Nestling Vultures: BPP and BNHS join hands

The Bombay Parsi Panchayat in collaboration with the BNHS plan to build a breeding centre for vultures at the Borivali National Park Sonu Bohra hunts for the details.

Sonu Bohra

While the Parsi community is coming to terms with their declining numbers, the burning issue now is the dwindling numbers of vultures in the city, which aid their sky burial ritual. According to a Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) survey done in 2007, there were about 11,000 white-backed vultures, 1,000 slender-billed vultures and 44,000 long-billed vultures in the country as against an estimate of approximately 40 million vultures in the early ’80s.

“The vulture population has declined by more than 99 per cent and is diminishing at the rate of more than 40 per cent annually. If precautionary measures are not implemented, they will soon be extinct,” says Dr Vibhu Prakash, deputy director and head – Vulture Conservation Breeding Programme, BNHS.

“The vulture population has declined by more than 99 per cent and is diminishing at the rate of more than 40 per cent annually. If precautionary measures are not implemented, they will soon be extinct,” says Dr Vibhu Prakash, deputy director and head – Vulture Conservation Breeding Programme, BNHS.

In the monsoons, the weak sunlight delays the burial process for which they installed solar panels at Dongarwadi also called the Towers of Silence at Malabar Hill. Now, the community is planning to build a breeding centre for vultures at the Borivali National Park.

The Bombay Parsi Panchayat (BPP) has decided to import and breed vultures. “We have been in constant discussion with the Central Government about this. Our first phase — of banning the drug Diclofenic (as explained later in this article) — was successful. The second phase consists of building the breeding centre and is yet in its planning stage,” explains Khojeste Mistree, trustee, BPP.

The project, being led by scientists at the BNHS, has seen recent success in breeding the endangered birds in conservation centres in Haryana and West Bengal. “The BPP have approached us to set up a vulture breeding centre in Mumbai. So far, there was no consensus among the community members about the same. Hence we could not set it up, although they are still in constant touch with us,” adds Dr Prakash.

The project is expected to cost about Rs 2 crore and will take about a year to start only after the government permissions have been obtained. After that, about a 100 of these almost-extinct scavengers will be brought into Mumbai and will be housed in three aviaries, two of which will be at the Towers of Silence.

Drug abuse
Dwindling numbers of vultures is to be blamed on widespread veterinary use of the drug Diclofenac. The drug is used for the treatment of sick domestic livestock throughout the Indian subcontinent.

The Indian government banned the use of the drug in March 2005. “But we have come to know that Diclofenac that is used for humans is getting filtered into veterinary market as the veterinary Diclofenac is banned. We are working with the government which has come to an agreement to package human Diclofenac in smaller doses which the veterinarian will find difficult to use,” explains Dr Prakash.

Tips to prevent extinction of vultures
* Restrict and prevent the use of Diclofenac.
* Spread awareness about vulture conservation.
* Inform BNHS, contact them on or (91-22) 22821811 or Forest Department about sick/dead vultures.
* If you spot a sick vulture, move it to a cool place and give it some water.
* Do not cut big trees that are used by vultures for perching and nesting.

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  • Hormazd Irani

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  • Anti -Dhongidox

    Proponents of such “experiments” must be made liable for financial loss in the event their ‘experiment’ fails. Despite advice of authorities to the contrary, if any Trustees thrusts his obesession on others and wants to prove a ‘point’, he should be made to bear the financial drain.Why should the funds of the Community be wasted. Not a single person in the field of Bird Rearing is on record recomending this “Experiment”
    Alexander Bell,Edison,Pasteur,did not rely on funds of Charity Trusts/Church to conduct their experiments/research.
    Let such Trustees, provide Bank Guarantee to the extent of the estimated cost of their ‘project’.
    Remember, after 6 years, they will have to face the electorate once again.

  • Mickie Sorabjee

    Anti-Dhongidox(?) is absolutely right in his rational opposition to Nestling Vultures: BPP & BHNS To Join Hands.

    BPP is a Charity Trust for deserving and poor Parsee beneficiaries, not a funding organisation for astronomical experiments in the name of the community. The apex body in Mumbai can be hauled to court for another violation of original Trust Deed by munificent settlors whose philanthropy was intended for welfare and upliftment of less fortunate brethren, not conservation of vultures even if these birds of prey play an integral role in the disposal of our dead by Dokhmenashini. The Towers Of Silence are the final resting place for Bombay Parsees, and any resurfacing plan for an aviary at the Doongerwadi grounds is not only impractical, but absurd.

