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Parsis refuse to do the poll dance

See corporator’s attempt to include representatives of the community in the upcoming Assembly elections as a gimmick

A proposal from a Malabar Hill corporator to include representatives from the Parsi community in the upcoming state Assembly elections has not found favour with the community.

The letter by BJP Corporator Mangal Prabhat Lodha to Governor S C Jamir, stating that the dwindling community was in need of representation, was printed in the August 15 issue of the newsletter Jam-e-Jamshed.

Activist Kuresh Zorabi feels that the timing is a little too convenient given that the election code of conduct is just around the corner. "Where was he all this while and why has the issue been raked up now?


It seems like a ploy to get the Parsi vote. I agree that Parsis are in need of representation, but making such a statement so close to the code of conduct seems like lip service," said Zorabi.

The election code of conduct will come into effect in the last week of August.

Ashad Mehta of the Oval Cooperage Residents Association said preferential treatment of any kind was not an option.

"Today it’s the Parsis, tomorrow it’ll be someone else. We’re a secular country and a competent community well able to take care of ourselves.

Moreover, we are represented at the State Minority Commission. So, we have no problem getting our voices heard," he said.

For his part, Lodha maintained that he had been pursuing the issue for six months now. "I am not doing this for any vested reasons.

The community is dwindling and we want them to receive representation on the same lines as Anglo Indians and other minorities.

I have gotten no response from the governor yet. My letter is not aimed towards Parsis in my own ward, but to all those living in the city," he said.

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