Lots of Parsis Feared Dead in the Attacks

TMYZ readers are reporting that at least two Parsis are confirmed dead. A third unidentified lady is also believed to be a Parsi.

Parsi Khabar and all the Parsi community pray for the families of the deceased and those that have been injured in the attacks.

Zubin Madon writes in

Noshir Sanjana, a security officer with the Taj Hotel walked into the place at 1 am, when everyone else was running out. He was shot in the knee. He lay there all night and managed to crawl out of the place in the morning. He will be operated on tomorrow at Parsi General.

Behram P. Dhabhar writes in

Farokh Dinshaw was shot at point blank range. He is in Bombay Hospital requires B Rh + Blood. Those who wish to donate please go to Bombay Hospital Blood Bank in his name.

Fareydoon Kermanian writes in

Yes I knew him. He is my friend’s mama. Now the problem is that the police is not giving his body to take to Tower of Silence. I informed them to contact Khojeste for action

Zenobia Tamboli writes in

A young Parsi Chef, Kaizad Kamdin, died in this shootout. He was working for the Taj :(. Right now his body is at the Bombay Hospital, and will then be taken to Poona for the last rites.

Zubin Madon

A young girl called Havovi was a casualty at Leopold. There were many Parsis at the pub. Many more are feared dead. Many more young Parsis in Taj still unaccounted for. A young couple that was married 3 months back- the wife had her day off, but her husband was working and his phone is unreachable. There is no news of him.

  • Mahafrin Variava

    God bless, each and every one of them. None of them deserved it. Infact no one does, no one should and no one ever will. Our whole community here in New Zealand, is also very shaken, because quite a few of our families are scattered over various areas in south mumbai, mostly colaba and nariman point side.

    May their souls rest in peace, those who passed away, and may the lost and missing find their ways back home. This is horrible…Those who’ve committed this horrid crime, shall learn their lessons.

    Mahafrin Variava ,
    Auckland, New Zealand

  • Lt Col Anil Chandra

    I personally knew Sensei Farokh Dinshaw when I was ADC in Mumbai!

    It came as a shock to me.

    I share the grief of his freinds and colleagues

    anyone who reads may please get in touch with me.

  • J

    Sensei Farokh Dinshaw was one of the best human beings I have ever had the good fortune of coming across. He was the most upright and ethical person one could know and was a great teacher to his students. He was passionate not just about his Martial arts academy but about everything worthy in life.. he led an incredible life and was a huge inspiration… he is missed immensely by all those who loved and truly knew him…. may he find his peace….