    Conservation to remedy extinction of vultures is certainly laudable and a step in the right direction, but it has to be outside the gambit of BPP Charity Funds and the use of Doongerwadi Properties. Those Trustees who have by self admission spent in seven figures to get themselves and their puppet elected on board, should have no paucity of personal funds to fulfill their ill-conceived aspirations.

    It beats logic why our BPP ostriches are stuck with their obtuse heads in the sand, while the community Diaspora in far reaches of India and across the five continents is doing fine with alternative modes of disposal of our beloved dead, wherever Dokhmenashini is not practicable.

  • Arzoo Irani

    This is the best and most sensible piece of news reported on Zoroastrians. This comes after ages of news reports only on bickering within the community. Not only will this mission support the dokhmenashni system, but we will save one more of God’s creations from extinction! That’s being Zoroastrian, attempting to be one with nature by trying to conserve, preserve and give back what we can to nature!
    Thanks Parsi Khabar for this great news!

  • phiroz

    AS I SEE IT.
    In most likelihood, to give an impression of overwhelming support to their “experiment”, BPP will call for a meeting of “SAMAAST ANJUMAN’ at aapro Framji Cowasji Hall and pass a ‘Unanimous Resolution” by show of hands, (some raising both their hands) in Hall filled with 400 to 600 persons. “Community sentiments” authorities will be told.
    Such a Resolution has no legal binding and is no substitute for a Referendum. 400 to 600 humdins can not be a unanimous voice of the entire community Even a Referendum is no substitute for a Court order approving amendment to Object Clause of the Trust Deed.
    It is déjà vu,since a couple of years back, these very same persons talked of the sanctity of Trust Deed to be retained when previous Trustees approved use of Bunglis as prayer halls irrespective of the mode of disposal. Physician heal thyself or better still relish the taste of your own medicine.

  • rustom jamasji

    The main purpose and asset for formation of the BPP is dokhmenishini and lands to forsee its continuation..
    Anti dhongidox talks as if the funds belonging to the community were donated by him /her and for ho,/her….whilst the land and charity were given with the sole purpose for continuation of zoroastrian systems as forseen by the saviours of zoroastrianism

    His logic would also suggest that Dr Vibhu Prakash should bear the cost of vulture conservation as the govt taxes are meant only for people, also experimenst on flora and fauna consrvation and conservation of indegenious tribes worldwide…
    This logic would immediately put a stop to aids awarness, anti cancer treatment , the preservation of momuments and anything to do with moral conduct.

    It is so negatice in aproach that the dhongidox is short of blaming the world community, world experts and world experience and modern technology that is used for such projects.

    Maybe such people wod have stoped the boats from persia that enabled us to take refuge here by stating that the people responsible for taking such a decission would ahve to bar the cost of boats incase we were unsuccesfull.

    ]Mickey sorbjees words resound only one thing..’ A WANT”.. A Want for funds to be dusperssed, examples of dokhmenishni not in other parts of the world does not amount or jusify not having one or maintaining for one. With logic of this argument, one can put forth a right as to appeal against the ones responsible for zoroastrian surviving and putting in place such practises.
    Zoroastrians migrated abroad even whilst tere was no dokhmenishini in Mumbai, yet the ones responsible for survival of zoroastrianism put in place a zoroastrian system.
    Mickey sorabjee statements lacks the maturity to see such, that continuation of zoroasrian system is the mos important, as without zoroastrian systems , zoroastrianism would case to exist and thus zoroastrians…

    But I guess the desperation for ‘WANTs’ overrides the morale to ‘Give back’ stoops so ow that it negates the zoroastrian spirit of continuation of zoroastrianism, but also of envisaging any pogrames due to such blackmail…

    and then these blame the younger generations for not being enterpreneurs

  • rustom jamasji

    Kudos to people with a vision, thanks to the efforts that today we have sucessfully got not ony in touch but also work with the govt…sreps taken show the right zoroastrian spirit..

    Thanks to the efforts again , we feel proud that someone atleast has tajen the initiative to work with world experts for the same..

