Iconic Kekee Manzil on Bandstand Bandra Up For Sale?


April 25, 2016

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UPDATE: From a friend who knows the family, we have been informed that the information below is not accurate. The house is NOT FOR SALE.

We are thrilled to hear that. May Kekee Manzil continue to live on in its glorious form.


While watching Fan the other day we were struck by two of its overarching tropes: how the film was a paean to the SRK phenomena and how it served as a brochure for fine living at Mannat, the star’s mansion at Bandra’s Bandstand.

Article published in the Mid-Day


So when we heard that Mannat’s neighbouring bungalow, the iconic Kekee Manzil, the ancestral home of the late great gallerist Kekoo Gandhi and his family, has been allegedly put on the market for a staggering Rs 200 crore, we were not surprised.

Even grander than Mannat, Kekee Manzil is renowned not only for its legacy but also for its vantage location. What’s best of all is that the Gandhi family is supposed to have insisted that they will sell only to a genuine resident and not someone who will pull it down to construct a high-rise.


Shireen Gandhi

So who will the lucky owner of this iconic mansion be? Or more importantly-who will be Mannat’s new neighbour? Calls to Kekoo’s daughter Shireen were not answered. Watch this space.