Parsi Lying-In hospital must serve people once again


March 24, 2020

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The plan to revive the dilapidated Parsi Lying-In hospital has run into problems once again, among the trustees of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP).


The BPP has alleged that the bidding process for the hospital’s revival has been compromised, while other trustees stated that no rules have been broken.

A report in this paper stated that at least three to four companies had expressed interest in the project of reconstructing the defunct Parsi Lying-In Hospital in Fort last month. The chairman alleged that one of the companies had submitted their offer to the deputy CEO who had then forwarded it to all the trustees without waiting for submission from other bidders. This, he claimed, gave an unfair advantage to the company making that bid.

The other trustees stoutly denied that though.

Once again, this hospital seems to be embroiled in a controversy. We hope that all the roadblocks can be sorted out and the revival of this medical facility is greenlighted. For years now, we have seen so much rigmarole and roadblocks about this defunct facility in SoBo.

It is surely in the larger interest of society that this project is revived and we see a medical facility that will benefit the community and society as a whole.

At a time when space-starved Mumbai’s medical infra is stretched to the hilt, a hospital lying defunct is practically criminal. This should not be again caught up in wrangling, to and fro and back ‘n’ forth. We see bidders get spooked when projects get caught up like this and they will most likely withdraw if they see that none of this comes to fruition.

Let us see a just and fair solution to the Parsi Lying-In Hospital crisis. It should be put to use to serve humanity, that should prevail above all.