    BPP all the best and as history never forgets, you may just be remembered and thanked by out forfathers for putting right, giving back instead of just taking from zoroastrian systems.

    Hope Ahura Mazda gives you the strength not to be taken aback by negative people and negativity and blackmail as this can only lead to one do nothing, to stay in limbo…to let wither away, weather its an agiary, a dokhmenishini system, or a system that ensurs our continuation…

    With all the talk of converting to increase our numbers, one thing is for sure..we would do better without people like dhongidox and those who strive for only ‘ wants’ and never ‘ give back’, those that make ridiculous excuses that since abroad zoroastrians systems are not in place , we should also cease to maintain it elsewhere…

    Im sure the task on BPPS hands of conservating vultures is easier than dealing with people who wl aid builder lobby or anyone else just because of their wants and thirst to stop dokhmenishini..

    after all we must have had excuse givers that aided zoroastrianism losing Armenia culminating in the downthrust of the zoroastrian empire…

  • phiroz

    I do not think anybody ‘Wants” any thing as Jamasji assumes.His aim seems to be to make allegations against others to scare them.
    BPP is custodian of Trust Funds & Properties. It is not equivalent of Vatican to interpret Religion.Jamasji shopuld read letter head of BPP.
    Jamasji harbours a fear that the attempt to breed in captivity will fail and is scared of the financial loss. His language lacks confidence and conviction of its success.In fact it is some of the BPP Trustees who are ‘takers’from the Charity of BPP by residing in BPP owned buildings. I am not in favour of conversions but there are firm opinions of persons fully acquainted with the subject of vulture breeding that the goal that people like Jamasji want to achieve is not feasible during our “LIFETIME.
    Instead of levelling baseless allegations, he should endeavour to convincingly clear doubts of other boarders which doubts are based on opinions of experts on the subject. He should care to read different write ups on this subject including that of one Mr. Bisney avaliable on Parsi Khabar.

  • phiroz

    Reproduced for the benefit of likes of R Jamasji.
    “Jehangir Bisney of the Hyderabad-Secunderabad Parsi Panchayat says the proposal for the breeding programme was flawed from the beginning. “You can not breed vultures in captivity. It is scientifically impossible since they breed only in open and lay eggs in a pattern that cannot be achieved in captivity. The project was being considered only because of the pulls and pressures of certain lobbies in the community,” he says.”

  • phiroz

    Another Expert’s opinion reproduced which causes justifiable fear in the minds of non commited persons:
    “Nita Shah, the BNHS vulture advocacy program officer, acknowledges that vultures breed slowly. As they give birth to only one chick a year and a baby takes nearly four years to attain sexual maturity, she said, nobody should hope ‘for the population to be restored to its original size within our lifetime.”

  • Delnavaz

    I am glad that the BPP has joined hands with the BNHS to build a breeding nesting park. I hope their efforts succeed. The dokhmenishini is an integral part of Zoroastianism. The vultures play the final role in the many and complex last rite rituals of a Zoroastrian soul. Even if there are no vultures left, dokhmenishi must and will continue. A person who does not believe in the dokhmenishini is always free to make his/her own choice. No one would force dokhmenishini on them. Similarly those of us who have implicit faith in the dokhmenishini would like that all efforts are made to ensure that it survives. The BPP has recently been elected by the community. Not eveyone is going to be happy with the election results. But they must accept that they have been elected in a free and fair election. Obviously the majority of the Parsis do want dokhmenishini to continue.

  • phiroz

    Ms. Delnavaz,
    You are entitled to you opinion. I respect that.
    But note that even during the October elections,one candidate, self confessed reformist priest garnered around a thousand votes.
    As for elections being free and fair, I beg to differ. ‘Free’ was only booze, dancing and food.When aspiring candidates could spend in lakhs, why should they not bear the cost and consequences of their proposed experiments.No body in right senses will then oppose them. They can NOT be allowed to squander Public Trust money to satisfy the obstinacy of a fringe group.As for elections and the bye election the conduct of the campaign and its outcome showed the community in poor light.Voters of rural areas in Bihar could be called more mature than Bawas because bawas voted for those who gave a better menu for dinner. How can elections be called fair when one group used money power to unleash a negative campaign against their opponents.Do you still get a free copy of Free Press Journal once evey week? Have those who promised to disclose their Asstets, if elected fulfilled their promise? I can not expect you to change your opinion just as you can not change views of others. What is expected is if one wants to disagree, please do not be disagreable.Wild allegations and crude adjectives, which appear above need to be avoided in debates.

