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Requiem For A Bird: Documentary on the Towers of Silence

Requiem for a Bird currently stands as a last chance to document the singular relationship of the Parsi and the vultures.  The two have been linked through death for centuries, with the bodies of the Parsi faithful brought to a Tower of Silence, and as final act of generosity, laid out for consumption by the vultures. Though the Towers still stand, the Parsi and the vultures now fight for their futures.

This short documentary will be a synthesis of traditional documentary interviews with animation and choreographed dance. It will illuminate the  private  and public  lives of  the  Parsi through their spiritual relationship to the vultures. We will journey through Mumbai and its outer regions, meeting members of the Parsi community, listening to their hopes and fears for the future. and learning of the efforts to save the vulture population. [Continue reading…]

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Cristin Hughes, the film maker writes:

My name is Cristin Hughes and I am freelance producer working on a film entitled Requiem for a Bird, with German filmmaker cylixe. It is a short documentary that explores the once vibrant partnership of the Parsi people and vultures in Mumbai.

This documentary will be a synthesis of traditional documentary interviews with 3D animation and choreographed dance. It will illuminate the public and private lives of the Parsi through their relationship to the vultures. Cylixe and I see Requiem for a Bird as an opportunity for the Parsi voice and Zoroastrian traditions to find a worldwide audience as it connects the spiritual and natural worlds.

We are in pre-production now with filming in Mumbai schedule to begin January 2015. If anyone within your organization is interested in learning more about the project or the ways they can support, please contact me at cristinannehughes@gmal.com or +1 845.216.7664

Many thanks,Cristin Hughes

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