IN MUMBAI EITHER GEOGRAPHICALLY OR ON BASIS OF SHADES OF OPINION. For a man like Phiroze to comprehend this aspect is pretty insurmountable.

  90. Boman

    If Phiroze thinks that his ultimatum to post messages endlessly would send shivers down the spine of others he is in a paradise of his own. Who are others to prevent somebody who wants to become cheaper by dozen? He seems to believe in the theory that one who barks last is a hero. Well he can be such an hero.

  91. Rathestar.

    Boman & Ors.,
    Just ignore nobody’s like Phiroze. There some specimens within our community who believe that TIME can be halted. How? Simple, just remove the battery from the Wall Clock. Such split personalities talk of change in dressing habits of descendants of mythical Jadi Rana but cannot reconcile to consequences arising from passage of time which is CHANGE.

  92. Aseena

    “more orthodox community members were unhappy with the idea of a calendar featuring dates of religious significance alongside beautiful women.”
    :”highly objectionable and anti-religious”.
    Have the Taliban arrived? !!!!!!

  93. ash omer

    Type your comment here. I think this is a very tastefully done calender..Rs300 is dirt cheap….its not for everyone but for people who like elegant stuff. plus there is nothing offensive…as far as the images are concerned….the aayas and bais …alll can see and admire it. I would love to see the muslim youths do one also……its time we change with TIME and get the younger folks to do things and have fun and get more involved in the community……I think half of the money should go to the a charity and every year it could benifit a different charity

  94. Diana

    It is very well presented, next yr. a calender with the guys, uncles & aunties too……………

  95. Feroze Katila

    I fully agree with Cyrus and Percy..

  96. Feroze Katila

    I fully agree with Cyrus and Percy..

  97. Feroze Katila

    I fully agree with Cyrus and Percy..

  98. Kersi

    Don’t see what the fuss is about. Beautiful, but personally would have prefered less clothes!!
    Kersi Rustomji
    ex Kenya

  99. Rusi Gandhi

    Congrats to  Z Y N G  for a step futher with something different.  Keep it up Parsis are the best.

  100. Firdose Lala

    Someone has truly observed that Parsis have more Generals then soldiers….Everyone wants to give ideas but no one wants to get on the ground level and fight. Wrong or right something has been started and that is more important. Personally I dont see anything wrong or obscene in the pics but if someone feels that, why not just ignore it. What do u do when u see modern girls or ladies dressed to “kill” in parties or functions?? do u give them lectures?? dont think so ….similarly what doesnt appeal to you just ignore…y create such a big controversy…the world has moved ahead dear friends ….stop basking in false and past glories…am sure everyone has one woman in the house who dresses modern….mayb jst mayb some pockets may be orhodox ….that doesnt mean only they are right…malice is in the mind n not in the clothes as they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

  101. Z Dubash

    I shot gun a place in the next shoot. Thus just shows the the Parsi woman aren’t afraid of showing who they are and how beautiful we are. There are always gonna be people who object but someone has to take a step forward and I am glad someone has. Maybe this shoot can launch a very successful career for these girls. Extremely proud someone took the next step forward thank you.

  102. Z Dubash

    I shot gun a place in the next shoot. Thus just shows the the Parsi woman aren’t afraid of showing who they are and how beautiful we are. There are always gonna be people who object but someone has to take a step forward and I am glad someone has. Maybe this shoot can launch a very successful career for these girls. Extremely proud someone took the next step forward thank you.

  103. Z Dubash

    I shot gun a place in the next shoot. Thus just shows the the Parsi woman aren’t afraid of showing who they are and how beautiful we are. There are always gonna be people who object but someone has to take a step forward and I am glad someone has. Maybe this shoot can launch a very successful career for these girls. Extremely proud someone took the next step forward thank you.

  104. Shashy Sarosh

    Lovely ladies need to be congratulated and encouraged for a bright future ahead.

  105. Shashy Sarosh

    Lovely ladies need to be congratulated and encouraged for a bright future ahead.

  106. Shashy Sarosh

    Lovely ladies need to be congratulated and encouraged for a bright future ahead.

  107. Perzen

    a reallly classy calendar… good work!

  108. Perzen

    a reallly classy calendar… good work!





  111. Zeena Avari Aga

    Amazing Women!!!!  Beautiful, Stunning and Bold!!!  Definitely something to be proud of.  Let the modern world take over.  Be proud and brilliant always and shine as proud Parsis always.  All the best ladies!!!!!!!

  112. Zeena Avari Aga

    Amazing Women!!!!  Beautiful, Stunning and Bold!!!  Definitely something to be proud of.  Let the modern world take over.  Be proud and brilliant always and shine as proud Parsis always.  All the best ladies!!!!!!!

  113. Contradhongi.

    Zeena Avari Aga: Did you see this calendar after six months? I think they should at least display this calendar at venues of Elections so  that tempers may be reduced.

  114. Hnassiri7

    WOW! Congratulations ZYNG!  Originally, I’m from Iran & I believe the Persians/Parsis ladies are the most beautiful people..

  115. Hnassiri7

    WOW! Congratulations ZYNG!  Originally, I’m from Iran & I believe the Persians/Parsis ladies are the most beautiful people..

  116. Malcolm DeVitre

    They’re up there with the best….. Tres chic, best wishes…….