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Mumbai’s Parsis do a Dhoom 2

Big boys like playing with their favourite toys and while they are at it, their girlfriends are keeping a watchful eye on their men who for one day seem to be paying a lot more attention to other beauties – their bikes.

“I am engaged but my finacee doesn’t mind my having a girlfriend,” he laughs a biker, Jehangir Jeejeebhoy while pointing at his bike.

Adds another biker, Navroz Langrana, “We Parsi’s love our bikes more than our wives.”

These bikers have come to take part in a rally for the Parsi Youth in Mumbai organised by well-known architect Jimmy Mistry. The aim of the rally is to persuade youth to take an active part in community activities.

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“This is to show that the so called dwindling Parsi community can come together for an event of this scale,” says Mistry.

The rally was a real treat for bike lovers, with everything from Harleys to Hayabusas to Hondas putting up an impressive show.

It also had several vintage beauties who of course were accompanied by vintage bikers like 73-year-old Rustom Gotla.

“I drove my wife around on this bike, then my kids and now my grandchildren love to get rides on it,” says Rustom who was the oldest biker in the rally.

All the zipping around aside, the rally turned out to be one big Sunday picnic for members of the Parsi community.

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