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Jiyo Parsi Idea Contest


Jiyo Parsi commemorates the 100th death anniversary of Dadabhai Naoroji by inviting our Zoroastrian Indian viewers to participate in an Idea Contest on our Facebook page.



Easy to enter, for Parsis in 3 age groups

GROUP 1 – Age : 6 years to 12 years :

Draw Dadabhai Naoroji and list five (5) wishes his spirit would have for Jiyo Parsi

GROUP 2 – Age : 13 to 19 years :

Take a selfie with any object that symbolizes his value e.g. divo for truth or a book for knowledge. Write five (5) lines of its relevance to Jiyo Parsi

GROUP 3 – Adults 20 years onwards:


Answer these 5 simple questions:

1)    Dadabhai Naoroji married young and had 3 children. What would be his advice to our contemporary youth?

2)    He belonged to an Athornan family, in what direction might he have steered our Jiyo Mobed program?

3)    How is his “Drain theory”relevant to our present scenario ?

4)    The Gujarati fortnightly publication Rast Goftar was his powerful medium to disseminate information. What do you imagine would be his opinion of apru JP face book page?

5)    Foreign travel for Dadabhai sowed the seeds of industrial progress and modernism without crumbling traditional pillars of Swadeshi. What is your suggestion of improving our population numbers without tampering with the pillars of tradition?



Esteemed judges: Havovi Wadia, Firoza Punthakey Mistree and Freny Mehta

Hurry – sketch, type and upload in our visitors post with your contact details Name, Age, Email id and Phone number.

Last date of entry : Midnight, Wednesday 28th June, 2017.