  • Mickie Sorabjee

    Mr Jamasji, I don’t think you have understood my flow of thoughts in their entirety. I generally abstain from wearing my personal religious beliefs on my sleeve or flaunting them in my writings when not called for. Neither do I vainly or publicly advertise my GIVE BACK charities

    As a thinker, just because I am against suggestion of enormous amounts of BPP Funds meant for our underprivileged brethren being wasted on chancy experiments for vulture conservation in captivity, does not mean I am against endeavors of preservation of Zoroastrian Systems, per se. If like-minded fellow brethren rationally oppose this flawed obsession of a select misguided few, it does not translate into their opposition to Dokhmenashini as such.

    The question which arises here is why Bombay Parsee Panchayet beneficiaries alone should be deprived of their allocated quota of charity funds by their diversion for non-viable projects, when elsewhere Parsee Panchayet Trustees have no fixation about pre-empting vulture extinction and have glaringly ceased to maintain this practice_ they are not known to pick bones about alternative method/s of disposal of the community dead, borne out of practical compulsions. By all means let those Trustees overzealous about this venture, raise separate funds for same and proceed.

    And btw, as a responsible community member proud of her Zoroastrian faith, I certainly don’t need certification of maturity from judgmental dogmatic strangers.

  • phiroz

    Excellent rejoinder Ms. Mickie. My compliments.People like us are not inferior Zoroastrians as Jamasji would like others to believe. By the way, I wonder, what he has ‘given back’.It appears that some people are too eager to read their own post and criticise others for the sake of it.”Dogmatic Strangers” is the right word. I would not have expressed better. Charity Trust Act itself prohibits investment in Ventures/Equity.Wonder if this gentleman is aware of it.The theme of all posts has been accountabilty to the Community itself.

  • Mickie

    Thank you Mr. Phiroz. And fyki, yours truly is Mrs. Sorabjee. Although not of their species, she spells her feminine name Mickie with an IE, as in Mickey’s counterpart Minnie. 🙂 Goodnite.

  • rustom jamasji

    piroz portrays..that breeding vultures is not the solution to vulture conservation..mickey states vulture conservation is a non viable project

    Lets see what experts say contradictory to these heres the quote from vulture experts..
    ‘Dr Vibhu Prakash Prakash says that considering the catastrophic decline and the availability of diclofenac in the markets, a captive breeding program appears to be the only way to save the species. ”

    In California, the condor, a giant bird with an eight-foot wingspan, had diminished to just 23 birds in the wild before a captive breeding program was got underway. Today, about 200 pairs have been reintroduced into the wild.!!!’ (Piroz and mickey for your sake i would assume u understand the increase from 23 to 200 birds due to captive breeding programes..though u vehemently oppose it}

    just for information here are institutes that aid vulture conservation n breeding programes..

    Darwin Initiative for the Survival of Species
    The Rufford Foundation
    British High Commission, Global Opportunities Fund
    Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
    Zoological Society of London
    Bombay Natural History Society
    National Birds of Prey Trust
    State Government of Haryana
    India The Earth Matters Foundation
    The Body Shop Foundation
    Synermed Corporation
    Department of Forest and Wildlife, Government of India
    University of Pretoria, South Africa
    De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust, South Africa
    Rare and Endangered Species Trust, Namibia
    BirdLife International in Indochina
    World Wide Fund For Nature, Cambodia Programme
    Wildlife Conservation Society, Cambodia Programme

    “By bringing some vultures into captivity, their lives can be saved and once they start breeding, they would augment the population”..Dr Vibhu Prakash..

    Heres sone articles that may dishearten anti dokhmenishini group since u oppose such for their ‘WANT’ to use the fund for charity only!!

    Chick success for Asian vultures

    Conservationists hope the vulture chick will be the first of many Conservationists are celebrating the arrival of the first oriental white-backed vulture chick to be born in captivity in India.
    The bird belongs to one of three species of Asian vulture that are listed as critically endangered.

