Parsis reduced to tears for homes

As if the 25-year wait for a house was not enough, allegations that she and many like her lied to get a house became too much for a 55-year-old Parsi woman at the charity commissioner’s office on Wednesday, and she broke down.

She, along with at least 30 other people from the community, have consistently been attending all hearings at the charity commissioner’s office, to find out if they will finally be allotted homes under the Bombay Parsi Punchayet’s (BPP) homes-for-the-needy scheme.

The last board of the BPP had unanimously cleared 104 names, along with hers, as being eligible for housing under the category. But the new trust has said that it will first ascertain the merit of the applicants.

However, during Wednesday’s hearing, when trustee Rustom Tirandaz said “you are all liars. Most of you do not deserve a house; you come only to seek sympathy from the charity commissioner”, a few people couldn’t hold back their tears. They say they may now be individually targeted and are afraid that they will never be given a house.

Meanwhile, the joint charity commissioner again deferred the matter, this time to January 14. The commissioner, who was hearing arguments, passed the order when the BPP wanted the stay on the freeze in allotment of houses to people other than the 104 removed.

Joint commissioner N V Deshmukh said that even if the BPP felt that the 104 did not merit homes under the category, they should prove malafide intention by the previous punchayet trust in passing their names as meritorious candidates, or place before him the names of more needy people who deserve homes.

Persi Gandhi, who appeared on behalf of the trust, said, “Your lordship, if you give us the time for that, I can discuss it with the trust and come back to you.” He then asked for three weeks, and his request was granted.

  • phiroz

    What did the community expect when they ‘elected’ specimens whose past behaviour/conduct should have been a guiding factor. Dadar Parsee Colony is singularly responsible for the current state of affairs in BPP. If we talk about UA Franchise, we should also have geographic constituencies. There are 3 Trustees from DPC.There is under representation of South Bombay.
    These Akabars had promosed to wipe of tears from the eyes of Parsees as eletion promise. They talked about disclosing their asstets/liabilities.
    How many months have we to wait for such disclosures? The great Amdavadi. whose FPJ goes to garbage boxes every fortnight, does not remember this promise.

  • Delnavaz

    We must be the only community in India who are entitled to free housing ! Our forefathers have set up trusts to help the poor and the needy. Many of these great men led very simple lives so as to help the Parsi community. Unfortunately, today many Parsis who are reasonably wealthy, still approach the Trusts for a free house and other monetary assistance. If the present BPP has been accused of turning away needy Parsis, in the past the BPP has been accused of alloting houses in an arbitrary manner. It is imperative to have a transperant & fair process while dealing with the housing issue.

  • Minoo

    If the BPP has the houses why does it not give it to these people? They are our Parsi brothers and sisters we are talking about.

  • homi

    No Parsi on his has been reduced to tears. These are all political strategies to gaim sympathy before the CHarity Commissioner.

    THe Trustees today are absolutely correct in their decisions. WHY MUST THEY ALLOT FLAT TO APPLICANTS WHO ARE NOT IN ORDER ON THE WAITING LIST??

    some applicants are ranked 300 and above some have transferred their parents applicant to their name even though they are housed. It is thanks to these applicants that the really deserving are not alloted. what about the applicants who did not approach the Commissioer??

    My question is – these appointed Trustees are new to their role… give them some time to work!! why is the Charity Commissioner doing all the work by the pressure of these applicants? who is he to interfere this way?

    this housing battle before the Charity Commissioner has already caused bad blood and we have lost a great man (RUSTOM TIRANDAZ) in the useless battle.

    Mr Minoo there are in all 70 vacant flats with the BPP. there are 1200 approx on the waiting list. now the 104 applicants who are ranked from 1 – 1200 approcahed the Charity Commissioner – so does that mean they should be given flats and not the others?

    the BPP has property to construct more houses. but needs time… let the Board work and houses will come!!

    please stop this fighting!