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Sat with the Dead

All Zera, 85, had in the world was her 65-year-old nephew, Homi Kaku. The latter, who was suffering from diabetes and gangrene, died on Saturday night.

With no relative to inform about his death, Zera sat with his body for three days. Perhaps, she would have been sitting there for ever, had not the neighbours, unable to stand the “stinking smell” emanating from their room, called up police on Tuesday.

A police team went to Shroff Villa near Malkam Bagh in Andheri (west), where Zera lived with his nephew. They banged on their door, but no one opened it. The cops broke down the door and found the old woman sitting beside the decomposed body.
Police could not question Zera as she seemed to be in a trance. Neighbours said that she had not been in a sound state of mind for the past few


“When we reached there, the body was totally decomposed. The lady was sitting still beside it, and didn’t utter a single word,” said inspector Dattatray Sankhe.

According to sources, Zera and Homi had no relative. Both unmarried, the two had been living in Shroff Villa since 1972. They seldom used to go out. Homi had been a manager of the Union Bank of India.

Their landlord called on them on Saturday, said sources. He advised Homi to go to a doctor, which the latter didn’t as he had no money.

Police sent Homi’s body for post-mortem. Following it, the Parsi Panchayat would take care of his last rites. The cops requested the panchayat to take care of the ailing Zera.

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  1. Parvez Bativala says:

    Yes, very surprising. Being in India, we were not aware of this incident. What was the date of this sad incident?