    Dr Vibhu Prakash, principal scientist for the vulture breeding programme, said: “This is the most precious new year gift from nature to vulture conservation.”

    The egg was laid in November and the centre’s staff had been waiting and hoping ever since, he added.

    “This success shows that we have got the conditions right, so we can plan ahead with confidence.”

    Nick Lindsay,
    Zoological Society of London
    The breeding centre, based in Pinjore, northern India, is run by the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), and is supported by Indian government departments and organisations, including the UK’s Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

    Nick Lindsay, ZSL’s head of international zoo programmes, said the society had been heavily involved in the centre since the late 1990s.

    “It was established with a UK government Darwin Initiative grant, when the cause of the decline in vultures was still being investigated,” he said.

    The centre shifted its focus from research to breeding once it was discovered that diclofenac, a drug widely used by vets in the region to treat cattle, was the main reason for the vultures’ deaths.

    The link was firmly established in 2004 when tests on captive vultures fed carcass flesh traced with the drug produced symptoms that were strikingly similar to those witnessed in sick birds in the wild.

    Mr Lindsay said the centre’s work concentrated on the three species most seriously affected by diclofenac: the oriental white-backed vulture (Gyps bengalensis), the long-billed vulture (Gyps indicus) and the slender-billed vulture (Gyps tenuirostris).

    In the past 15 years, population losses of more than 95% have been reported in these birds.

    Vultures used to be a more common sight in the skies
    “We have to measure all of our successes against the backdrop that we are still talking about the extinction of the vultures,” he warned.

    In Nepal, conservation groups were visiting pharmacies and clinics located within areas used by vultures and swapping supplies of diclofenac with a bird-friendly replacement, meloxicam.

    “But even then it is going to be a struggle because the range of these birds is so vast.”


    It only needs people with not an agenda against dokhmenishini to notice that The killer drug has been banned, world experts work together to solve the vulture problem, yet only fools would envisage a plan by world experts using modern tchnologies as waste of time..

    On taking a life term to achieve the ORIGINAL VULTURE POPULATION and Thus Shelving the plan shows the thirst to stop dokhmenishini..after all do we need the million of vultures in a jiffy..ofcourse not…but even that would eventually be a reality with the human spirit of wrking towards it instead of working agaunst it..
    ..Piroz and the rest who vehemently deny vulture conservation programes are the answer must think these all are crazy..

    Their best justfiation is that its going to take time..somehow they have forgotten their own took more than 1000 years for the downfall of zoroastranism in our lands and then a millenia to bring it back to its glory…

    Compare the story of the aden fire temple where in for the first time it was envisaged that a fire would be carried on a plane….
    perhaps mickey, piroz
    and their cotorie would be the first to shelf that plan to..if the were in that scenario…luckily they were not and the zoroastrians once again suceeded in their endavour…and im sure we wil again…
    as i said with all the hulabuloo of increasing numbers, one thing is for sure , we would be better off than such people who thirst to close down zoroastrian systems…
    after all lets see what zoroastrian organisation abroad have to say..’ The young Russian Anjoman hasn’t had to deal with this tradition yet, but as Titkov said, «Russia is a big country. … We’ll figure something out.from

    only people with ‘WANTS’ blame others overzealously and question funds being spent on the reason for the charity given..and ‘WANT ‘ it to be spent at their discretion…

    if ther are 100000 zoroastrians in india , it would take 200 rs per head..but ofcourse people like sorabje and piroz would rather use the funds to pay their maintainence..afer al being a parsi means to some means only ..wants charity!!!

    Perhaps clearer minds would enable people to realise that the BIGEGST CHARITY now would be to ‘GIVE BACK’ to zoroastrian systems instead of taking from it continously…and thus we would envisage the continuation of zoroastrian system and thus zoroastrianism…

    ofcourse now the next excuse would lie in their quoting from those who work for vulture conservation , acknowledging the work and chalenges ahead

  • rustom jamasji

    It would take 10 years to reintroduce bred vultures to the wild, experts say

    Only breeding vultures in captivity can prevent the bird of prey from extinction in South Asia, conservationists are warning.


