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Bawa Bikers on a roll for a good cause

Led by Jimmy Mistry, 300 Parsi bikers will spread the message that Parsis do a lot more than just bicker

On Sunday morning when the roads of Mumbai are still sleepy, around 300 Parsi bikers will don their helmets, stride onto their vehicles and zoom around Paris residences, just to make a point that Parsis are not a dwindling community and there is more to them then the inter community bickering. This event, nicknamed as the peace ride has been organised by Jimmy Mistry, founder trustee of the Parsi Resource Group (PRG), and MD of Della Tecnica. “With this event we want to announce the arrival of the Parsi youth movement. The media seems to have the wrong impression about the community. This is my way of making a statement that there are lots of young Parsis and the community numbers are anything but dwindling. All the bikers will be wearing the PRG t-shirts, caps and carrying the PRG banners with them,” said Mistry.

The bikers will begin their journey from the Dadar Parsi Colony and travel down south to Cusrow Baug in Coloba. “There are 12 Baugs and colonies along the way and we will be stopping at each one of them, the Baugs in Parel and Tardeo, right till Colaba. At these stops we will be spreading the news about PRG which started in January this year. Aside from looking into a lot of needs

of the community such as maintaining fire temples, PRG also has a jobs and placements programme through which the Parsi youth can avail of the facilities offered,” Mistry.

After reaching Colaba, its time for lunch at Rustam Baug.

But why bikes, we ask. “Parsis have a affiliation with bikes. I have a 2300cc Rocket Triumph, which I will be riding on Sunday. I think they associate themselves with bikes because of their speed. Also bikes are the easiest way to commute in the city,” said Mistry.

This event is well organised, yet there are some uncertainties. “Bikes, scooters, Kinetics, all two wheeler vehicles are taking part. But 300 bikers is not a final number. On a Sunday morning 800 people can also turn up and 200 people can also turn up. There is no way one can force a Parsi to do something he doesn’t want to,” said Mistry.