    The single chick, a White-rumped Vulture Gyps bengalensis, was hatched at a breeding centre in Pinjore, Haryana, as part of a breeding programme undertaken by BNHS (BirdLife in India) and the RSPB (BirdLife in the UK). Scientists had not expected the birds to breed successfully in captivity until at least 2008.
    it takes a will to do anything…
    people who claim that vulture conservation is going to take time and hence no use…only once again portray their selfishness..their want to use the money elsewhere, their want and thirst does not make them realise that sucess in this project would enable zoroastrian system to be carried on to coming generations…their thirst stops and starts with them, their time frame and their need…

  • phiroz

    Instead of talking about accountability and likely failure of the project, RJ again sermonises on the same issue of Aden Fire being enthroned at Lonavla. Relevancy of comparing the two issues is best understood by him.He talks about ‘coming generations’. He is not bothered about dwindling numbers of Parsees.
    He mentions Russian Zoroastrians and quotes a site. By implication, would he allow Russian Zoroastrians in Mumbai Fire Temples.In his earlier post he talks of ‘black mail’ by those who are sceptical of the success of this project. One sinle question: WHAT DO YOU CALL THOSE IN BOMBAY WHO INDULGE IN ARM TWISTING BY DENYING PRAYER FACILIY FOR FIRST 3/4 DAYS TO THOSE WHO OPT FOR ALTERNATE METHOD OF DISPOSAL.IS THAT NOT BLACKMAIL or is it INBORN SADISM?
    He wants the Community to revert back to the past. Why does he not consider migrating to Iran? May be he will be allowed to practice Zoroastrianism in in Original environment.
    It appears that RJ wants to force his views down the throat of others and somehow wants his post to be the last, to derive satisfaction that his theory is ‘irrefutable’ and Final.

  • Mickie

    Mr Phiroz, you are probably right and now it does appear some people are indeed eager to comment only to see their own post/s, and prone with an utter lack of finesse and void of healthy humour, to uncomprehendingly criticize everyone else who does not agree with their outlook.

    PARSI-KHABAR should ensure that a post is issue specific. All views should be mutually and respectfully accommodated on the discussion board. For a complete stranger who hasn’t the faintest idea about the person he is hypercritical against, to indulge in condemnatory/reckless personal allegations against other specific commenter/s to include misplaced speculative contentions of “their WANTS/THIRST/MAINTENANCE NEED” leaves a bad taste. Such posts need to be strictly monitored/moderated.

  • Mickie

    Thanks for your note. Parsi Khabar and its editors as a rule do not interfere in a discussion or moderate/delete comments unless they are crude, crass and/or personal attacks on people in the news or other fellow commenters.

    Rest assured that we delete comments even before they show up for these various reasons.

    We will in the future try to be as just as we can. At the same time we know that commenters here are saying what they are in the heat of the arguement and hold no personal grudges. I hope that I am never proven wrong on this last point.

  • rustom jamasji

    @ piroz..on your ‘ being blackmailed n armtwisted’ ure example here is lke the taliban’s…u do nt like soething, ensure its closure…vehemently oppose working towards it , promote justifications in contrast to world opinions, blackmail the comunty for its closure by all sorts including filing petitions ..ofcourse all this whilst ou are not forced to follow it, yet propmote a structure which will end the system and stop it comlpletely from futre generations also.. n then lastly show that you guys are te victims..

    as far as my wanting the community to revert back…i dont what the justification fr such is…if you mean by following zoroastrian principles you feel you are being made to revert back in time…well whats the argument about then…who has forced you to follow zoroastrian principles? and does your need to stop something you feel takes you backward even though u have the freedom not to induge in it arise from your thirst to stop it?..

    as far as forcing my views on others…cmon it was you who thought vulture conservation is not going to suceed, not modern etc etc…and when shown the roof of its sucess, you guys now start jumping from excuse toexcuse brandishing others ..You gus blackmail that the project shoudl not e used from the funds for its continuation but elsewhere..nd then shout as if others view points are thrust upon you..
    as far as migrating to itran since i want t follow zoroastrianism ..shows how flexible you are in thrusting your view points across and the level of freedom you give for zoroasrans to folow zoroastrianism…infact it wouldnt be prudent to go ther as the islamic regime is quite strict…and here with out fotrfathes giving al, we have the liks of you , who wuld cotribute towars ending zoroastrian systems from within…

    mickey as far as seing posts are concerned..i have copied with sites address posts which show sucesfull vulture breeding programes and contraray t statements made here that vuture breeding is not right….
    so ofcourse you can make allegatios about reckless statements and such..and lastly find solace in such to stop dokhmenishini after exhausting al other avenues to do so..
    i guess it needs courage to stand by statements and when proved otherwise with quotations and be mature enough to take it in nstead of crying foul

  • phiroz

    In my earlier post I had stated that R.J. wants to be the LAST WORD and my belief stands established. He has proved my point My belief is that RJ wants his post to be the last and final to substantiate his misplaced notion that just because it is unresponded makes his case ‘irrefutable’. Perhaps this proposed ‘experiment’ is intended to counter argue the reported pending Court Case since he himself refers to “petition”.
    He skips 2 pertinent issues:
    First: Why does he vehemently argue if he so “convinced about the success ” of his experiment?
    SECOND:Why has he skipped answering the post of Anti Dhongi about world renowned Scientist like Edison, Pasteur etc, not being subsidized by Charity Trusts meant for objects other then EXPERIMENTS?
    On this issue, I do not intend to post anything further. I will let in his make in his maake believe world that his word is FINAL. Expect another post full of rigmarole from him but I will just ignore it.

  • Mickie

    Thank you, Arzan, for your rejoinder to my casual post. Your instant surprise response itself proves that moderation is alive and kicking at Parsi-Khabar. 🙂 Nothing personal, it was merely an observation. I felt that in the course of presenting general views and quoting references on the subject at hand, for one bolshie commenter to deviate and mindlessly impute vested interest/ulterior motives for countering his comments is unprincipled.
    Quoting from my post on Assam Vultures on May 11, 2009, “Any and everything possibly done to revive disappearing vultures is welcome news, but any talk of an aviary at Doongerwadi, please excuse!!!!!!!”, in conclusion I PROUDLY stand by each and every statement/argument made by me in the course of any discussion on this board, on the subject of vulture conservation.

    As far as confused myopia is concerned, it is like pouring water on a duck’s back trying to impress a prejudiced mindset that it is not laudable vulture conservation, but violative utilization of their Charity Trust monies by the BPP alone for funding this venture and a proposed ill-conceived aviary at the Bombay Doongerwadi grounds that is being objected to, in the absence of known collective contribution by other Parsee Panchayets equally affected by vulture extinction in upholding Dokhmenashini in their respective towns/cities. Dying scavenger vultures is a universal predicament for ecological imbalance, not a religious ritual quandary effecting Parsees only.

  • Delnavaz

    Hi Phrioz,
    with ref. to your reply on my post, you mentioned that the BPP is “squandering Public Trust money to satisfy the obstinacy of a fringe group”. Calling this a fringe group is your perception, it may or may not be correct. I agree that there was no code of conduct followed in the BPP elections, however, to say “one group used money power” is deluding ones self. Both sides used food, entertainment to woo the voters. To your question if I get the Free Press Journal ? I have never received the Free Press Journal & my Jame subscription ended a long time ago. There is nothing in my post which is disagreeable. why don’t you go through my post once again. You will fin the language & tone is polite. I have just stated my views which are contrary to yours. Your allegation that I have used “Wild allegations and crude adjectives” have no basis.

  • Anti Dhongidox

    Jame of the 2nd August 2009 carries a write up from ex Trsutee and a Cardiologist of eminence, Dr A Gorwalla, who has stated the obvious about those who contemplate breeding an extinct specie in the mainland Bombay. It is unbiased view, though one feels why he hesitated in rectifying the state of affairs during his Chairmanship of BPP.After all the Trustees are expected to be visionaries.

  • Dorab.

    Now who was all the time right, Ms. Mickie/ Phiroz / Anti Dhongidox or Rustom Jamasji and Delnavaz.
    No prizes for guessing why the latter two individuals have disappeared from the portal after being proved wrong and throughly exposed as pedantic despite the claim to be academically superior and being in touch with Scholar from Harvard.

  • Dorab.

    It is quite understandable that eating one’s own words is not palatble like tandoor chicken (without scarilege of fire ! DPC style) and invariable causes to mental digestion.
    This episode is an object lesson for all those who blog without application of mind and without proper study or elementary knowledge, just to read their own names for sake of cheap fame.